OMF V1C70 Strange Uncle

This vain king of theirs was currently still locked in a battle between himself and his appearance. He definitely wanted to return to his original, handsome features, but after what had happened at the Zhongs’ village he knew better than doing this.
Though, that wasn’t the main reason. If it had only been for this, he might have ignored the possibility of bringing disaster again. Who was to say that anything would happen this time? This was, after all, the capital! No, the main reason was that he wanted to save using his real appearance for the future when Jing Yi was finally grown up and ready for love.
If Jing Yi saw him like that now and then again as a grown up, wouldn’t he think of him as some strange uncle? He didn’t want to become an uncle after being a grandfather for so long! He wanted to be seen as a suitor and finally as a lover. Was that asking for too much?
So, he definitely couldn’t meet Jing Yi with his real appearance. But he also didn’t want to meet him as an old man only. Faced with this dilemma, Qiu Ling had finally decided to once again take on the form of the traveler, that had helped Mister Zhong in the inn and once again in front of Zhong Gang’s restaurant.
It was just … he wasn’t all that satisfied. He still wanted to leave his beloved with a good impression of him! Who cared what his father-in-law thought? But Jing Yi couldn’t think badly of him!
Mn, he had to make sure, he looked especially handsome for this important occasion.
Qiu Ling rubbed over those small wrinkles again, smoothed out his hair, tugged at his sleeves and evened out the wrinkles on his robe. Once again, he gave the mirror a scrutinizing look. Something still seemed wrong.
„Ah, it’s such a bother being naturally handsome! This human appearance just can’t compare!“ He furrowed his brow a bit and paused. Mn, this actually didn’t look bad. This face seemed to be made for wearing such a grim expression. „This might not be as incredibly handsome as my usual self, but it’ll certainly leave an impression. Don’t women always claim that men are the most handsome while at work? When working one would certainly be serious, so this should be the rumored charm of a man at work?“ He tilted his head from side to side and finally kept the water mirror.
Alright. He was satisfied, more or less. This was probably as far as human handsomeness could go. Now it was time to meet his beloved.
He breathed deeply and made his way over to the teahouse. It’s alright, he told himself, while his heart still beat wildly. If he doesn’t like me with this appearance I can still change in the future. He certainly wouldn’t dislike my original appearance. Jing He fell for me once, it’ll certainly work a second time in the mortal realm.
He stepped into the teahouse and was instantly assaulted by Mister Zhong’s excitement.
„Dear customer, please come in and have —“ Mister Zhong stopped and his eyes went wide. „Ah! Benefactor! So, it’s you! Please, come in and have a seat. Tell me what you’d like! The teahouse only opened today. You’re our first customer. But don’t worry, our tea is really good and we have a lot of tasty snacks, too! You’ll definitely love it! Have you decided where you’d like to sit? See, you can choose any of the tables here on the lower floor. There are rooms on the upper floor, too. Maybe you’d rather take a room? Ah, but you seem to be traveling alone. It might be a bit lonely taking a room for yourself? How about —“
„Please have a seat first.“ Madam Zhong decisively pulled her husband to the side and smiled at Qiu Ling, who still hadn’t gotten time to greet Mister Zhong much less answer any of the questions.
„Thank you.“ Qiu Ling smiled relieved and went to a table at the side. From there, he’d be able to see the whole room. Wherever Jing Yi went, he’d be able to watch him.
Speaking of which … Where was his beloved?
Qiu Ling had been gone for quite a bit of time, so neither had he seen how Nie Huang came to the teahouse, nor did he know that Jing Yi was currently with her in the preparation room. And since he could be seen by mortals now, he also couldn’t go and look for him!
Damn this! He had prepared for so long to make a good first impression and now his beloved hadn’t even seen him enter the teahouse. How could fate be so cruel to him?!
Depressed, Qiu Ling waved at Madam Zhong. „Just get me whatever you think is good.“
„Alright. Please, wait a moment.“ She went to the kitchen to get some snacks for him first. „Have these first. I’ll get your tea.“
„Mn.“ Qiu Ling grabbed one of the cookies. He bit into it while grumpily staring at the plate. He hadn’t imagined it like this.
What he had imagined … Ah, well, he knew it couldn’t happen. My love, please grow up faster! I want to experience our touching, romantic reunion!
Madam Zhong came out of the preparation room with a tray in hand. She wanted to carry the tea over, but stopped right at the door seeing Qiu Ling’s expression. The dragon king wasn’t wrong: That human face seemed to be made to frown. And right now, he was heavily frowning at the plate with the snacks while munching on his cookie. Everyone who observed this would think that he was dissatisfied with the quality of the snacks. In fact, it looked like these were the worst snacks he had ever eaten.
Special countermeasures were needed here.
Madam Zhong went back into the preparation room and smiled at her son. „Jing’er, how about you deliver the tea to the customer? You’ll certainly help us working in the teahouse when you’ve grown a bit older, so why not learn now? It’s only one customer at the moment.“
„Mn, alright, mommy!“ Jing Yi took the tray and skipped into the hall.
Madam Zhong smiled. „Let’s see if he still manages to look so grumpy with Jing’er smiling at him.“
Jing Yi hurried to Qiu Ling’s table and pushed the tray toward him. He also didn’t forget to show him a brilliant smile, exposing two small dimples.
Qiu Ling looked up. The cookie fell out of his hand, but he didn’t even notice. He only stared at Jing Yi.
So … cute! Ah!
He unconsciously extended his hands and pinched Jing Yi’s cheeks, smiling himself until his eyes formed small crescents.
Ah … Spending so much time on his appearance and coming here had been worth it! Luck was on his side! Fate meant well with him! In his happy mood, Qiu Ling stopped pinching Jing Yi’s cheeks and instead patted his head, tussling that soft black hair.
„Such a good boy!“
Jing Yi stared at that customer in front of him, ignoring the hand on top of his head. I have to smile!, he reminded himself. Mommy wants me to smile at the customers. I can’t stop.
But this uncle is really strange.

OMF V1C60 Talented Hong Bao

Speaking of the law of balance, the heavens really treated everyone equally. For example talents: Everyone had his or her own talent. Sometimes, there would be people, that seemed incredibly lucky and got two talents, but, well … Having a look at Hong Bao probably explains, why the heavens still treated everyone equally.
Hong Bao’s first talent, without a doubt, was her incredible ability to extract information out of conversations, that hadn’t been uttered. Her second talent was her unique way of looking at things, as Leng Jin Yu found out right this moment.
Hong Bao looked at him strangely, her brows drawing together like angry storm clouds. Finally, she couldn’t take it any more and leapt to her feet, pointing her finger at Leng Jin Yu. „What is that supposed to mean? The crown prince’s life is a worthy life, but Shun Tao’s life is worthless? How can they make it difficult for him just because of some small issue like that? Isn’t it the crown prince’s fault for being not good enough to pass his own trials?!“
This kind of perceiving the issue at hand, this kind of arguing … it stumped even a man as intelligent and eloquent as Leng Jin Yu for words. What would the fate’s scribe have said, had he heard this?
Probably nothing. If anyone told Shun Tao, that Hong Bao had compared his worth to the crown prince’s like that, he probably would have fainted on the spot. Just let the heavenly emperor hear about it and he would lose his head for sure! With that irascible temper of his, he might even make sure, that the head wasn’t lost too easily!
Thankfully, Shun Tao didn’t know about Hong Bao’s words and the only one stunned was Leng Jin Yu. „That … Hong Bao, are you serious with what you are saying right now?“
„Of course!“ Hong Bao clenched her hands into fists and tried to stare down Leng Jin Yu. But alas, he had cultivated into a deity and faced things way more pressuring than a lovestruck servant girl. Though, it couldn’t be said, that he was totally unaffected by her behavior. He at least questioned how she had been able to live in the nine heavens for so long.
Leng Jin Yu sighed. „Nobody is saying, that the life of the fate’s scribe isn’t worth anything. But in comparison to the crown prince —“
„It’s still important!“
„But he is someone, that can be replaced. The crown prince isn’t.“
„This is unfair!“ Hong Bao sat down again and crossed her arms. This is just too much! I shouldn’t have talked to Leng Jin Yu about this. Who knew, he was just as prejudiced as the people trying to hurt Shun Tao?
„It is. This is most probably not something, the fate’s scribe could have guessed would happen. In fact, had he admitted to it immediately, I don’t think there would be much of a problem. But it gets worth with each passing day. It would be better, he went to the heavenly emperor right now.“
„He can’t do that. What if that guy really kills him?“
‚That guy‘ … Leng Jin Yu didn’t even know what to say to her way of addressing the heavenly emperor. „I don’t think, he’d do that.“
„Leng Jin Yu … You have to help me! You can’t want to see him die, can you?“
Leng Jin Yu sighed. He hadn’t even exchanged a word of greeting with the fate’s scribe before, so he didn’t really care. But that naturally was something he couldn’t tell Hong Bao. „Of course not.“
„Then help me think of a plan!“
He sighed again. „This isn’t that easy. Disregarding the fact, that he should have told the heavenly emperor, the fate’s scribe did the right thing, when he tried to find the culprit behind this. That should still be one of his priorities.“ Leng Jin Yu drew his brows together. Thinking of that … he had helped Hong Bao with observing the other gods, so he knew better than Shun Tao, what they did and didn’t do. Obviously, none of them was the culprit. But who else could it be?
„So, we continue to observe the men in the courtyard?“
Leng Jin Yu shook his head. „No. It’s not one of them. We’ll have to consider who else would benefit from this. There aren’t that many possibilities.“
„So …?“
„Let me think about that a little more. The other thing we should think about, is how to get the crown prince’s fate back on track. As long as he can pass at least one trial in the mortal world, the heavenly emperor shouldn’t punish the fate’s scribe too badly.“
„And you have a plan regarding that?“
Leng Jin Yu repressed his sigh. „Wouldn’t the fate’s scribe know better than us how to do that? I’d suggest he focuses on the fate, while we search for the culprit.“
„Let’s do that!“ Hong Bao leapt to her feet again and grabbed his arm. „Let us go right now!“
Leng Jin Yu waved her hand away. „Not so fast. Do you think it’s that easy? If it was, the fate’s scribe would have long found out who the culprit is.“
„Then what exactly do we do now?“ Hong Bao sat back down, but shuffled around on her chair.
„First of all, we need help.“
„No!“ Hong Bao sprang right back up and extended her arms, as if she wanted to hinder him from leaving the room. Not that Leng Jin Yu had even attempted to do so. „We can’t do that. Shun Tao explicitly said, that I can’t tell anyone about this!“
„But you told me nonetheless.“
„That … That’s something different! I told you, because we need your help.“
„I don’t think, he’d like that either. But that’s not the point. We can’t do this without help. And even if we could, we shouldn’t. This concerns the whole nine heavens. We can’t be irresponsible.“
„I thought you were my friend.“ Hong Bao scrunched up her face, but Leng Jin Yu didn’t react. „You’re way worse than Shun Tao!“ She stumped her feet and turned around, ready to rush out. She had just taken one step, when she remembered, that this was her room. „Why am I running out? You should get out!“
„You don’t want my help anymore?“ Leng Jin Yu lifted his brows.
Hong Bao pouted. „You can’t tell anyone!“ She waited, but didn’t get a response. „Leng Jin Yu! I told all of that confidentially! You have to promise you won’t tell.“
Leng Jin Yu stood up and sighed. „Hong Bao, I’m sorry. I’m afraid, I can’t promise that. This isn’t a trifle. If the crown prince …“ He shook his head, unable to even finish the sentence.
Leng Jin Yu hadn’t been born in the nine heavens. He came from the mortal world. He was born there, had grown up there, had cultivated there and had only recently ascended and found a new home in the nine heavens. Of course, he had never seen the crown prince. But he knew, how important that person was to the nine heavens. If he died or something else happened to him … The gods couldn’t cope with that. And as someone, who now lived with them, he couldn’t just look the other way, when he found out, that something like that might happen.

OMF V1C28 You Shouldn’t Lie to Children

Early the next morning, the Zhongs set out toward the capital in the north. They would have to cross the plains, until they reached the foothills of the Long mountain range. It was said, that once upon a time, a dragon had laid itself down to rest there, and a lot of towns and villages had been built at its flanks. Dragons were said to be a good omen in the empire, so of course, the capital, too, had been built not far from the mountain range. It was just, that it was located at the northern end, so the Zhongs would need six weeks to get there.
At the first day of their journey, Mister Zhong looked at his son again and again, trying to gauge, if he already missed home. But to his surprise, Jing Yi didn’t look upset at all. He instead looked really calm, as if it had nothing to do with him.
Mister Zhong was reassured and by the second day, he saw his chance to help his son to take an interest in nature. He started pointing out special landmarks, plants and animals, all in the hope of Jing Yi being wowed. Unfortunately for him, his son didn’t react much. He looked over, when his father told him to look, but turned back just as fast.
Mister Zhong could just sigh and give up. This child of his … It would never love nature.
This conclusion was proved to be true on the fifth day. They had reached a small town the previous evening and halted in an equally small inn. Come midnight, rain started pattering on the roof.
Jing Yi woke up, opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. Then he turned around and slept again. No, it wasn’t the rain, that was the problem. The true problem revealed itself the next morning.
The Zhongs ate breakfast at the inn, thanked the owner and wanted to set off. Mister Zhong opened the door and stepped outside. The rain had long stopped, only the remaining puddles and the muddy ground proved, that it had fallen in the first place.
Zhong Jing Yi took one look outside. His eyes went huge and he ran back into the inn, sitting down at the table again, his whole face saying „I won’t go outside!“
Madam Zhong observed her son, then looked outside and sighed. „Let’s wait awhile.“
Her husband stood outside and scratched his head. „Why?“ Didn’t they want to hurry, to reach the capital as soon as possible? Six weeks weren’t short and who knew, how fast his cousin needed their help?
Madam Zhong didn’t answer and went back to the owner instead, asking her, if they could stay a while longer.
The woman lifted her brows. She also couldn’t help but wonder, why they decided against it at the last moment.
Madam Zhong motioned to the door. „The path isn’t that good after the rain. I’m afraid it could be too much for our son, going all the way on such a muddy road.“
The woman didn’t think, that it was a problem for a child his age to travel outside after the rain had subsided, but she didn’t voice her thoughts. „Oh. Well, if you want to …“ It wasn’t her loss. If the family stayed a day longer, she’d earn more.
Qiu Ling sat down at another table and observed Jing Yi. That isn’t … my fault, is it? His gaze wandered to the door and the path on the other side. Those pools of dirty water … This mud … Why does it look so familiar?
Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes and tried to remember. It seemed like … he had used holes filled with this kind of dirty water and mud, to trick Jing Yi back then? Hadn’t all the girls from the village fallen into such holes with a little help of his?
He looked back at the child, that sat at the table, petrified. Uh … It seemed, he had really gone a little overboard back then? The child was still afraid of mud.
„I never would have thought, I could be this convincing …“ Unfortunately, he also didn’t know how to atone for this fault. For the time being, he could only wait.
Mister Zhong came back in and the family of three stayed in the inn until the next morning.
Once again, Mister Zhong opened the door and stepped out. It hadn’t rained that night and nothing could be seen of the mud and puddles anymore. Still, Jing Yi went to the door cautiously, craned his neck and looked around everywhere, before deciding it was safe. He set one foot outside the inn and paused, as if he wanted to make sure, he hadn’t judged the situation hasty.
Madam Zhong smiled. „It’s alright. Let’s go.“
Reassured by his mother, Jing Yi didn’t hesitate any longer and followed his parents down the road. The owner of the inn watched after them and shook her head. „Weird people“, she murmured and went back in.
Qiu Ling threw her a glance, then concentrated on Jing Yi again. Six weeks outside, where it couldn’t be guaranteed, that they would always be able to find an inn and where the weather could change each moment. If it started to rain again, wouldn’t his beloved be suffering extremely?
„Thank god I can control the weather. But maybe I should really try to find a way to help him get over this fear.“
Qiu Ling didn’t dare dwell longer on the fact, that that wouldn’t have been necessary, had he not behaved like that four years ago. He had just left everything to fate, neither would Jing Yi be afraid of dirt, he also might not have been so isolated.
But looking at it like this … who knew, what would have happened, had he left everything to fate.

Heard I’m a Hero

Today, I want to introduce you to a nice short story I discovered: „Heard I’m a Hero
This story is about a youn hero(?) who gets the task of slaying a dragon but never returns. Years later another hero attempts to solve the mystery shrouding this case.

„Heard I’m a Hero“ does have a reference to bl but doesn’t go like a bull at a gate (don’t expect more than a hint!). Instead, this story focuses more on the comedy. So, whoever wants a funny (and short) pastime has found the right story!
Btw one thing I noticed about this story were the beautiful descriptions so it’s also a nice read just for the sake of reading. 😁

Dragon Slaying Records

Ever heard of „Dragon Slaying Records“? It’s a cute short story (which is why I won’t say much about the content 😜) that has a bit of a bl reference so I put it into the chinese bl-category. Mind you: It’s more for the beginners to get used to bl, though 😁

The story is about a knight who has the dream to slay a dragon one day and save a princess. One day, he actually gets the opportunity when a mysterious letter falls down in front of his feet.

To read this story you’d probably not even need 5 minutes. But that time is well invested: „Dragon Slaying Records“ is beautifully written and funny 😁 Even just for the description of what troubles the knight has with fulfilling his dream until the day with the mysterious letter it is worth reading this story! I at least didn’t regret it 😉