OMF V1C36 You Shouldn’t Lie to Children

Early the next morning, the Zhongs set out toward the capital. It would take them about six weeks to reach there. After all, they would have to cross the plains and pass through the forest at the foot of the Long mountain range before they would arrive in the far north.
Legend had it that the dragon that helped the first emperor in establishing their kingdom had turned into stone and that the capital had been built where its head rested. If any tragedy befell the capital, the dragon would open its eyes again and rise to drive off their foes. Well, there hadn’t been any war that reached the gates of the capital for several millennia so who could say if it was true or not? Continue reading

Heard I’m a Hero

Today, I want to introduce you to a nice short story I discovered: “Heard I’m a Hero
This story is about a youn hero(?) who gets the task of slaying a dragon but never returns. Years later another hero attempts to solve the mystery shrouding this case.

“Heard I’m a Hero” does have a reference to bl but doesn’t go like a bull at a gate (don’t expect more than a hint!). Instead, this story focuses more on the comedy. So, whoever wants a funny (and short) pastime has found the right story!
Btw one thing I noticed about this story were the beautiful descriptions so it’s also a nice read just for the sake of reading. 😁

Dragon Slaying Records

Ever heard of “Dragon Slaying Records”? It’s a cute short story (which is why I won’t say much about the content 😜) that has a bit of a bl reference so I put it into the chinese bl-category. Mind you: It’s more for the beginners to get used to bl, though 😁

The story is about a knight who has the dream to slay a dragon one day and save a princess. One day, he actually gets the opportunity when a mysterious letter falls down in front of his feet.

To read this story you’d probably not even need 5 minutes. But that time is well invested: “Dragon Slaying Records” is beautifully written and funny 😁 Even just for the description of what troubles the knight has with fulfilling his dream until the day with the mysterious letter it is worth reading this story! I at least didn’t regret it 😉