LWS Chapter 3 An Enticing Offer

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When Nie Chang came over Su Yan was already sitting at the table, spooning some soup up with one hand while taking notes with another.
Nie Chang just smiled, went to the cupboard and got himself a plate and a spoon, too, before he sat down next to Su Yan. “What are you doing?”
“A crime? Tell me who you’re going to kill. I’ll help you dispose of the body.” Continue reading

LWS Chapter 1 Applying For A System

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In the headquarter of Heaven Corporation, more precisely the department of system admission, a certain female official reached into the bag of chips on her desk and froze.
“Damn! Fucking Shit!”
She took her feet from the desk, lifted the bag and opened it a little wider to peek inside. Nothing. To make sure she hadn’t seen wrongly, she shook the bag but nothing came out. Indeed. There were no more chips! Continue reading