OMF V7C46 Maybe We Can Agree on Some Things

Jing Yi bit his lower lip and chastised himself. What was he thinking? Never mind that this person was his previous life’s self, he was also the person that meant the most to Qiu Ling. Wishing for his death … That wasn’t what he should do. No, he should be able to take this. He should be able to take what had been between Qiu Ling and Jing He and move on from this. If he wasn’t … Didn’t that say more about him than Jing He?

He peeked at Qiu Ling But his lover was still smiling, fondly remembering the times back then. Obviously, he had been very happy even though it had taken a lot of time to make Jing He give in to him.

Jing Yi rubbed his brow. Come to think of it, he and Jing He had reacted pretty similarly. Jing He had taken ten years to accept Qiu Ling before he gave in and he had also taken his sweet time to accept his proposal. Continue reading

RMN C64 You Said Nothing about That

Yun Bei Fen had no idea where he had gone wrong but the instincts from his early days in the sect kicked in when he saw Baili Chao’s livid face. He grabbed Mei Chao Bing’s arm and tried to drag him to the door.

Mei Chao Bing smiled and slowly got up, putting an arm around Yun Bei Fen’s waist and giving him a reassuring smile. “What are you running for? They won’t set out without us, will they? Besides, it’s not that late yet.”

Elder Baili was fuming even more when he heard that. That brat! He actually dared to question his words right in front of him?! Unfortunately, there was no way for him to refute his words. It was indeed too early for the disciples to set out and since the two of them had arrived in such a high-profile way, the others would certainly notice if they were missing and send somebody to look for them. They wouldn’t leave without Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing. Thus he could only keep quiet and watch the two of them leave the room. Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C8 A Handsome Dog and Owner

Nie Chang stopped in front of the dog parlor that he remembered Su Yan had told him about back when he still worked at the railroad station. The parlor was rather well-known in the area around his repair shop so some customers had been talking about it previously while they were waiting.

“Alright, we’re there. Do you think we should put Xiao Bai on the leash before we go in?”

Su Yan threw his boyfriend a glare. “Why would you want to put him on a leash? He’s so well-behaved!” He hugged the dog and rubbed the shaggy fur again as if to console him.

Nie Chang sighed. “Well, he certainly is in the car but I’m a little afraid he might run away as soon as we go outside. You wouldn’t want him to get lost and not find back to us, would you?” Continue reading

OMF V7C45 Which One Was Real?

Jing Yi couldn’t help but bite his lower lip again. He had thought that if Qiu Ling had been attracted to Jing He’s appearance only, that maybe his feelings hadn’t been all that deep in the beginning. He had hoped that that meant that his own chances were better than he had dared to believe previously. But now it turned out that their relationship had actually been that profound from the very beginning.

Regardless of what attracted Qiu Ling, he had felt a deep connection with Jing He and it had meant even more to him. That was something he would never be able to best. Even if he was able to make Qiu Ling feel the same, he would still only ever be the second person. That first position had long been given to Jing He. Continue reading

JHMH: Reveal #2

I actually wanted to keep this to Twitter and Patreon so you wouldn’t get bothered by all these posts but … well, the one I wrote was kind of long so I felt like sharing it, after all 😅

Anyway, let’s start with the second piece of information and the cover 😉

Yan Su Su_JHMH_preview_2Today’s snippet of information might also help with figuring out yesterday’s riddle (the Hobbit and Marilyn Monroe one, you know 😁). So let’s see if anyone can manage to get closer. So far, nobody on any site managed to guess either of the reasons 😁

So … Have you seen interviews with authors before? I swear most interviews (especially with ‘smaller’ authors) will re-iterate some questions each time like ‘What was your inspiration for this story?’, ‘What do you want to tell your audience with this story?’ or ‘How much do the characters resemble yourself?’

That can get a little maddening when you don’t have a cool story to tell. Like, literally nobody wants to hear me say “Oh, I was doing the dishes for my mother the other day and felt like a good person. Then I was wondering if I shouldn’t write a story about a good girl.” (Yes, there was a time when I was still trying to find my voice as an author and writing hetero romances. – I swear this is relevant. 😅)

The second question stumps me just as much because I always think “Uh, well, I actually don’t have any agenda. The story popped into my mind and I felt like writing it. It’d be cool if people enjoyed it though. Does that count as an answer?”

The third question is the worst though. How much do my characters actually resemble me? I always went with a big, fat “not at all” back in the hetero romance days. The past one or two years have made me wonder if I was a little too fast on answering that though 🤔

I think it’s pretty obvious with my BL stuff that there’s some resemblance. Like, nobody actually thinks it’s a coincidence I wrote a series about a quirky author, right? 😅 I hope I’m not as dense as Su Yan (although I’m not sure …) but otherwise, we do share a lot of characteristics. That was, in part, what made writing the series so much fun.
I never went into writing either LWS or any of my projects with the thought of “Oh, let’s write a story about someone that shares xyz with you” though. For the most part, it was just a subconscious thing (for their personality traits and backstory) or a matter of convenience (for things outside of their identities).
Like, it’s kind of easy to write a story about writing since that’s what I’ve been doing for years and where I know my stuff. I’d have to think way more if I decided to write a story about, let’s say, a male nurse. And I can’t see blood or wounds so research would be a pain in the ass. 😣

Anyway, JHMH is completely different. This is the first time that I’ve went into writing a story with projecting a big part of my own identity and life’s journey onto the characters. It’s also the first story that actually has a message to it.

Just like there are two reasons for why I chose October 20th as the publication date, there are also two reasons for why I wrote this story in the first place. It is a very personal story and everything around it – from the publication date to the information I share about it – is meant to reflect that.


OMF V7C44 He Reassured Me

“He was … pretty withdrawn, wasn’t he?” Actually, he would’ve used another word to describe Jing He’s behavior but he felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate in front of Qiu Ling. He really didn’t want to make him think that there was another area where he was inferior to him.

Qiu Ling nodded his head. “To a certain degree, yes. I guess it’s understandable from his situation. If you always need to show only your best side to the people around you, that must be exhausting. He was good at pretending but I guess even though he didn’t have the energy to pretend all the time. It would’ve tired him out.”

Jing Yi’s gaze flickered. Tired him out … Could that be the reason? Was that why his soul had started to become unstable? After all, that person in the demon realm had told him that this had started even before Jing He had engraved his soul. Was it really just because of his relationship with Qiu Ling or could it be that there was more to it? Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 7: Take Every Chance to Be with Your Beloved … (3)

Three days later, a certain dragon king appeared in front of the crown prince’s palace especially early. This time he neither barged in uninvited nor did he secretly sneak in. Instead, he waited in front of the main door like a sane person, making the two guards in front eye him warily.

Just what was this guy planning?

Actually, it wasn’t too hard to figure the answer to this question out. Today was the Da He Festival and Jing He was currently inside preparing himself. Naturally, Qiu Ling was waiting for him to take part in the festival together. Continue reading

Announcement: JHMH

It’s announcement day! The thing I want to announce is a very special short story that I’ll be abbreviating “JHMH” for the time being and that will go public on October 20th!

Just like with MYMMP, I’ll be doing another cover reveal with some attached information over the week to shorten your wait. 😉 Just have a look at my Patreon page or my Twitter account to keep up to date. As for the first information …

Yan Su Su_JHMH_preview_1 Other than this part of the cover, the information for today is that I haven’t chosen the publication date arbitrarily. There are two reasons why I decided on this one and I’ll let you guess what they are 😉 Here are two hints:

1. The first reason has to do with Hobbits (think Bilbo).

2. The second reason has to do with Marilyn Monroe.

I’m curious whether anybody will figure it out 😁


LWS Extra 1: C7 A Few Suggestions

Nie Chang finally finished the shopping with a set of bright red bowls and paid. Afterward, he went to pick his darling and their new dog up and carried everything over to the car while Su Yan ran around him, trying to get away from the dog that was once again jumping after him happily, clawing at his legs.

Nie Chang watched the two of them with a smile and put everything into the trunk. “Alright, I’m done. We can get in and bring it home.”

Su Yan looked at him with pitiful eyes, asking him to take care of the dog.

Nie Chang sighed and crouched down, clapping his hands at the gray furball. “Come here!” Continue reading

OMF V7C43 A Different Kind of Beauty

Qiu Ling didn’t answer immediately. Even if he wanted to blurt out an answer to reassure Jing Yi, he didn’t know how. He couldn’t say that he didn’t want Jing He back. After all, Jing He would remember everything after he woke up. Even though it would be a long time until then, he couldn’t risk making him miserable by then. At the same time, he couldn’t say that he wanted him back either. Because if he did, that would be the same as telling Jing Yi to go and die.

It was the same problem that had already troubled him since the day he found out what Jing Yi’s ascension would mean for Jing He. Just that now, it was even more troublesome because one of the two people was in front of him. Continue reading