OMF V11C14 A Way to Seduce Old Dragons

The person who wasn’t invisible was also having some doubts right now. He, Jinde, and Leng Jin Yu were currently on the way to the Nine Heavens but he couldn’t help but turn around every now and then, looking back toward the capital city of the dragon realm with a puzzled expression.

Jinde raised his brows after the third time and watched before eventually speaking up. “What’s the matter, Xiang Yu? Are you afraid of leaving?” This was the only explanation he could find. It really wasn’t necessary though. He had dressed him up so well that nobody would believe he was a fallen god.

Xiang Yu shook his head. “That’s not it.” He also didn’t think he needed to be afraid. He had even lived in the demon realm for a while so what was a short trip to the Nine Heavens? Not to mention that he could disappear in a second if he needed to.

No, rather than that … He turned to Jinde and furrowed his brows. “Do you think Xin Lan looked at me oddly just now?” It sure hadn’t been the same as usual but this time, he couldn’t even say what the meaning had been. So weird!

Jinde raised his brows even higher. That was what this was about? “Uh … to be honest, I didn’t pay him much mind but it seemed quite normal?”

“But …” Xiang Yu slowed down and finally stopped. “But recently, he has always looked annoyed when he saw me or he would even get angry. Today though … I don’t know. It was different somehow.”

The couple also stopped when the fallen god didn’t continue to follow and turned back to him.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at the blue robe with the embroidery Jinde had chosen for Xiang Yu and then thought back to Xin Lan’s expression. “I suppose that was just his reaction to your change in appearance. Usually, you’re only wearing those black robes. It’s … out of the ordinary to see you like this.”

Jinde’s lips curved up at his husband’s reminder. “Oh, I think I know!” He inched closer to Xiang Yu and tapped the jewelry that was sitting on his head, the lower part covering up the Mark of Wisdom. “Somebody got a good look and probably liked what he saw but couldn’t deal with the feelings.”

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes. “He liked what he saw?” He looked down at him and wondered if he looked good right now.

The robe Jinde had chosen was indeed beautiful: The fabric was blue but the color changed slightly throughout, being lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. On the lower half, there were also embroidered black cranes and white clouds that repeated in a smaller manner on the sky blue belt.

It should look good. He wasn’t sure if he could pull it off in the way Jinde probably would but since the robe itself was already nice to look at, it really wouldn’t be that odd for Xin Lan to admire what he saw.

Jinde also looked at him and smiled. It really wasn’t difficult to realize that Xiang Yu somehow liked Xin Lan. He wasn’t entirely sure why considering that Xin Lan had been rather grumpy toward him but then, maybe Xiang Yu had also seen different sides of him. Xin Lan could be charming if he wanted to, after all.

Jinde cleared his throat, grabbed Xiang Yu’s arm, and pulled him toward the Nine Heavens again. “You know, if you want to seduce Xin Lan, I could probably be of help. I mean, I have known him for thousands of years and I know more or less what he likes.”

Xiang Yu didn’t even think about it and just straightforwardly nodded. He didn’t think that he would be pretty good at seducing but as long as Jinde could give him some hints about how Xin Lan would be nicer to him, that would already be great.

Jinde smiled brightly, his eyes curving into crescents. He wouldn’t mind if these two became a couple. In fact, it seemed like a good idea. Xin Lan was too special in the dragon realm to find somebody who could like him for himself while Xiang Yu … well, it needed a special person to find the guts to get with a fallen god. Xin Lan would be exactly the right kind for that.

“Well, one thing to take into consideration is that Xin Lan is much older than the average dragon. He grew up in a time that was different from the one we live in right now. They had different aesthetics to a degree.”

Xiang Yu nodded. Compared to Jinde or even Qiu Ling, he could only be considered a child even if you didn’t consider that the fallen gods stopped maturing completely and were frozen in time at the level they had been at when they fell. Because of this, Xiang Yu couldn’t imagine that well how other times had differed from theirs. He just trusted that Jinde knew what he was talking about.

“The dragons have generally paid a lot of attention to looks. It’s not all about beauty though. Back then, their looks were one of the things distinguishing them from other demon tribes and as an emerging race that wanted to pull the gap between them and the demons wider, this was naturally what they considered important. Thus, those with the fitting looks were looked more favorably upon and they tried to highlight the features they deemed dragon-like.”

Xiang Yu listened intently, not wanting to miss the slightest hint.

“Because of that different types of garments became popular and there was a large demand for jewelry. The former usually isn’t worn any longer aside from official occasions but it’s not that odd to put on some more jewelry. And, well, when it comes to Xin Lan … he really likes it. If he is your lover for any stretch of time or has sustained interest in you, chances are, he’ll gift you at least one piece of jewelry.”

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