OCN C67 Supporting the Love of Her Life

Si Yi and Tao Jin seemed to have come to some silent understanding. One of them would start a topic and the other would immediately jump in, very happily conversing and hardly letting the others get in even a single word. Well, not that Si Jin would be interested in getting involved.

The master of the Si clan was very seriously taking care of the task he had been given by Si Shi Wu and was tasting one dish after the other, trying to figure out the ingredients that had been used, as well as the cooking method. He wasn’t sure if there were errors in his deductions but he kept all of it in mind for later reference. They could go over things when Si Shi Wu returned in the evening.

On the other hand, the other two were getting rather frustrated. Fan Mei naturally wasn’t happy that she wasn’t able to interrogate Si Jin and Si Yi any further while Si Shi Qi was looking at Si Yi and his wife, feeling a sense of crisis. That was his wife, ah! Had Si Yi forgotten about that?! Why did it seem as if she would run off with him any moment now?!

Just thinking of the possibility, he was inconsolable. In any case, among the members of the Si clan, their numbers also determined their standing. After their master, Si Yi was definitely the person that was the most valued. He as number fifteen really couldn’t compare.

But he had felt that in his private life, he was still a notch above the others. In any case, he had managed to get a wife like Tao Jin. That had to say a lot about him, right? He had to be a pretty impressive guy for that.

Now though, he couldn’t help but entertain the idea of whether he had only gotten this chance because Tao Jin hadn’t really met the other members of the clan before. Now that she had, would she reconsider their relationship? Ah, this was breaking his heart!

He really wanted to write Si Yi a message, telling him to knock it off already but he didn’t dare to. For one, there was still his sister around who might catch onto something, and second, how would he dare to talk to Si Yi like that? If he wanted to run off with his wife, he would probably have to congratulate them on their wedding day no matter how he felt inside. He really hoped that he wouldn’t have to though.

Naturally, Si Shi Qi didn’t need to worry about that. Si Yi was merely trying to buy time until their master had finished tasting all the dishes. On the other hand, Tao Jin was still working hard to make sure that her husband wouldn’t get into trouble.

He had told her about the blunder the other day and all the ins and outs behind it since she had been directly involved in this matter with Fan Mei anyway. So she naturally felt that she should work harder to help him.

The fact that Si Yi was quick on the uptake actually made it rather easy for her as well. As for private thoughts on him … Well, he was nice enough and he could be considered a good-looking guy but she was already happily married. Shi Qi, or Fan Ming as she had originally gotten to know him, was the love of her life. And she cared about the Si clan because he cared about it. If he ever left the ninjas, she would follow him. But as long as he regarded these people as his brothers, she would do anything to help.

As for her husband’s thoughts … Tao Jin had a faint inkling that there was something going on inside that head of his but she currently didn’t have the time to care about that. She would reassure him after they got home tonight.

Finally, Si Jin had tasted the last dish and put down his chopsticks, opening his eyes. To him, this dinner was done now. So he fully intended to leave as soon as possible.

Needless to say, Si Yi immediately picked up on that. Right now, getting out of this might be troublesome though. Especially since their master had just finished eating, that Fan Mei might want to take the opportunity to bother him again. If they wanted to just leave, then they needed an external reason to do so.

He thought for a moment and then faintly clicked his fingers next to his phone. Don’t kid him. That rascal Si Er was one hundred percent listening in on their conversation and having his fun at home. He might as well help them out.

Back in the temporary headquarters of the clan, Si Er jumped, pulling down the headphones in the process. He cursed but finally couldn’t help but tell himself that he probably deserved this. Listening in on this kind of thing was something that he really liked to do a little too much. As a result, the others had naturally caught on.

In the current situation, it would come in handy though. He was easily able to gather what Si Yi wanted. Most likely, they needed an alibi to get out of there. Well, he didn’t have a problem with that.

Thinking for a bit, he took out a phone, fiddled around for a while, and then called Si Shi Qi. He probably could’ve called Si Yi but it might be a bit too suspicious. He couldn’t say for sure what their master was currently doing since he had hardly spoken a single word throughout this dinner but most likely, if Si Yi gave him a sign, then that meant that their master had just finished eating and from now on, they could leave at any time. But that Fan Mei might be able to figure out that this was a setup if they did that. Thus, it was better to work from the other side.

When his phone suddenly rang, Si Shi Qi was startled. He had heard the sound coming from Si Yi but he hadn’t expected that he would be the one who would be called in the end.

He hurriedly bowed his head, apologizing profusely. “Let me take a quick look. Maybe it’s work.” He was actually terrified when he took out his phone though. Clearly, his sister was staring straight at his hands, wanting to get a glimpse at something strange going on. And he knew that Fan Mei had sharp eyes.

He switched on the screen and strangely enough found a familiar name on the screen even though it wasn’t the one of the eighteen he had expected. “Huh? It’s my secretary.”

Fan Mei squinted and was indeed able to see the words ‘Secretary Di’ written on the screen. It seemed that this was indeed a legit call. Well, not that her brother couldn’t have prearranged this.

Tao Jin patted her husband’s arm and gave him a kind smile. “Just take it. I’m sure that Mister Si and his assistant wouldn’t mind at all.”

Si Yi very helpfully nodded. “Yes, of course. In any case, I know how seriously Mister Fan takes his work. We wouldn’t want to bother you. We’ll just have some more food and chat with your wife and sister.”

Si Shi Qi’s lips twitched. For all he cared, this guy could have a lovely chat with his sister but please leave his wife out of this! Still, he nodded and got up, already accepting the call. “Secretary Di, what’s the matter? I’m —”

Before he could say anything else, the voice of a woman already sounded. Since he was on the way out, the people left at the table weren’t able to hear what exactly she said but her tone was anxious as if there were major bad news.

Meanwhile, Si Shi Qi tightly furrowed his brows before he closed the door behind him, wondering what the fuck was going on. “Secretary Di, why are you calling me in that case?”

At that time, the crying of the woman on the other end suddenly stopped and Si Er’s voice sounded instead. “I didn’t know your secretary was actually so dramatic on her private calls! I really had no idea. Anyway, what about that meeting with your sister? How are things going?”

Si Shi Qi’s gaze darted from side to side, not quite sure how to deal with this. “Si Er, what exactly did I just hear?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a small snippet of one of your secretary’s private calls. Does it really matter? In any case, you’re already a married man, why would you care that she broke up with her boyfriend? Anyway, I thought you needed a way out so I provided you one. Just tell them it’s something at the company and then rush home. You can take your wife with you. Anyway, it’s not a problem if she comes along.”

Si Shi Qi rubbed his forehead, feeling that this guy was really too unprofessional. He wasn’t going to the company very often but if he did, one of the people he would definitely have to do with was that secretary Di of his. How was he supposed to look her in the eyes now? This was the type of thing that he didn’t want to know about. Still, it had already happened so what could he do?

He sighed deeply and put a hand against the wall, feeling like the clan was causing him quite a few headaches recently. “Well, I’ll go and tell them. Don’t pull a stunt like this in the future anymore though. That really scared me!”

Si Er just chuckled and then ended the call, thankfully not pulling another prank on the other ninja.

Si Shi Qi took a deep breath and then walked back inside with an ugly expression. Actually, he should be happy about Si Er doing this kind of thing. Now, he at least didn’t have a problem showing the appropriate expression. “I’m sorry. Something happened at work and it seems like I’ll need to take care of it. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave now.” He looked at Si Yi and their master apologetically and then turned to his wife and sister. “Well, I don’t know if the four of you would like to continue or …?”

Tao Jin looked at him, seeming a bit hurt. “Well, I can’t just leave your guests alone like this, can I? And that even though we both took part in the casting so we could spend more time together. In the end, we weren’t even together this afternoon when the casting happened and now you’re also running off again.”

Si Yi allowed himself a faint smile before he got up and bowed toward her. “I wouldn’t want to make trouble for Mister and Madam Fan. In any case, it has already gotten late.

“Mister Si and I will return home as well then. You should just accompany your husband. Even if he has to deal with some work matters, I am sure that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there as well. Also, I feel like Madam Fan has a wealth of experience. No matter what it is, I’m sure that you will be able to help your husband out.”

Tao Jin smiled brightly, feeling like instead of paying lip service, Si Yi was actually praising her for the way she had acted this evening. With this, her husband’s previous blunder should have been made up for. “Well, thank you very much. I will do that then. “Xiao Mei, what about you? Do you have somebody to take you back?”

Fan Mei had already been disgruntled the whole evening and figured that there was no way at all anymore to get something out of these guys but when Tao Jin asked that question, her eyes suddenly widened a little. She looked up and then her lips curved up into a sweet smile. “No, I don’t actually. And I’m afraid brother and you will not be able to take me if it’s work-related.

“In that case … Mister Si, can I come with you? I’m checked into a hotel not that far away from here. I hope it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to drive me there, would it?”

Tao Jin froze when she realized that she had just given Fan Mei an opening and she really felt like she should take her words back. Si Shi Qi hurriedly grabbed her hand though, signaling her with his eyes that they shouldn’t get involved. This was a matter that Si Yi could take care of without trouble.

Si Yi didn’t think that Tao Jin had done anything wrong. What she had done was the polite thing and it was just that this Fan Mei was a little too persistent in trying to do something like this.

Still, this matter wouldn’t be a problem at all. “Well, if Miss Fan doesn’t have anybody else to drive her, then we will naturally comply.” He looked at Si Jin to make it seem as if he at least tried to get his opinion on this and then motioned at the door. “Please, come on then. We shouldn’t keep your brother here any longer.” He nodded at Si Shi Qi and his wife and then walked out, still a faint smile on his lips.

In any case, it wasn’t like Fan Mei would be able to get any secrets out of the car. And he’d really like to see just how she would fare sitting next to their master, trying to press him with questions that he definitely wouldn’t answer.

Ah, she would probably be even more frustrated when she got out of the car than she was when she got inside. To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure if he would be able to keep a straight face this time around.

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