OCN C31 Venomous

While the three men from Bright Yellow Water were cheering up, the seventeen ninjas of the Si clan finished wrapping up their work and then went their own ways. Not all of them were as peaceful as in the other house though.

“Si Er. Si Er!” Si Shi Qi stormed through the house, looking for Si Er. “Get out here, you bastard!”

Si Er was still sitting at his desk up on the second floor turned to glance out of the door but couldn’t see anyone. Well, it also sounded as if Si Shi Qi was still quite a bit away. Anyway, he wasn’t about to go out and serve himself up on a silver platter. Who knew what had gotten into that guy for yelling around so much?

Si Shi Qi downstairs continued calling out for him until another person thundered back.


Si Shi Qi immediately piped down and even crouched down in the corridor where he currently was. Shit. Now, he had actually managed to make Si Yi angry. Ah, he probably should’ve expected that. Master was probably back to learning how to cook again. In that case, his constant yelling would disturb him. But he still wasn’t willing to let this rest!

He took out his phone and then send a message.

Si Shi Qi: [Get your ass over to my room immediately, you bastard!!!]

Si Er raised his own phone, looked at the message, and then raised his brows. Go over? Was he an idiot? He put the phone down and then turned back to the screen, looking at the comments that were rolling in with a satisfied smile. When this came out, Master would definitely be very satisfied with his service. Ah, his job was the best.

Meanwhile, Si Shi Qi was still staring at his phone, waiting for an answer. Unfortunately, there was nothing. He grumbled to himself, got back up on his feet, and then started to search through the rest of the house. In any case, that guy wouldn’t be able to vanish into thin air. As long as he looked long enough, he would definitely be able to find him.

Soon enough, he arrived on the second floor. He walked down one corridor after the other until the telltale sign of keys clacking sounded close by. He followed it, finally reaching a door. He stood in front of it and narrowed his eyes. This bastard! He had probably seen his message the moment he had sent it but he just ignored it! He’d show him!

Si Shi Qi stepped back one step and raised his leg, ready to kick down the door. Then, he reconsidered. The noise that would make would definitely get him onto Si Yi’s blacklist for today at the very least and maybe even for longer depending on what Master was doing right now. How could he let that happen? He had already annoyed him before!

Finally, he retracted his foot and just opened the door normally, going in while obviously steaming.

Si Er didn’t even turn around and just looked up at the reflection of Si Shi Qi’s on the screen. “Whoa, you look furious. Did something happen?”

Si Shi Qi stormed over, grabbed the back of the chair, and turned him around. “Is this you?” Then, he shoved his phone into his face, glaring at him.

Si Er slightly leaned to the side, squinting his eyes at the Weibo post in front of him.

Binary Shuriken: [How dare you say stuff like that about my goddess Tao Jin, @Misses Youya? Not afraid that somebody will find some gossip about you? Maybe everyone should take a look at this!]

Attached was a link to a website.

Si Er looked up at Si Shi Qi and raised his brows. “What made you feel that this was me?”

“Nobody else would use such a stupid username!”

Si Er tsked. “What stupid? Is it any worse than our usual ones? I don’t think yours is that good either.”

“Oh, so you do admit that it was you!”

Si Er crossed his arms in front of his chest. “What are you talking about? Admitting, not admitting … What’s so bad about that post?”

“That’s my wife you’re talking about there! Keep your dirty claws to yourself!” Si Shi Qi’s face was actually turning a little red from anger. Most of their relationships might be for the benefit of the Si clan but he genuinely loved Tao Jin. The thought that one of his brothers might be eying her was unbearable.

Si Er just harrumphed. “What do you think I want to put my claws on? That wife of yours? She should better stay away from me! Even if she was trying to seduce me, I still wouldn’t want to get with her.”

Si Jiu’s voice sounded from the doorway. “True that. Si Er will probably stay single forever.”

“Hmph. What did you want me to do? Use Young Master Xiao’s name? Master would kill me.”

Si Jiu didn’t have any sympathy and just raised his brows at them. “In any case, what’s going on? We heard Si Shi Qi yelling around. Si Yi seemed pissed.”

Si Er and Si Shi Qi turned around only to find not only Si Jiu but quite a few of the others as well standing in the doorway. Apparently, everyone was curious to see just what had happened.

Si Shi Qi’s lips twitched but he finally still turned back to Si Er. “So, now that everyone’s here, are you going to explain what is going on?”

Si Er sighed and shook his head, turning back to the screen in front of him. He opened two windows, one showing the Weibo post so the others could have a look, and then switched over to the second one that showed a newly created website.

“So, you can calm right down, Si Shi Qi. I figured that we can’t just wait for things to blow over. In any case, your sister has been making way too much trouble. If we expose Misses Youya now, she won’t be able to do so in the future which will make our job easier.

“Unfortunately, she has already caught onto the fact that you and Master are related to Young Master Xiao. So I definitely couldn’t do this in the name of a fan of ‘Bright Yellow Water’. Instead, I figured that it would be safer to go with your wife. In any case, Tao Jin is known as the national goddess. It’s pretty clear that there would be some people out there that would be willing to wage an online war for her.”

Si Shi Qi pursed his lips. “I’m afraid that will make trouble for her.”

Si Er huffed again. “What are you? Just your wife’s husband or still a ninja of the Si clan? In any case, we first have to make sure that nothing will happen to Master’s crush and our plan for getting them together.

“If he is thrown out of that ‘Golden Spoon’ show because of what your sister did, when will Master finally get to meet him? He has already refused for us to create a situation. Now, there is finally a natural one ahead. If this falls through because we weren’t decisive enough in dealing with your sister, we might just have to wait another five years before Master finally manages to even meet Young Master Xiao. I’m sure you don’t want that.

“As for your wife, she has a PR team that can deal with this type of stuff. What has ‘Bright Yellow Water’? There’s only the three of them at the front and maybe us in the back but our hands are tied often enough because of the circumstances.”

Si Shi Qi’s heart hurt a bit thinking of what his wife might have to deal with but he could only nod in the end. It was true. If they wanted their Master’s relationship to advance, they at least had to make him meet his crush once. Otherwise, things would really never move in the right direction. “Alright, let’s see what you have there!”

The other ninjas crowded around and then took a look at the article. In the end, they found out that Si Er wasn’t as any less venomous than Si Shi Qi’s sister. And contrary to her, he was not confined by what a reporter could do but was instead able to find all the things that people might rather want to stay hidden. As somebody who was much better suited to finding out these things instead of writing an article, Si Er had gotten straight to the core of the issue.

Both Si Shi Qi and Si Qi cringed a little when they saw that but on second thought, they also felt that it probably wasn’t too bad. At the very least, this gave the impression of somebody who was a big fan of Tao Jin’s and was infuriated that somebody had dared to treat her like this. That actually gave this whole thing more credibility so they definitely wouldn’t complain.

[Exposing the Exposer

Some Misses Youya that half the net hasn’t even heard about before really thinks she’s all that and actually dares to smear goddess Tao Jin’s reputation. But while she is going around doing stuff like that, she doesn’t want you to know about who she really is! Well, if you can go and tell lies about my goddess in the name of justice, then I can tell people the truth about you that you don’t want them to find out! So everyone, here we go, take a seat and look at who this shameless Misses Youya really is.]

What followed was an incredibly ugly picture of Si Shi Qi’s sister. She had obviously been outside when it was taken: Her hair was being blown about by the wind and she squinted against the sun, making one eye look smaller than the other while her lip was curled up a little, showing her teeth. The harsh light exposed every small spot on her skin and her posture made it seem as if she had a double-chin and a crooked back.

The ninjas stared at this monstrosity of a photo and then turned to Si Er.

“Where did you get this picture from?”

Si Er turned to look at Si Shi Liu who seemed like he had a few things to say about this and was about to open an investigation.

Si Er just raised his brows. “From Si Shi Qi’s phone, ah. Where do you think I got it?”

The other stayed silent, not quite sure what to say about that. Si Shi Qi could only scratch his head. He definitely had quite a few pictures of his family on there but he really couldn’t remember having something like that saved. Even if he took it accidentally when they met up, he definitely would’ve deleted it immediately. He didn’t hate his sister after all even though she could be annoying.

Well, most likely, Si Er had gone through everything that had been on his phone no matter which nook or cranny it had been saved in as a backup. Si Er was probably able to find things that he didn’t even know existed anymore. “She absolutely won’t be happy about that.” In fact, even he himself wasn’t happy. He didn’t want to make her life a nightmare. After people saw this … would she not get into trouble?

Si Er just grinned and then turned back to the screen. “In that case, she probably shouldn’t have been shit-talking ‘my goddess Tao Jin’. It was clear she’d offend somebody with that.” He laughed and then crossed his legs at the ankles, giving the others time to read the actual article.

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