OCN C25 It Is Worth Pondering

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [Of course, he has things prepared already. Sorry, but what kind of food anchor is this guy? Everybody can throw some prepared food into a pan and heat it up. He probably bought that stuff somewhere as is.]

“I’ll take it.” Si San immediately jumped to the rescue.

I’ll Fly Loopings for You: [Just bought it? You really think he needs to do that? Maybe have a look at his previous videos. He was preparing everything from scratch in front of a live audience. But I guess you wouldn’t know. You probably just came here to complain because your own life is so shitty that you need to shit on somebody else to feel at least a little better.]

The seventeen ninjas turned to Si San and raised their brows.

“What? Aren’t we here to defend Young Master Xiao?”

Si Wu pursed his lips and shrugged. “Well, not bad. You could be one of my students. I think they are just as poisonous as you were just now.”

Si San was taken aback and just turned around, looking at the chat again. In any case, if that guy shot back, he had to respond immediately. Ah, hopefully, he would be able to think of something.

As it turned out, Si San’s carefulness was indeed in order.

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [What do we have here? The water army that guy’s sugar daddy bought? If he is able to prepare it from scratch, why isn’t he doing it right now? Huh?]

Si San narrowed his eyes and his fingers once again flew over the keyboard.

I’ll Fly Loopings for You: [Wow, turns out you’re not just vile but also really dumb. Just because somebody is more informed than you, you actually think they’ve been paid off.

Well, maybe you should’ve listened to the introduction that was made just at the beginning of this week. Right now, ‘Bright Yellow Water’ is doing special live streams in preparation for the TV show ‘Golden Spoon’. They are focusing on specific topics so they have to make time to deal with them in detail. Do you really think he’s able to do everything on stream if he still has to pay attention to that? How long do you want him to stream? Five hours? Six? You’re nuts!]

Si Wu gave Si San a thumbs up and then took to the chat himself.

Grading a Wave of Papers: [Upstairs, don’t think too much. These haters don’t bother to think. They just come in and harp on the anchor no matter what the truth is. Even if he worked himself to death, they still wouldn’t be happy and say that he probably just faked it.]

Si San looked over and grinned, immediately jumping back into the conversation.

I’ll Fly Loopings for You: [I’m afraid you’re right. Nowadays, even an honest person can’t do anything if somebody gets jealous.]

Naturally, the other viewer wasn’t willing to just admit defeat.

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [An honest person? Who? That Xiao Ming? It seems you haven’t actually seen the post by Misses Youya. Here, let me educate you!]

They added the link to the blog post, making the eighteen ninjas narrow their eyes again. This guy dared! To actually put that shameless thing in here. They’d teach him!

Si Ba raised his hand. “Leave this one to me.”

I’m Not a Lawyer: [I’m not a lawyer but what you and this Misses Youya are saying there sure seems like slander to me. So maybe the food anchor is acquainted with some rich person. So what? That doesn’t mean that he can’t cook at all. Have you actually tried his food?]

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [Well, it’s not like I can reach through the screen and take a bite, can I? Telling me that it’s my own fault because I can’t verify, isn’t that too cheap? I mean I’m sure that you haven’t tried the food either.]

Si Ba furrowed his brows. This guy was too shameless! To actually refute like this …

I’m Not a Lawyer: [Well, I was neither saying that it’s disgusting nor that it’s tasty. I was simply stating that you have no way to know how the food actually tastes like. In any case, if he didn’t have any credentials at all, do you really think he would’ve been invited to judge on a cooking show that will be broadcasted nationwide? That seems a little unlikely to me.]

Unfortunately, there was more than one person that believed what Misses Youya had written.

A Shell in the Sand: [Well, if what Misses Youya wrote is right, then money paved the way into the production studio. I don’t think that’s impossible.]

Si Ba scoffed at that.

I’m Not a Lawyer: [You do realize that you are currently insinuating that the producer of the show was bribed, right? I think you’re really trying to slander somebody here. Are you really just going after this food anchor or are you going after the whole national TV channel? If I was you, I’d rather think twice about what I’m saying here.]

A Shell in the Sand: [Are you threatening me?!]

I’m Not a Lawyer: [Of course not. Why would I threaten you? Are you trying to imply that I have also been paid off? Sure seems funny just how many people have been bribed. I wonder if the person that Misses Youya identified as a ‘rich businessman’ will go bankrupt soon?]

The other viewer didn’t bother to respond this time. Maybe they had actually given up.

Si Ba great grinned triumphantly and looked in both directions, getting a few nods in return. It seemed that things were going in the right direction. If they kept this up, people might at least stop harassing Young Master Xiao and the other two on their own channel.

Unfortunately, while one user was done, some others still hadn’t given up.

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [If you haven’t been paid off, then you’re a brainless fan. You really just believe whatever this anchor tells you? So laughable!]

This time, Si Shi Ba jumped in.

Not Toxic Just Right: [Are you sure that you aren’t just projecting? You are accusing one person of being a brainless fan and believing whatever their idol is saying while on the other hand, you as well are just believing what your idol writes.

Furthermore, the person the other commenters are following is a food anchor while the one that you are following is an internet celebrity famous for tearing others down. Do you not think that the credibility of the people from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ is higher than that of Misses Youya?]

The Grasshopper Goes Hui: [Misses Youya isn’t trying to make a name for herself. She’s just calling out people who are using the back door like this Xiao Ming. What’s wrong with that?]

Si Shi Ba just smiled at that.

Not Toxic Just Right: [It is quite astounding to me that you would say so. Let’s consider the following: Misses Youya has been regularly exposing famous people for the past eight years. In these eight years, hasn’t she also found renown?

Take a look at how many viewers she started out with and where she is right now. You should also check out just how many comments her blog posts gain daily and how often they are shared. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Misses Youya has more viewers than ‘Bright Yellow Water’.

Can you really say with good conscience that she is not doing this for fame and just baselessly accusing people? Don’t forget: While Misses Youya examined the evidence she was able to find online, that evidence only proves that the user ‘Nin Sha’ seems to be the businessman Si Jin and a fan of ‘Bright Yellow Water’ and their anchor Xiao Ming. It also only proves that he talked about his favorite food anchor with two of his friends which prompted them to take a look at the channel or mention said channel.

Nowhere does the evidence actually suggest that money was paid for anything. This is a basic assumption that is not rooted in the evidence. In other words: This accusation completely stems from Misses Youya’s imagination. She is assuming the worst of the people that she ‘exposes’. One does need to wonder what her reason for that might be.

Is she really not doing it for fame because she knows that this kind of headline will sell better? Or maybe she is being paid off herself by a competitor of ‘Bright Yellow Water’? After all, there are probably quite a few people who would like to take part in a national TV show like ‘Golden Spoon’ as well. If ‘Bright Yellow Water’ was to lose its standing in the industry or the public, then another food anchor will take its place. Those are the people that actually benefit from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ being denounced right now. This is something worth considering, wouldn’t you say so?]

This time, the other user didn’t have anything to say. Staring at the several paragraphs long text that Si Shi Ba had written, they didn’t even know where to begin.

Si Shi Qi held up his hand and high-fived Si Shi Ba. “Not bad. I always knew that you were one who could talk much.”

Si Shi Ba dusted off his hands and leaned back with a satisfied smile. “Truth be told, I’m much better at listening than talking. But this kind of small task, I’m still able to do it for Master.”

Si Shi Jiu glanced at the two of them. “Don’t get complacent just yet. It was just two people we’ve managed to talk out of this. There are still many more. We can’t let them go on like this. It would be best if we were able to clear up with all of this today.”

The other two nodded and then searched for other comments they could react to.

On the other hand, Si Qi opened a document and squinted his eyes. Thinking for a bit, he pulled out his phone and then send a message to Si Er.

Si Qi: [Can you find me some details about Young Master Xiao’s life? Just something about what happened in his life before ‘Bright Yellow Water’. If it has to do with him learning how to cook and what his general living situation is like that would be for the best.]

On the second floor, Si Er glanced at the corner of his screen and raised one brow. “That kind of small thing? He really couldn’t find out by himself?” He shook his head and then pulled up a document that he had long prepared, sending it over.

Si Er: [There. Tell me if you need anything else.]

Si Qi’s brows shot up when he opened the document and looked at the information inside. This definitely hadn’t be compiled in just a minute. It was way too extensive for that. No, most likely, Si Er had already been prepared.

Si Qi: [Don’t let Master catch you!]

He shook his head, put down his phone, and then opened the document on his notebook, slowly going through it.

Originally, when their Master fell in love with Young Master Xiao, Si Er had already offered to check his background while Si Si had suggested organizing an event where the two of them could meet and fall in love. Unfortunately, their Master had rejected both ideas.

Who knew what kind of idea he had in his mind but he had said that he didn’t want them to spy on Young Master Xiao and that he wanted for them to fall in love naturally. Thus, while they were helping out behind the scenes and had supported the channel from then on, they had never gotten too close to Xiao Ming or the other two from ‘Bright Yellow Water’.

It was a pity and the more time passed, the less the twenty ninjas felt that their Master’s idea was a good one. In any case, it had already been five years. How much longer did he want to wait? He wasn’t getting any younger. But on the other hand, maybe Young Master Xiao would be more open to a relationship now that the channel was doing well. And it also couldn’t be said that they had interfered too much. He had managed to reach this point with his own strength. Knowing that, he would feel better when he finally became a couple with their Master.

Yes, they just had to believe in that and do their part to make sure he didn’t have to give up beforehand.

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