RSH Stratagem 42: Be His One True Love (2)

Jing He was still asleep at this time. Obviously, the wine had taken more of a toll than any of them would have expected.

Qiang Yan sighed and sat down next to the bed. Honestly, he should say that they were lucky that the dragon king had been mindful enough to bring Jing He back here. If Jing He woke up next to him after several hours of being defenseless with nobody else around, there was a good chance he would overthink it. Although then again … he felt like Jing He’s guard against the dragon gone had gone so far down, you wouldn’t even need to lift your feet to step over it.

Just then, there was a knock on the door frame behind him. Qiang Yan turned around and raised his brows when he saw that the person standing there was nobody else but Qiu Ling. “I thought Longjun had already left?”

Qiu Ling cleared his throat with some embarrassment and smiled. “I did. But … there was something I forgot.”

Qiang Yan tilted his head, not sure if he wanted to know what it was. Still, he finally motioned for him to go ahead.

“When he wakes up … could you send somebody to the dragon realm? I … I won’t come running immediately but it would be nice to know he, well, got through this.”

Qiang Yan laughed lightly and shook his head. “And here I thought something big was up. Informing you is a matter of course. Don’t worry about it.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum and finally left for real.

Qiang Yan kept quiet for a moment and then turned back to the bed, laughing lightly. “He really loves you a lot. Not that I doubted that.” He thought back to what Qiu Ling had told him earlier and his expression turned a bit subtle. This matter between Jing He and the dragon king could be so simple but somehow, it became more and more difficult despite all the time that had passed.

Originally, it had been one-sided affection but Qiu Ling had continued pursuing Jing He until he really made him fall for him. That curse was a good thing in that regard because it did ensure that he wouldn’t simply leave. At the same time, that also meant that at this point, they should take some responsibility and make it official sooner or later. He was just afraid that his brother-in-law wouldn’t like that.

Qiang Yan sighed again and got up to get some documents from next door before he sat down in the side room again. Right now, there was nothing he could do but he should try and help these two along.

Even though Qiu Ling clearly wouldn’t stop trying, that didn’t mean that they should drag it out forever. Whether it was for these two personally or for the relationship between their races, it would be best to seal the deal sooner rather than later.

Qiang Yan lowered the document he had wanted to start on and looked at his nephew’s peaceful sleeping face. At this point in time, Jing He clearly wouldn’t mind marrying the dragon king. Not if you asked for his personal opinion, at the very least. But for him to say so out loud, they would need his father’s approval … or something drastic to happen.

Qiang Yan looked up to the ceiling, feeling that this really was a dilemma. Jing He cherished his reputation more than his life so it wouldn’t be difficult to make him get married even if he wasn’t already in love. After all, if there was any doubt about how far things had gone with the dragon king, he would naturally accept immediately just to ensure nobody would talk about or think of him badly.

With his feelings for that man thrown into the mix, he would also be more than willing to do this. But then, Qiang Yan still wished that Jing He’s wedding could be more of a romantic affair. After all the trouble these two had gone through, they certainly deserved that much and it might do wonders for Jing He’s self-esteem which he could really use.

Unfortunately, his brother-in-law certainly couldn’t be convinced in a short amount of time. Ah, this really was tricky … Rong Su had never been the type to be talked into something he didn’t want to and when it concerned his son, he was even more reluctant to accept any arrangements other than his own.

Sometimes, Qiang Yan couldn’t help but wonder if he and his sister had done something wrong when they encouraged this relationship. Yes, it had indeed caused Jing He to open up to somebody and yes, the dragon king clearly wasn’t the worst choice but obviously, this had also caused all kinds of hurt, and it wasn’t clear when that would stop.

But then, thinking of what the dragon king had said earlier, the end result still would have been the same even if they didn’t encourage this and help him out every now and then. After all, if he had already fallen in love with Jing He, how could he easily give up wooing him? Even if it might take longer, he would still try until the very end.

Qiang Yan sighed and shook his head. He’d have to go and have a chat with his brother-in-law later on. Maybe he could find a way to convince him slowly. Since these two were bound to end up together, it would be best to ensure the rest of the path could be smoother than the beginning.

Making up his mind, he finally focused on the documents again, slowly working until Jing He finally stirred.

When Jing He opened his eyes, he didn’t know where he was at first. He looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling, his brows furrowing in pain. His head hurt and he felt drained of all strength. Before …

Qiang Yan looked up and raised his brows. “Awake again?” His nephew looked really uncomfortable but then, he hadn’t expected anything else.

Jing He slowly turned his head, afraid to make the pain even worse, and looked at his uncle in a daze. “Uncle?” He really wanted to ask what had happened but he was also afraid to admit that he couldn’t remember how he had gotten here. Hadn’t he still been with the dragon king just now, listening to the stories from his youth?

Qiang Yan smiled and put away his documents before he leaned back and sighed. “It’s good you’re up. Ah, right, let me go and send somebody to the dragon realm.”

He got up, only for Jing He to also sit up straight at once before clutching his head with a groan.

Qiang Yan turned around and rushed over, sitting down at his bedside. “Are you alright?” Looking at him, he clearly wasn’t. He looked pale and obviously, his head was hurting. Qiang Yan sighed and shook his head. “Well, maybe I should first send for somebody from the Temple of Medicine.”

He wanted to get up again but Jing He hurriedly reached out to grab his sleeve. “That … Why send somebody to the dragon realm?”

Qiang Yan sat back down and took the trouble to suppress his smile. “Well, as it turns out, somebody switched out the wine Longjun prepared for you for something stronger. Apparently, one cup managed to take you straight out. Being worried, he carried you over here in a rush and then requested that I send word when you woke up so he’d know you’re safe and sound. He really was worried about you.”

“Oh.” Jing He hastily lowered his head but the flush spreading across his face was still visible.

Qiang Yan didn’t bother to comment on it and simply patted Jing He’s hand. “Anyway, you’re awake now. Let’s have one of the heavenly physicians take a look at you. When we know that nothing is awry, we can have Longjun informed. He’ll be relieved to know.”

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