SML V6C8 Up to the Future

Li Ming had made up his mind and wasn’t about to change it. He didn’t get back in contact with Mo Fang and simply went about his life as usual.

Mo Fang kept his word as well and didn’t bother him even though he was finally unblocked and had stayed as such after meeting up the other day. It really felt as if he had just wanted to say what he had to and would then make sure that their paths didn’t cross again.

In fact, they didn’t even run into each other accidentally. Li Ming couldn’t say for sure why that was. Was Mo Fang going out of his way not to see him? Or maybe it was just that he himself wasn’t going out as much anymore.

Yes, even though he had more time to himself now that he wasn’t with Zhao Chen any longer, he still felt busy and simply wasn’t in the right mind to go out and have fun. Not to mention that his recent breakup still hurt, there was also the question of how to organize his work in the future. Not that he wanted to care about that right now.

No, he’d take care of one thing after the other. For now, he had solved the matter with Mo Fang and his ex’s recent behavior indicated that there was no reason to doubt that he would stay away. He was safe on that front.

Since there was nothing urgent otherwise, he would now focus on getting over what had happened with Zhao Chen. When he was ready, then he’d pour some more time into thinking about his job situation. Zhu Yi had offered to help him even though he couldn’t see how that was supposed to work but then, Zhu Yi’s offer back then had surprised him in the first place so who knew what else might be possible? He wouldn’t obsess over that and just let it happen.

As for Mo Fang, he was living in his own place after returning to China but made it a point to visit his parents every now and then. That evening, even his mother was home for once so he went over for dinner.

Mister Mo stole glances at his son, feeling like he should say something but not being sure what that should be. He had been worried when Mo Fang suddenly moved abroad even though he knew that his wife was familiar with several people over there who could take care of their son.

Of course, he had regularly called to make sure that his son was alright. You couldn’t be too careful in these matters. But then, even though that was the case, now that he had returned almost as suddenly … he wasn’t sure how to broach any of the topics he felt he should bring up.

Ah, how did other parents do this? They would most likely discuss it between themselves first and then speak to their child?

He glanced at his wife and figured that this was a hopeless case. Between the two of them, the one who had to do the difficult parts of parenting had always been him. His wife only ever seemed interested in her role as a parent when she could pull Mo Fang out to brag.

If he asked her, she’d probably just say to let it be and that Mo Fang would deal with everything on his own. And, well, she might not be wrong but … shouldn’t they be a bit more supportive as parents?

He sighed and poked at his rice, feeling distraught. If he had known anyone else with children the same age, he could have gone and asked for advice from them but he couldn’t think of anyone who had gone through something similar.

Mo Fang glanced at his father. He could imagine what was going through his mind but, frankly, he didn’t want to talk about it. Thus, he simply lowered his head and continued eating. Maybe he’d make it out of the house before his father could bring it up.

Madam Mo didn’t seem to notice the tension around her and happily told them about her latest journey. “It’s such a pity you couldn’t see it for yourself! Really, we should take a vacation with the whole family for once. It’ll be so much fun!”

Mister Mo sighed again. “I guess that would be nice but I don’t think I’ll have time …” He trailed off and turned back to Mo Fang. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to broach at least one of the important topics. “Uh … are you going to go back to modeling here as well?”

Mo Fang had tensed up as soon as his father looked at him but hearing the question, he simply shook his head. “No, not right now at least. I want to take a longer break first and then see what to do.”

Madam Mo sighed as well as that. “You shouldn’t take too long of a break! You also know that you won’t be able to work forever as a model. You have to take the chance while you’re still young.”

Mo Fang gave a hum but didn’t say anything else. Right now, modeling wasn’t something he was interested in doing. He didn’t know what else to do but he had no desire to stand in front of a camera or a crowd of people. In fact, the thought to do so … it filled him with dread.

In that kind of state, how could he even think about modeling again? No, he might not know what the future would bring but he knew that at least for the time being, that wasn’t the place for him to be.

Even though Mo Fang’s response seemed half-hearted, Madam Mo didn’t think too much about it. In her mind, her son was simply agreeing with her. After all, he knew full well that she was right. As a model, you had to use the time you had. At the very least when you wanted fame. There was no denying that.

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