OCN C7 The Ninjas’ Grand Plan

Si Jin … did indeed not notice. After cutting the ten thousand onions, he put down the knife, nodded, and then left the room, having his men deal with distributing the cut onions outside.

As for himself … he went to share the good news with Xiao Ming and then went to bed when he noticed that he wouldn’t get any response from him personally. After all, he had been awake for more than twenty-four hours and while he was able to stay up for longer, he felt that it was still better to sleep for a while before the live stream started. That way, he would be better rested when he finally saw Xiao Ming again. Because of that, he didn’t notice either what was happening outside.

While the master was unaware, his men weren’t. They all stood around a tablet, looking at the article that had been published online and shared on Weibo by several accounts with dark expressions.

“Young Master Xiao hasn’t even been mentioned by name. Master will be angry when he finds out. What do you think we should do?” As usual, Si Yi took the lead in pointing out the problem they had to solve.

Si Er furrowed his brows and then took the tablet, looking at the site for a moment. “How about I hack into the website and change the text?”

Si Yi pondered for a moment and then nodded. “That would be for the best. “Si Qi, you write a more favorable article. Make sure that it isn’t too obvious though. The last thing we need is somebody getting behind this.”

Si Er gave him a miffed look, feeling that his abilities were questioned. Si Qi nodded without hesitation though, took the tablet from Si Yi’s hands, and then opened the text document and the keyboard, his fingers flying over the digital keys, editing the text in question. When he finished, he handed the tablet to Si Er and then went into position again. Si Er did as he had promised and exchanged the text on the website before handing the tablet back to Si Yi.

Si Yi nodded and then opened Weibo, looking at the post that had been sent and the texts accompanying the several shares. Unfortunately, neither of them mentioned either Bright Yellow Water or Young Master Xiao yet. Changing this would be too obvious though.

The news outlet definitely wouldn’t make a huge fuss about it when they had been hacked to prevent people from knowing there was a security breach. They would only admit to it if they were forced to do so. But if several accounts on Weibo were compromised as well, the consequences might be bigger. They couldn’t risk that.

Si Yi pondered and then turned to one of the other men. “Si Shi Qi, you message your wife and ask her to share the article and mention Master’s crush.”

Si Shi Qi tensed for a moment, seeming as if he didn’t want to do it but then he still took out his phone. Anyway, while they did try to keep their own families out of this, the one they were talking about here might be their Master’s future partner. Naturally, they had to get this right.

[Darling, can you do me a favor?”

It only took a hot minute for a message to come back. [What’s the matter? You better explain fast. The director is already calling for me.]

Si Shi Qi hesitated again and then send over the link, followed by another text.

[The one who donated is my good friend from work. He wants to take part in the cooking show because he’s a huge fan of that food anchor, Xiao Ming. He’s angry that most people aren’t even mentioning him. It was all my idea in the first place so I feel like I need to make it up to him. You have a large following, could you post on Weibo about it?]

Unfortunately, he didn’t get an answer back immediately. Si Shi Qi lowered his phone and looked at Si Yi. “She is currently working. It might take her some time to reply.”

Si Yi nodded. “That’s better than nothing. Everybody try to think up a way how each of us can help Master. Until he gets up, we have to have a watertight plan. This time, nothing can go wrong!”

The other ninjas nodded and then each retreated to a corner of the room, furrowing their brows and thinking deeply.

Five minutes later, the twenty of them reconvened in the middle of the room.

“What are your ideas?” Si Yi looked from one person to the other, starting with Si Er.

“I could enter the websites of several other news outlets and post an article on the matter. That way, the information would seem more important and might be shared by more accounts on Weibo. Sooner or later, they will have to mention Young Master Xiao.”

Si Yi nodded slowly. “Risky, but with the possibility of high gains. Si San?”

“I could borrow a small airplane and leave a message in the sky.”

“Creative, definitely newsworthy, but it might be too difficult to condense the information into a short enough message for this.”

Si San stepped back, accepting that his idea would not be possible to implement. Instead, Si Si stepped forward. “I am afraid that there is no short-term plan I can take part in but we might be able to organize an event around the start of the cooking show. Alternatively, we could organize events for people to cook following Young Master Xiao’s live stream. It might seem like we are trying to profit off of Bright Yellow Water’s success though, making them furious instead of grateful.”

Si Yi slightly furrowed his brows and nodded. “I agree. This would be too risky if it is done in a too high profile manner.”

At that, Si Shi Qi spoke up. “I had a similar idea in that we could start a marketing campaign for them. It is just a matter of whether they would think it is a scam. Maybe we could combine these ideas though.

“The most important part is to make sure that Bright Yellow Water will gain more viewers so that Young Master Xiao can live his dream. It would be preferable that this happens in a way that will let him know that our Master is the one behind this.

“It would be possible to organize some smaller groups that cook together following his live stream. If we make this idea public on Weibo by using some carefully chosen accounts, this might motivate other viewers to do the same. As long as it isn’t a huge corporation trying this, it should not make them feel as if it was anything bad. Since we have several accounts already following Bright Yellow Water, we could use some of them. The more well-known the name is to them, the better.”

Si Yi’s expression turned thoughtful at that. “If we do it that way, there really is less risk of antagonizing them. In that case, yes, let’s go along with this. Then the two of you will work on this together.”

Si Si and Si Shi Qi both nodded and then retreated to the side, starting to discuss their own plan while the others continued to gather ideas.

Si Wu’s expression was a little uncomfortable. His alternative identity was that of a young university professor. In the past, this identity had proven to be quite useful but there wasn’t much he could do in terms of this problem. “I could open a recording of the live stream on my notebook before I start my next lectures. That way, students would notice that I am watching Bright Yellow Water and might at least check it out. With how closely connected the youth is these days, this might lead to a large percentage of my department’s students taking a look. Everyone who is interested in cooking would definitely stay.”

Si Yi did not seem impressed. “It is an idea but I am afraid that the yield wouldn’t be high. Anyway, you should still do it. Even if we can only reach a few people, it is better than nothing.” He turned to Si Liu, slightly raising his brows.

Si Liu didn’t look any happier than Si Wu. He also hadn’t been able to come up with much. “I could maybe step up and ask if they would be interested in a sponsorship. I could cite the article about Master’s donation as my reasoning behind this, saying that they are doing good for the people in the country in more than just one way. It should show them that the article has some positive outcomes.”

Si Yi nodded. “They are likely to refuse, knowing Young Master Xiao, but it really is a good idea to make them connect this with Master’s name. When you do so, do mention his family name.”

Si Qi gave a breezy smile when Si Yi turned to him. “I can write a short story and mention that the article was my inspiration. It could be about a ninja cutting onions to gain the attention of his secret crush. This will make Young Master Xiao and the other two clue in to Master’s feelings for Young Master Xiao, and also put my readers on track to go and eat some melon seeds in the channel. With somebody helping out at the side, Young Master Xiao should be much more open for Master’s advances.”

Si Yi gave a hum, clearly satisfied with that suggestion. “Start on it immediately. This has to appear before this evening’s live stream if possible. If you cannot finish the story until then, at least announce it.”

Si Qi nodded and then rushed away to take out his notebook, starting on the draft.

On the other hand, Si Ba looked just as embarrassed as Si Wu had, not quite sure what he should say. “I … could have my girlfriend share it. She’s quite well-known online.”

Si Yi furrowed his brows at him. “That is to be expected.” He didn’t bother with him any longer and turned to Si Jiu instead.

Unfortunately, the IT manager didn’t look much better. “I could probably help Si Er with his plan?”

Before Si Yi could say something, Si Er shot Si Jiu an unhappy glance. “Keep to your own lane! Why would I need your help with my part? Anyway, Si Yi didn’t say yet that I should do it.”

Si Yi gave a hum but didn’t indicate either way. Instead, he turned to Si Shi, hoping for better results.

“I think that I could start a project in the hospital. It could start running any time we want and then go on for the duration of either Bright Yellow Water’s preparation or even the cooking show. We could even ask them for collaboration.

“The subject matter would be the health benefits of a balanced diet. Young Master Xiao could share some easy recipes with a focus on a simple and fast cooking process that anybody could implement in their daily lives while still not having to forgo the health benefits of healthy ingredients. On the other hand, I and the hospital staff could provide information about the ingredients, diets in general, and specific dietary needs.”

Si Yi slightly raised his brows and nodded with satisfaction. “That is a very good idea. We should probably wait with asking him about that until after the first few special live streams have been shown though. You can pretend that you either saw it online because it was shared so much or heard about it from one of your patients and thus got the idea. It wouldn’t be too strange and I could imagine that Bright Yellow Water would actually agree to take part in this. Young Master Xiao does like to give some advice on the side when he can.”

Si Shi Qi who was still discussing the marketing plan with Si Si at the side but had listened to the other ideas with half an ear piped up at that. “Si Si and I could maybe make use of that as well. Dishes that are easier to cook would do very well for getting people together and give cooking a try as well. If the dishes are too complicated, people might not want to do so. So if Si Shi started on that project, we could maybe use such specials as the basis.”

Si Yi nodded and then turned to Si Shi Jiu. “Is there any chance that you could do something on the political side of things? I am sure that something that benefits the health of our country’s people might be able to be included there.”

Si Shi Jiu nodded. “I was thinking along the same lines. I just didn’t know how exactly to bring it up. I think that if such a project is already running, then adapting it for a bigger scale should be relatively easy. But we could only start with that later on when Si Shi’s part has been going on for some time and shown that people can really benefit from it.”

Si Yi nodded. “Very well. The four of you discuss it among yourselves. Come up with a plan of action that covers the next year. I want a specific timeline that we can get Master to check before we start implementing anything else.”

The four nodded and Si Shi and Si Shi Jiu went over to huddle together in the corner with the other two, adding their ideas. Si Shi Qi whipped out his phone to take some notes now that the plan was going to become more detailed.

Meanwhile, Si Yi turned to Si Shi Yi.

“Oh, I’ll share it with my own fans.” Before Si Yi could complain again that that was just to be expected, Si Shi Yi glanced over at the group of four that was spiritedly discussing the marketing plan. “I could frame it as an issue of the need to eat healthy to keep the body well for people like me that don’t like sports but need to make sure that they are able to perform to the best of their abilities. It could be the first one in a row of posts that showcase the health benefits of good food. That would give Si Shi the opportunity to start with his health program.”

Si Yi gave him a long look. Obviously, this guy hadn’t thought of that before and had just made it up on the spot. But anyway, as long as this plan was beneficial to their overall goal, he wouldn’t say anything about it. Thus, he nodded, gave Si Shi Qi a sign to incorporate the idea, and then turned to Si Shi Er.

His expectations for his idea weren’t high. Si Shi Er was an engineer so there really wasn’t anything much that he could do from his occupation alone. He would probably go with something simple like posting it as well.

Si Shi Er pursed his lips into a tight line, straightening up even further. “I … I will have my boyfriend share it!”

Si Yi raised his brows, the contempt in his gaze getting even stronger. “What will you accomplish with that? Your boyfriend is unemployed!”

Si Shi Er hung his head, not sure what else to say. He could probably share it himself as well but that also wasn’t that much better and he had never posted anything that was related to cooking before. It would make people question what was going on. Thus, he had really thought that this would still be the best thing to do.

Si Yi shook his head in anger and just ignored him, turning to Si Shi San instead.

Si Shi San gave a breezy smile and then shrugged his shoulders. “I guess I will jump onto the health bandwagon then and start the health program at my school.”

“Not bad. Thinking about that, maybe Si Wu could propose something similar at the university. When the program starts in your school, work together with him to try and have them start something as well.” Si Yi turned to Si Shi Si to continue.

“Well, I’ll just share it myself. As an athlete, it wouldn’t be that strange.”

Everyone then turned to look at Si Shi Wu, feeling that there wasn’t even a question about it. With him being a professional chef anyway, there was no reason to wonder what to do.

“I will share several posts about the upcoming TV show and also cover the live streams of Bright Yellow Water. Maybe I’ll even do a review of their channel. It would likely attract quite a few people.”

Si Yi nodded. “That is a good idea. Also, Young Master Xiao will likely be flattered when he sees some professional acknowledgment. Don’t forget to drop Master’s name.”

“I won’t. I’ll say that he was the one who informed me of the live stream.”

Si Yi nodded and then turned to Si Shi Liu. “Let me guess, you’re going to suggest having a discussion about healthy food at the police department?”

Si Shi Liu gave a wry smile. “Si Yi, you’re too perceptive. I have no idea how you figured out my mind this soon.”

Si Yi shook his head and then turned to Si Shi Ba since Si Shi Qi was already working on the marketing plan. As a psychiatrist, Si Shi Ba was in a similar situation to Si Shi but at the same time, he wasn’t as free to implement things as Si Shi was. After all, mental health wasn’t something that could be treated with some workout and good food. Also, even as ninjas, they still had a sense of morals, and advertising this channel to any specific patient would go against their ethics.

Si Shi Ba did indeed sigh and furrowed his brows. “It is difficult to do anything using my occupation. I think I will also have to fall back on doing something privately. Maybe I could be part of the groups that would cook following the live streams. With me in the lead, we could maybe find some people in similar occupations that would come together. Maybe Si Shi could also join in on that.”

Si Yi nodded and then turned to Si Er Shi. Once again, his hopes weren’t too high. As an accountant, his chances to advertise the live stream in the professional circle weren’t very good either.

“I had a hard time coming up with something. Maybe I could ask to join the team of Bright Yellow Water? With more opportunities in front of them, they will have a harder time focusing on things like taking care of their finances. I could probably ask for a background job that would allow me to gather more information for Master while also helping them out.”

Si Yi shook his head. “That is not a bad idea but they will not agree. Qian Huang is already the one working as Young Master Xiao’s assistant. Since they have been doing the live streams together since the very beginning, they will continue to do so unless they are forced by circumstances.

“Right now is not the moment for that. And when it is, Young Master Xiao will hopefully already be our Master’s partner. At that time, it will be a matter of course for us to take over such menial tasks. I think it is better for you to step back this time. You will definitely have a chance to help out the next time.”

Si Er Shi nodded and then stepped back indeed.

Si Yi looked at all the men gathered, his gaze serious. “Alright, everybody should go and work on their part of the plan. Make sure that you have something presentable ready when Master gets up later on. Don’t forget: This is not just about healthy eating or good food but about making Young Master Xiao and Bright Yellow Water known in our country. Also, in the early steps, everything should lead back to Master as often as possible. So make sure that if you get the chance, you will use his name.”

“Yes!” With that, everybody went to work on their part of the big plan, laying the foundation for Bright Yellow Water’s upcoming popularity.

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