SML V6C1 A Moment in a Badly-Written Rom-Com

There were moments in life when you couldn’t help but wonder if you had crossed over into a badly-written rom-com. For Li Ming, one of those moments had just arrived.

He stared at Mo Fang in a daze, hardly realizing what Zhu Yi next to him was doing. He just didn’t know what to say or even think. Mo Fang was supposed to be somewhere in Europe, chasing the dream of becoming a model, and dating some rich businessman who would hold him in the palm of his hand. At the very least, that was the impression he had gotten when he heard about him last from Si Tao.

So … why exactly was Mo Fang in China? Why was he at the gym where he was working? And why was he asking about his new boyfriend? This just didn’t make any sense. They hadn’t had contact in three years and they hadn’t left on a positive note. There was just … no reason for this.

With Li Ming in a daze, the conversation was left to Mo Fang and Zhu Yi.

The former looked at the way the latter clung to Li Ming’s arm and then raised his gaze to Zhu Yi’s face, giving a faint smile. “Oh, nothing. I was just casually asking.” He turned back to Li Ming even though he wasn’t completely sure if he was even listening to him.

“Well, I am back in China … as you can see. Sis Zhi mentioned you were working here so I dropped by to see you.” He lowered his gaze, not sure how to continue. He also knew that they hadn’t left on good terms. In fact, he was pretty sure that Li Ming didn’t even want to see him but he refused to not even try.

“I don’t want to bother you. I just … wanted you to know that I’m back. If you were up for it, I’d love to have a chat sometime.” He smiled hopefully but seeing Li Ming still stay silent, he didn’t press the issue. “Well, in case you do want to, my number is still the same and you know where my family lives. Just … drop by or give me a call. I’d be happy to hear from you.”

Glancing back at Zhu Yi, he finally just nodded at the two of them. “It seems you’re busy. I won’t disturb you any longer then. See you around!” With that, he turned, and simply left the room, making his way out of the gym.

Back inside, Zhu Yi stared at that classy exit and couldn’t help but click his tongue. “I don’t think I need three guesses to figure out your relationship.” He looked up at Li Ming and seeing his expression, there really was no doubt.

Zhu Yi sighed, pulled back his hand, and slapped Li Ming on the back. “Cheer up! At least he didn’t make a scene. As far as meeting exes goes, that can always be considered a win.”

Don’t look at how some unreasonable people mistook him for being gay, he had had his fair share of relationships. Of course, there had been a crazy ex among them too. After breaking up, she had given him a lot of grief so he knew what he was talking about. Compared to that, the scene just now had been really civil.

Li Ming was finally pulled out of his daze after being slapped and sighed deeply. “I guess so.” Still, if he had to run into any of his exes, he sure would have hoped that it wasn’t Mo Fang of all people. Not to mention that this couldn’t be called ‘running into each other’. No, Mo Fang had directly come looking for him.

Li Ming shook his head and sighed again. “I know it would mean trouble the moment I saw Zhi Bao Yu again. I just didn’t think she’d play the long game and tell him where I worked.”

Zhu Yi winced. “Sorry about that. If I had warned you ahead of time, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Li Ming waved. “Don’t worry. You couldn’t have known. Even if you told me who everyone on the course was ahead of time, I might have thought she was a different person with the same name or just gone anyway. In this kind of job, you can’t pick the people taking your course, can you? So that’s always a risk. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t register.” He motioned toward the door and suddenly had a sinking feeling. Actually, if Mo Fang was still anything like he had been three years ago, that was exactly what he would do.

Zhu Yi immediately shook his head. “Don’t worry about that! I can still cancel somebody’s registration. If I see his name, I’ll kick him out! I won’t make you work with one of your exes. How awkward would that be?”

Li Ming smiled wryly. “You don’t have to. I don’t want this to influence work. If he ends up in any of the groups, just make sure you’re the one dealing with him.” And anyway, maybe that wouldn’t happen. The fact that Mo Fang had come here but left after less than five minutes gave him some hope.

Come to think of it, he had never unblocked him so if Mo Fang wanted to reach out, coming to see him in person was really the only way. Well, that, or pulling one of their friends into the mess. Looking at that alternative, he actually felt that this way was better. He didn’t want anyone feeling like they needed to pick sides.

“Ah, I wonder what he wants though …” He knew he probably shouldn’t care. After all, he wanted nothing to do with Mo Fang so whatever he had come here to do didn’t matter at all. But then, that encounter just now … it did make him curious to a degree. He couldn’t deny that.

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