SML V5C37 Compromise

Si Tao just laughed when he saw him like this. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t really do that.” He turned back to his phone and gave a hum.

Actually, there were a few candidates. It was simply difficult to decide because Linghu Jiahao really hadn’t been forthcoming with his expectations. If he got it horribly wrong the first time around, wouldn’t he blame him and refuse to give it another go?

Thinking for a bit, he wondered if he should just throw all of them into a group chat to see whether they were all still single and currently looking. Then, he could go from there and ask for their requirements in a dating prospect. As long as Linghu Jiahao fit those, wouldn’t the chance of this working out be high?

In the end, he didn’t follow through on that though. Most likely, Linghu Jiahao would be embarrassed if he found out and that wouldn’t make the first date any easier. No, he shouldn’t mess with any of that.

After a while, he leaned closer to Tong Lan. “Xiao Lan, what do you think about him?” He tapped on one of his contacts, feeling that this was a good candidate.

Tong Lan stared at the name and thought for a moment but finally furrowed her brows. “Are you sure? I don’t think that would work out.”

Si Tao gave a hum in response. “Are you sure? I figured it might. Who else do you think would have better chances?”

Tong Lan thought for a moment and then grabbed the phone, scrolling through Si Tao’s contacts herself. After a while, he stopped on another name and handed it back. “Try Yuan Hai. Isn’t he also single again? His eyes are a bit high but I think Jiahao would fit his taste quite well.”

Si Tao rubbed his chin and looked up at his friend. Actually … she might be right. Linghu Jiahao wasn’t necessarily the type Yuan Hai would usually try to date but that didn’t mean it couldn’t work out, right? Anyway, this was about both of them trying something new! He should definitely try to set something up.

Thus, under the watchful eyes of the other four people, he sent a message to the man in question.

Linghu Jiahao’s brows climbed higher while he watched. Excuse him for being confused, but he had thought that he would at least be allowed to take a glance at the man in question! Even though he had known Si Tao for four years, he wasn’t acquainted with all of his friends by far. And this Yuan Hai in question was somebody he had never met.

After a moment, he couldn’t help but finally clear his throat. “Ah Tao, haven’t you forgotten something?”

Si Tao looked up and then put his phone on the table with the screen down. “No, I don’t think so.”

Linghu Jiahao furrowed his brows. “Well, shouldn’t you show me a photo?”

Si Tao tilted his head but finally shook his head. “No, I don’t think I should. Originally, I wanted to but now that I think about it, it’s better if I don’t do it.”

Linghu Jiahao felt annoyed. “Why? Is he not good-looking? I think I said I didn’t have a problem with that.” Even though Mo Fang was a model, that wasn’t why he had dated him. In fact, he felt that it might be better if the other person wasn’t too good-looking. After all, otherwise, you’d just have to share their attention with too many other people. It was better to find a guy that was more average.

Si Tao shook his head. “No, no, he’s handsome, I’ll vouch for him. But if I show you, who knows if you won’t find a reason to say no again?”

Linghu Jiahao’s brows twitched. Was he that kind of person in Si Tao’s mind? He wanted to argue but then remembered that he had indeed found something to complain about every person he had tried to date in the past four years. Maybe … that worry wasn’t completely unfounded.

Li Ming looked from one person to the other and felt that he and Zhao Chen had absolutely no business being here. Then again, they had also participated in this and as somebody else who had suffered heavily from the break-up with Mo Fang, he felt like he had a bit of a soft spot for Linghu Jiahao. Thus, watching him try to persuade Si Tao, he couldn’t help but try and help him persuade him. “Brother Si, if you set up a blind date, the two of them need some way to recognize each other, don’t they? Or do you want to follow along and be a light bulb?”

Si Tao pursed his lips. Of course, he had no desire to go and witness that date firsthand. But he still didn’t think that he should let Linghu Jiahao know too much. As for a compromise … “Don’t worry! I will show you a picture but not now. The more time you have, the more you will think about it, and the more you’ll find things to nitpick. So, I’ll help the two of you find a good time to meet up, and then I’ll send you a photo a little before that. That way, the two of you can recognize each other but won’t needlessly think about it.”

Linghu Jiahao sighed. This was probably the best he’d get from Si Tao. After all, while this guy might call him obstinate, it wasn’t any different the other way around. So if he had already made up his mind, then he likely wouldn’t be able to convince him otherwise. And anyway, maybe Si Tao was right after all. If he wanted to give this a chance, he should just follow along.

In the end, he sighed and dropped the topic. Instead, he turned to Li Ming with a faint smile. He had also noticed that Li Ming was trying to help him so, of course, he had some good feelings toward him. “Brother Li, brother Zhao, how about changing contact details? It’s our first meeting today but I feel like the three of us are getting along well.”

Li Ming smiled as well and nodded. Anyway, he wasn’t as invested in Linghu Jiahao’s life the way Si Tao was, but he also wished him luck. So even if they didn’t regularly stay in contact, he could at least follow up on this date idea in the future.

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