SML V4C69 The Right Person for Advice

When Cang Gui Ying heard that Li Ming had invited them over, she didn’t hesitate for even a moment. She might not have tried his dishes herself, but she had seen Mo Fang eat them. In her eyes, Mo Fang had to be a picky model, so if he liked them, then there couldn’t be anything wrong with them. As a result, she naturally wanted to give them a try as well.

“Well, if we go, we won’t need to cook ourselves. Seems like a win for me. Also, he is right that we haven’t seen each other in a while. It’ll be nice to catch up.”

Rui Lan nodded, even though he still felt that the most pressing matter was that strange message from yesterday. He hurriedly replied to Li Ming at the side, but still looked at Cang Gui Ying. “Well, what do you think the message was about though? I mean, he still hasn’t explained. He’s just saying it isn’t that he wants to get back with Su Yan but … well, I have some trouble believing that there is another reason.”

Cang Gui Ying went over to the wardrobe, looking for something nice to wear. They were visiting somebody so it was only polite to make sure they looked presentable. While looking through her options, she gave a distracted hum. “Well, I do believe that he really doesn’t want to try and get together with Su Yan.

“Anyway, you’ve seen how difficult the breakup was for him and then, Mo Fang didn’t leave him alone over at the railroad station to the point where he actually turned in his resignation letter. That’s a lot to deal with for most people and I really don’t think that Li Ming is the type to get back into dating immediately. So that part, I’ll believe it immediately.”

“Then why ask for his Weibo though? Or rather his boyfriend’s Weibo. That’s even stranger.”

Cang Gui Ying finally found a nice dress and held it up. “What about this one?”

“Looks nice.” He didn’t really seem to be paying attention though.

Cang Gui Ying gave a huff, feeling that she remembered exactly why she had broken up with this guy in the first place. Well, he was doing a bit better this time around though. “I guess he’s just looking at this from a practical standpoint. He doesn’t know if Su Yan has a Weibo account. To be honest, he seems like a guy who wouldn’t. Let’s not lie, he’s a bit of an airhead. He always was. In fact, I couldn’t help but think that Su Yan was a bit strange. I don’t know what Li Ming liked about them in the first place.”

Rui Lan thought back to Su Yan and couldn’t help but think that actually, when it came to comparing Su Yan and Mo Fang, he could imagine Mo Fang better as somebody’s boyfriend, but he had liked Su Yan better. While he had indeed been a bit of an airhead and clearly a bit strange, he wasn’t as much of a drama-prone person as Mo Fang where everything was high-stakes and live or die, that kind of thing. Compared to him, Su Yan had seemed pretty down to earth. “Aiya, I really hope there’s nothing bad going on. You know, I really wish Li Ming could just find somebody nice to settle down with.”

Cang Gui Ying gave him an odd look. “Settle down? You’re older than him and haven’t really settled down, have you?”

Rui Lan’s gaze slipped from side to side, feeling that he just stepped into a trap. “I have a long-term girlfriend though, don’t I?”

“We’ve hardly been together any longer than Li Ming and Mo Fang were.”

“Aiya, but I’m counting both times. Looking at it that way, we’ve been together for quite long.”

“And we still aren’t living together and I don’t think you even thought about the next step.”

Rui Lan gulped, feeling that he had really stepped onto a landmine just now. “Uh … anyway, Li Ming messaged that we can come over whenever we are ready. He’s going to prepare the dishes now.”

Cang Gui Ying gave a huff, but still went to freshen up and change. “You’re lucky that we were invited! But this isn’t over yet!”

Rui Lan nodded, feeling that he shouldn’t have taken her along. This was the kind of matter that he could use some advice on. And even though Li Ming wasn’t really the kind of person to look for when it came to his success stories dating-wise, he still figured that he would have the best advice out of all the guys he knew when it came to navigating trouble with his girlfriend.

He couldn’t be certain, of course, but usually, when Li Ming broke up, he was still amicable with his ex afterward. Unless, of course, he had gotten into the kind of cluster-fuck like with Mo Fang where the other side was completely at fault and nothing could be salvaged.

Knowing this about him, he just seemed like the right person to talk to. Actually, in that regard, he sometimes wished he could be more like Li Ming. But either way, maybe there would be an opportunity to sneak that in there today. Surely, Li Ming wouldn’t mind giving him some advice when he could. It was just a question of timing.

With that thought, he hurriedly took out his phone and sent him a message asking for help, hinting that they should definitely get a moment alone as well. Now, he could only hope that Li Ming would understand and that Cang Gui Ying would actually give them an opportunity to have a talk.

Otherwise … well, he just had to try and gain himself as much time as he could and secretly meet up with Li Ming another time to have to talk. He definitely wasn’t ready to get into that conversation with Cang Gui Ying without that.

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