SML V4C62 A Bit of Kindness

Li Ming pulled out his phone and opened the gallery. He wasn’t somebody who took many pictures but Mo Fang had snatched his phone away often enough to take a couple of the two of them together, as well as some of himself, calling them a memento of their time spent together.

Not just that, but he had regularly taken photos when he was alone and sent them over so there was more than just a small collection of them on Li Ming’s phone. And, well, he wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not but every single picture looked like this person was working as a model.

He turned to show his phone to his father and his mother immediately came rushing over as well. Even if these two were already broken up, she still wanted to see the child that her son had been going out with. Actually, she would have liked to meet the boy but since it was too late for that, she at least wanted to get a glimpse at him.

Li Ming couldn’t help but smile wryly when his parents were this eager to see Mo Fang, but he also felt warm inside. Did this look like a couple having a problem with their son being gay? Of course not. No, instead, they just looked like a couple overly invested in their child’s dating life even when it was already in shambled.

Looking at the pictures while Li Ming slowly continued to swipe through the gallery, his parents couldn’t help but become more and more stunned.

“He looks so good, he really must be a model!” Li Ming’s mother hadn’t refuted it before when Li Ming mentioned it, but to be honest, she had also thought that he was more or less exaggerating, just saying this to mean that his boyfriend had been really pretty. But looking at him now, she didn’t have a problem believing that this child had been working as a model. He had the good looks for sure.

Li Ming’s father wasn’t any less stunned. He hadn’t thought that Li Ming was the type of guy who could land someone like this. It wasn’t that he felt that his son was bad but he just seemed like such a steady person, somebody who would get a partner that was a bit more … average. A homebody who loved family time or having a chat with friends over a cup of tea, maybe.

Looking at Mo Fang though, this person didn’t seem like he was average. He had no idea how he was doing education- and personality-wise but when it came to his looks, he was top-notch. He didn’t need to be gay to realize that.

Mister Li turned to his son and felt as if he was seeing him with new eyes. “You really managed to land a model. I can’t believe it!”

Li Ming pulled back his phone, slipping it back into his pocket, and gave a faint smile. “I even showed you photos of him and you still can’t believe it? I’m afraid then there’s nothing I can do.”

His father slowly shook his head, still unable to get over it. “My son, dating a model …” Ah, he kind of wanted to go and brag about that to his friends and co-workers. But then they would ask who it was and he also wasn’t sure if he should go and tell them about how his son was gay. Somehow, that seemed to be wrong.

Li Ming had no idea what his father was thinking and instead turned to look at his mother, faintly raising his brows as if to ask what she thought.

Since he had already put away the phone, she had hurried back to the stove, afraid that their lunch would have an accident. Meanwhile, she also couldn’t help but think. “He looked really nice.”

Li Ming gave a hum, unable to refute. Honestly, Mo Fang’s looks … there was nothing to complain about. “Unfortunately, the personality couldn’t measure up. Well, in the future, I’ll find somebody who is a better fit.”

His father couldn’t help but click his tongue. “Actually, can you find somebody better? You managed to date a model and things ended like this. I’m really not sure what to think of this.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh in response. A couple of days ago, this probably would have hurt to hear but now, he already felt like it was half as bad. “Well, it’s not like we’ll have biological children so I don’t think you really need to worry about my partner’s looks. They won’t be passed on anyway.”

His father’s expression changed and he nodded. “I guess that’s true. In that case, better find somebody with a good personality even if they don’t look good. It will make for an easier life. Anyway, models, it’s probably difficult to get along with them for a long time.”

Li Ming gave a hum once again, this time with a little less conviction than before. Being difficult to get along with for a longer period of time … he wasn’t sure if that was the case. Really, if Mo Fang hadn’t pretended and he would have been able to get to know him as he was, maybe they still would have fallen in love sooner or later.

Actually, until now, he hadn’t really thought about it. Of course, he had a certain type that he usually went for and the kind of person Mo Fang had pretended to be was precisely like that. It wasn’t that much about looks but he wanted somebody who was kind, considerate, had a stable home life with a loving atmosphere. It didn’t need to be exciting, he just wanted a warm place to call their own.

By pretending to be exactly like that, Mo Fang had managed to get together fast and advance the relationship between them by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. But even if he hadn’t done that, there still would have been a chance.

If Mo Fang hadn’t been anxious for results and pursued him for a longer time, it might have worked out. After all, for a person like him, it wasn’t easy to stay indifferent when somebody made their affection this clear and reassured you every day that you were the person they wanted to spend their life with. So yes, they might have gotten together and without the lies, after finally falling in love, it probably could’ve worked in the long run.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but sigh. Mo Fang and he … it really was a pity. But in the end, it had happened the way it had and that was something they couldn’t come back from. They … they weren’t supposed to be together.

But in the end, even though that was the case, this relationship and also their breakup had benefited him a lot. He was grateful for that. He was also grateful for the time they had had. The things Mo Fang had done wrong … actually, he could forgive him for that if he just thought of the good things that had come from it. And yes, in the future, that was what he wanted to remember instead of the betrayal of his trust. It was a bit of kindness he could give not just to the person he had fallen in love with but also to himself.

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