SML V4C18 Tastes Like Cat Food

Duan Zhi Hao was successfully redirected. “Well, I haven’t really seen that exact scenario play out. But when it comes to asking questions in general, both before and after the course should be alright.

“In this case, I think coming early and asking him might be better. If he feels like there wouldn’t be enough time, he can just tell you to stay after the course instead. Even if he doesn’t have time on that day at all, he could also tell you to come back the next morning or make some kind of appointment with you on another day. This way, you’re leaving the decision up to him.”

Yao Ai nodded, feeling that this sounded like a smart decision. Yes, she would do it like this. She could even start by asking whether he had the time or if sometime else would be better for him. “Alright, then I’ll ask him tomorrow morning. Will the two of you be there as well?” Actually, even though she felt that Linghu Jiahao was nice, she would still feel better if Li Ming and Duan Zhi Hao would be there with her. Well, mostly if Li Ming was there but having Duan Zhi Hao as some additional support was alright as well.

Duan Zhi Hao pursed his lips, not looking too happy about it. “We have to get up early enough. Do you really want me to come even earlier?”

Li Ming gave him a look and shook his head. “You were the earliest of the three of us on the first day. Is it really that bad? Anyway, I’ll be there. If you feel like that would help, there’s nothing speaking against it.”

“Thank you! You’re like the older brother I never had, brother Li. You’re always so nice to everyone.”

Li Ming gave her a smile, feeling that she was exaggerating, and then picked up his fork as well to take a bite of the cake. Really, he had to say that it was quite good. He hadn’t had any expectations considering that he hadn’t known about this place before but for a pet cafe that was probably mostly focused on the experience, he would have understood if the food wasn’t that good. But whether it was the coffee or the cake, he really didn’t have anything to complain about.

Seeing as her question had been answered and she had even finagled a favor out of Li Ming, Yao Ai happily started to eat her own cake as well. When she wanted to pick up the coffee, she couldn’t help but notice a little biscuit at the side though. Putting down the fork, she picked it up and turned it around to the two guys. “Is this for the pets?”

Li Ming looked up and saw that the cookie was shaped like a bone. It definitely seemed like something that might be a sweet treat for the little dog that Yao Ai had picked up before and that was now lying next to her. He wasn’t sure though so he turned over to Duan Zhi Hao, feeling that he should know since he picked the cafe.

Duan Zhi Hao just grinned though. “Well, you could take a bite, then you’d know.”

Yao Ai looked at him, her eyes narrowing. Then, she actually took a bite.

Duan Zhi Hao stared at her with his mouth gaping, unable to believe that she had really done that. “You … How could you do that?!” Truth be told, he had no idea if this was really for the pets or for human consumption. Just the thought that it might not be the latter made him feel that this was revolting.

Yao Ai chewed a few times and swallowed before licking her lips to get rid of the crumbs. Putting on a pensive expression, she looked at the dog and then back up at Duan Zhi Hao. “I feel like it tastes like cat food.”

Duan Zhi Hao’s gaze became even more disgusted. “Cat food? How do you even know how that tastes?!”

Li Ming looked from one person to the other and then to the small bone-shaped treat next to his own cup of coffee. Actually, he didn’t quite believe Yao Ai. Even though she had said that with a straight face, it just didn’t seem likely that she would be this calm about it.

Anyway, if it had been for the pets, he felt like the woman from the reception probably would’ve told them. After all, she wouldn’t want to have any customers accidentally eat something that wasn’t meant for them, right? Unless this kind of treat was able to be eaten by both humans and animals. But in that case, they didn’t have to worry either.

Thinking for a moment, Li Ming took a bite of his biscuit as well, realizing that Yao Ai had been joking for sure. This was clearly a normal biscuit. Nothing strange about it.

Duan Zhi Hao turned to him, his expression still the same. “You too?” He kind of would’ve expected that of Yao Ai even though the probability should have been very, very small, but Li Ming? He had always seemed like such a mature guy! How could he eat cat food?

Looking at his aggrieved expression, Li Ming felt like they were bullying him. He shook his head and ate the rest of the biscuit, a smile on his lips. “Don’t worry. You can eat it.”

“I’m not going to eat cat food!”

Yao Ai unceremoniously ate the rest of her biscuit and then reached over to Duan Zhi Hao’s cup, taking his as well. “I guess I just like cat food. It’s almost as good as the cake.” Saying so, she ate his biscuit as well before she picked up her fork again and focused on the cake.

Duan Zhi Hao, that guy, he deserved to lose his biscuit if he wanted to treat her like this. Had he answered her question normally, he could’ve had a delicious treat as well!

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