SML V3C17 A Good Catch

Mo Fang didn’t give him any time to think about it. Since Li Ming hadn’t rejected the idea, he clasped his hand and got up, gently pulling at his fingers. “Well, if you don’t mind, let’s go do it!” There was still a sweet smile on his lips that stole Li Ming’s thoughts away even further.

He got up and followed him over, unable to keep his eyes off of him. Right now, he really didn’t know how he deserved this kind of boyfriend. A week back, he never would’ve been able to imagine that he could be this happy again. Now though, everything felt incredibly natural with Mo Fang. As if the two of them had really been meant to be with each other.

He smiled to himself when he thought so. Maybe there really was some kind of plan for everyone’s life or maybe it was just that every decision you made — whether they were good or bad — led you one step further in life so you had new opportunities in sight. And maybe after doing something incredibly wrong, he had managed to open his eyes in a new way and been able to see Mo Fang because of that. Whatever it was, he was thankful for that.

Over in the kitchen, he didn’t think about that matter further and just pulled out the things he had gotten for today. “Since you don’t cook often, how about you just help me prepare the ingredients? We just need to do some cutting.”

Mo Fang nodded even though no matter what kind of task Li Ming gave him, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it. Still, even if he did a bad job, just showing that he was willing to do it would already help a lot. And if he was able to pick up something at the side, who said that it couldn’t be used in the future? He was definitely willing to give it a try if it helped with seducing his boyfriend.

Li Ming divided the ingredients in half, giving one part to Mo Fang while he took the other. Then, he put down the cutting board and the knives, and couldn’t help but give Mo Fang a hesitant look. “You have to be a bit careful. I was just sharpening them the other day.” Usually, more accidents would occur if your knife was blunt because you would a bit more force to cut but if it was somebody who didn’t know how to cook, then he wasn’t too sure if even a sharp knife wouldn’t be dangerous. Thus, he felt it was better to mention it beforehand.

Mo Fang nodded and sat down, brushing his hair away from his forehead before he rolled up his sleeves, exposing a pair of slender wrists.

Li Ming stared at him and suddenly realized that what Mo Fang was wearing today was a bit different from usual. Since the first time he saw him, Mo Fang had usually been dressed in something rather formfitting. A pair of tight pants that showed off his butt, a shirt that would cling to his chest and arms, showing more of his body than most people would dare to.

Today though, things were completely different. He still looked incredibly good but he wasn’t showing off his body. Rather than being sexy, he had a much gentler look and actually seemed a bit younger.

Li Ming couldn’t help but stare a bit, making Mo Fang looked up with a faint smile. “What’s the matter?”

“Ah …” Li Ming really didn’t know how to say what was going through his mind. “I haven’t seen you in that before.”

Mo Fang raised his brows. His boyfriend really needed this long to figure out that he was dressed differently? That was actually a bit … strange. Well, then again, Li Ming had probably been preoccupied. Thus, he just deepened his smile a little and lowered his gaze. “Does it not suit me?”

Li Ming shook his head, still unsure how to put into words how he felt about this. “No, it’s … it’s a very good look. Then again, I guess you could pull off anything.”

Mo Fang really was a model for a reason. He just had that face and body to make him look good in pretty much anything. And he probably had enough confidence in his own looks to do so without a problem. Before, he had felt that maybe Mo Fang was wearing what he did because he defined himself a lot over his looks.

Being pretty was what was important to him. He assigned a lot of worth to that probably because that was how he had been seen for a large part of his life. After all, whether it was his mother or the guys he had gotten together with, they had apparently all paid a lot of attention to his looks.

Now though, he suddenly put on something different and even asked about how it made him look. Could it be that Mo Fang was actually comfortable enough for that with him? Was it because — contrary to those relationships he had had so far — they didn’t go further immediately and just waited? Could it be that this had actually helped him feel that there was a lot more to him than just his looks?

Just the thought that maybe that was true made Li Ming’s heart flutter again. He really wanted Mo Fang to see that he had so much more to give than just that. Mo Fang was somebody who was very empathetic, kind, gracious. He was also somebody you could have fun with and just talk to.

There was so much about him that was good and he only knew him for a bit more than a week. How could he be reduced to just how he looked? It wasn’t fair. Somebody like him should be completely aware that he was a good catch not just for being a model but for the person that he was beneath that. And if he could help him achieve that, then no matter what became of them, he would already be happy.

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