Announcement: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week Short Story

Today is the beginning of the Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. For this occasion, I am going to make my short story “Just Listen to Your Heart” public that I wrote for last year’s Aro Week while I start a new aro novel over on Patreon.

This is what “Just Listen to Your Heart” is about:

When his husband Sang Yu returns from war unscathed, Ru Shen is relieved. But at the same time, his old insecurities well up and disturb their passionate reunion, even threatening to end their relationship altogether.
Three words from Sang Yu would suffice to turn things around but he feels unable to say them. Now, he will need to explain the doubts and insight he kept to himself for years to make sure that his most important person will stay with him.

It is a story inspired by my own journey of discovering that I am aromantic so it reflects my circumstances and may not speak to everyone. I do hope that it can help with spreading some awareness though and hope that going forward, more people will come to know about aromanticism.

The short story will go up at 15:00 this afternoon with another short reminder of its background in case some people didn’t see the announcement 😊

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