IRL C35 The Hero Saving the Damsel in Distress

Ao Jing waved Liangqiu Min’s brother with him and then went over to where Shangguan Yu was fighting with the guards. He motioned for his husband to stop and then called out. “Come over here. He’s willing to talk things through.”

Shangguan Yu hesitated slightly but since it was his husband who promised, he still put his weapon away and then walked over but he did make sure to keep some distance from Liangqiu Min’s brother.

The man tightly gripped his weapon, looking at Shangguan Yu with hatred. Obviously, he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back for long. For the moment though, he turned back to Ao Jing. “Now? What was it that you wanted to propose?”

Ao Jing waved at one of the guards and then motioned at Shangguan Yu. “You tie him up first.”

Shangguan Yu’s eyes bulged but before he could say anything, he was already tackled by three guards and then tied up, unable to free himself. He really wanted to cry. Was this really his husband’s way of helping him?!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t complain with all these NPCs around. There was a chat system in this game but using it was a little bothersome since you had to open a window and then it would look to everybody else as if you were randomly pointing in the air. That would be more than just a little difficult to do with his arms tied but even if he could, he likely wouldn’t try it. Otherwise, he might distract Ao Jing while he needed to focus and the result of that … Well, there was no need to think about it. Thus, he just stayed silent and gave him an angry look.

Ao Jing nodded, thankful that he wasn’t making things difficult. Then he turned back to Liangqiu Min’s brother. “Killing him right now would cut off the possibility of any further investigation. But letting him get off scot-free also wouldn’t do. So I propose that we just go the official way.

“Have him thrown into the dungeon for now while we investigate this matter thoroughly. That way, you can find out if he truly is your brother’s murderer and also find out who is behind this. After all, you wouldn’t want to let the one who might have pulled the strings behind the scenes to get off lightly, would you?”

Liangqiu Min’s brother nodded and then motioned at the guards. “We’ll do it that way.” He turned away, not bothering about Shangguan Yu any longer and made his way back into the town, the guards following closely.

Ao Jing rushed to catch up with them and followed along to the dungeon. He wasn’t completely sure if he was doing the right thing. There was no way to say what would happen if they relocated to the dungeon.

Seeing what had happened before in this quest, it was likely that that merchant Wang would try to have Shangguan Yu killed there. So there might be another fight with the guards coming up. But at the very least, in that situation, Liangqiu Min’s brother wouldn’t be around. Then, Shangguan Yu would have an easier time escaping. That was all that he wanted. After all, it would give them more time to investigate matters.

Also, while Shangguan Yu was in the dungeon, he would be able to investigate on his own. That was still quite good considering the circumstances. Anyway, they would be able to clear this up as soon as they pulled Liangqiu Min out.

Shangguan Yu still looked aggrieved when he was thrown into the dungeon. Looking at his husband who had sold him out, he tightly furrowed his brows. “You … Since this was your idea, you should help to clear my name.”

Ao Jing nodded but before he could say anything else, Liangqiu Min’s brother already stepped toward Shangguan Yu and grabbed his bag, rifling through it. A moment later, he pulled out the painting of his brother, as well as the jade pendant that they had taken from him. He looked at the incriminating evidence and then glanced at Shangguan Yu for a moment before turning back to Ao Jing and dangling it in the air. “What do you have to say to this?”

Ao Jing gave a wry smile. “It sure looks like he isn’t innocent. My opinion about getting the mastermind behind this still stands though.”

Shangguan Yu hurriedly nodded along. “Yes, get the mastermind!”

Liangqiu Min’s brother turned around and raised his brows before leaning in. “But you’re the perpetrator. Who could tell me about the mastermind if not you? So? Do you want to tell me who it is?”

Shangguan Yu’s eyes widened and he leaned back as far as he could without compromising his balance. “That …” He glanced at Ao Jing, hoping for some inspiration. Unfortunately, his husband didn’t show any expression. He really was too unlucky!

With no better alternative, he glanced at Liangqiu Min’s brother again and gave a bright smile. “Merchant Wang?”

Liangqiu Min’s brother scoffed. “Merchant Wang was the one who informed me of what happened to my brother. You’re actually going to slander a good man? What kind of scum are you?”

Shangguan Yu raised his brows, feeling that this was quite interesting. So he was actually not the only one who would fall for the act of that stupid merchant. Even other NPCs would have trouble telling right from wrong. “Well, if you don’t believe me, then you can just go and slowly investigate. If you need some information from me, then I will tell you. But I guess you won’t believe me regardless of what I say.”

Liangqiu Min’s brother huffed and turned away, striding out of the cell and ignoring him.

Ao Jing flicked a glance at him and then hurriedly stepped to Shangguan Yu, clasping his cheeks. “You stay put here for a while. I’ll go and figure things out.”

Shangguan Yu shrugged his shoulders and gave him a smile. “You better hurry up. Otherwise, what will you do when I’m still imprisoned here when we’re supposed to go on our date?”

Ao Jing couldn’t help but laugh and then leaned forward and pecked his cheek. “Then I guess I’ll have to be the hero saving the damsel in distress.”

Shangguan Yu raised his foot and kicked his leg. “You’re some kind of hero! You actually got me imprisoned here.”

“Still better than to be dead. Wait for me to come back. I’ll hurry up.” With that, he turned around and also rushed out of the dungeon, catching up with Liangqiu Min’s brother soon after.

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