IRL C31 Nothing Will Change That

Shangguan Yu turned around when he heard something behind him and already wanted to greet Ao Jing when he suddenly remembered that he had sent the photo. His expression immediately turned embarrassed and he turned back to the valley, clenching his fists in his lap and trying to suppress his madly jumping heartbeat.

Ao Jing who had just been reveling in happiness because he felt that they seemed much more like a couple now, couldn’t help but be taken aback. Had he done something wrong just now? Had his expression been a little too happy? He awkwardly rubbed the back of his head and then still went over and sat down next to him. “Hey …” He glanced over but seeing that Shangguan Yu still wasn’t looking at him, he became anxious. Just what was going on? “How … was your day?” That question seemed innocuous enough.

Shangguan Yu nodded slightly, hoping that Ao Jing would take over talking. He really didn’t feel like saying anything right now. He just had a queasy feeling in his stomach.

Unfortunately, Ao Jing wasn’t feeling any better. The longer he didn’t get an answer, the worse it was. Normally, they wouldn’t have a problem talking even for several hours. But now … He gulped but finally couldn’t help but utter his thoughts. “You … wouldn’t be having second thoughts about the date, right?”

Shangguan Yu turned around, his expression lost. “Why? You don’t want to see me anymore?”

Ao Jing shook his head. “That’s not it. You … You seem to be acting a bit different today. Did I do something wrong?” While he seemed to be asking casually, his hands were actually slick with sweat and he couldn’t help but pray inwardly that Shangguan Yu would shake his head and dispel his doubts with a few lighthearted words.

Shangguan Yu looked at him, slowly understanding what was going on. Well, this was totally his own fault. He closed his eyes, sighing deeply. “I … I’m sorry. I was just a bit nervous.” He relaxed but still didn’t dare to behave with Ao Jing as he had usually done. Anyway, Ao Jing hadn’t said anything at all. Hadn’t he seen the photo? He actually hadn’t messaged him back since then. Although … Since Ao Jing had asked just now, why shouldn’t he do the same? He cleared his throat and then glanced at him again, trying to seem casual. “You … didn’t get my message this afternoon?”

Ao Jing looked at him and his eyes suddenly widened. Shit! Right. He actually hadn’t messaged back because he had been too stunned at first and then his supervisor had surprised him so he had hastily switched off the screen, and after that, he had gone back to work and not thought about it anymore. That message had just been sitting there. No wonder Shangguan Yu was behaving like this!

He rubbed the back of his head and then gave an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry. I was at work and couldn’t really message back. I just came back home and … Well, I probably should’ve texted you then but I just wanted to see you.” He turned to look at him and saying something like this, he felt a little more at ease. Yes, this was what he really thought. He had been looking forward to this the whole day.

He reached out and gently took Shangguan Yu’s hand, feeling a bit sweet. “So, I guess the date is on for tomorrow then?”

Shangguan Yu felt embarrassed but still nodded. “Well, if there’s nothing speaking against it on your side, then I’m up for it. I actually decided on where to go already. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ao Jing shook his head and tightened his grip around his hand. “It’s alright. Anyway, it’s the place you come from. You probably know better where to go.”

Shangguan Yu laughed, finally feeling like himself again. “You would think so. Actually, it was my sister and brother-in-law who chose that though. They really made a big deal about that yesterday. Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow. I hope you’re feeling the same.”

Ao Jing sighed and leaned closer, his expression a little wistful. “You have no idea how pumped I am. If I could, I’d totally declare tomorrow to be here already. Work today was pure torture.” He rubbed his head again and then sighed once more. “So, when am I supposed to come over? Don’t tell me it’s only in the evening?”

Shangguan Yu laughed again and then leaned over, nudging his shoulder. “What are you talking about? You honestly think I’d be able to work up the courage to meet you that late? No, I thought that we should probably meet a bit before lunch. You probably don’t work tomorrow so I thought that you might want to sleep in.”

Ao Jing shook his head. “I’d meet up for breakfast with you if you wouldn’t mind. It’s much better than sleeping in. I can still sleep in every other day in the future when I don’t have work. But this …”

Shangguan Yu gave a cheeky smile at that. “Well … If tomorrow goes well and we hit it off in person as well, you might also be able to see me every day when you don’t have work in the future, isn’t that so?”

Ao Jing stared at him, not quite sure how to react to that. It was definitely the truth. If they got together, then they would be able to meet up much more often. It was just … He couldn’t really say that yet. There was still tomorrow to get through before they could decide on that. “That’s … What do you think my chances are to make that come true?”

Shangguan Yu smiled and then played with Ao Jing’s hand, wondering how to say what was going through his mind. “I’ve seen your photo yesterday. Judging from that and judging from how you’ve been here … I guess the chances are pretty good. What about mine?”

Ao Jing looked at him, his expression way more serious than Shangguan Yu would’ve liked it to be. “I’m head over heels for you. No water matter what happens tomorrow, nothing will change that.”

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