IRL C28 Really Handsome

While Shangguan Yu was taking his time to think about how he looked and whether this was a good thing or not, his sister was already getting impatient. She knocked on the door, trying to make him hurry up. “What’s going on? Did you try it on yet? Are you so stunned because of how good you look that you can’t bear to turn away from the mirror?”

Shangguan Yu sighed and then opened the door, giving her a wry look. What was his sister on about? That certainly wouldn’t happen!

Shangguan Xin’s face immediately lit up. “It’s really cute! I’m pretty sure your Ao Jing would appreciate it.”

Shangguan Yu still didn’t look too happy though. “I don’t know. I mean it doesn’t look bad but I’m just not sure if this is really the right thing to wear for our first date.” He looked down and tugged at the shirt, feeling that this really wasn’t a good idea at all. “I mean I’m also a university student. And this … Don’t you feel it makes me look immature?”

Shangguan Xin clicked her tongue. “How is that immature? It’s just cute. And anyway, I feel like it’s a bit special. This is definitely not what he’s going to expect. So when he sees you in that, he’ll definitely remember that more vividly than he would anything else.”

Shangguan Yu’s expression turned a little better at that. What she said was true. This definitely was a bit more memorable than just having any plain old t-shirt. Although … “I did promise to send over a photo before we meet. So it’s not like it’d be a surprise.”

Shangguan Xin shrugged her shoulders. “Well, it doesn’t have to be. At least not tomorrow. He will be just as surprised when he sees your photo. Anyway, that is also something good, isn’t it? I mean he’ll likely keep that photo.”

Shangguan Yu hesitated for a moment longer but then nodded. “Alright, then I guess I’ll reluctantly agree. Your arguments are a bit too strong for me.” Anyway, it didn’t look ugly. And Ao Jing would probably not judge him based on a t-shirt, right?

He already wanted to turn around when he remembered that he should probably take the photo right now. Otherwise, he’d have to put it back on when he got home. And what if he managed to wrinkle it before the date tomorrow? No, it was better to do it now.

Taking out his phone, he turned to look at the mirror, wanting to snap a photo using it. Before he could, Shangguan Xin snatched the phone from him though, and shook her head.

“You lean against the side of the cubicle and I’ll take the photo. It’ll look much more flattering that way.” Anyway, she had never liked those photos that were taken using a mirror. It would always be strange in her opinion.

Shangguan Yu didn’t mind and just did as she had told him. He couldn’t help but tug at the t-shirt a few times though, feeling a little self-conscious about it. In fact, he even wondered if maybe he should just cross his arms in front of his chest or something so the chick couldn’t be seen on the photo. He tried it but then felt that maybe that would seem too closed-off. Anyway, he wanted to leave Ao Jing with a good impression.

After deciding against it, he looked over to his sister, wanting to ask her if she was ready when he saw how she and their mother were intently looking at the screen.

Shangguan Yu blinked his eyes, not quite understanding what was going on. “Is something wrong? You do remember my password, don’t you?”

Shangguan Xin glanced up from the screen before looking back and then gave him a wide smile. “Is that him? He’s really good-looking!” She turned the phone and what could be seen on the screen was actually that screenshot of Ao Jing’s photo he had taken yesterday night.

Shangguan Yu stared at the phone in a daze, feeling like his cheeks were heating up. Right. He hadn’t closed either the gallery or the website when he went to sleep and he hadn’t looked at his phone even once today. Naturally, the photo was still there now that his sister had taken the phone.

He awkwardly cleared his throat and gave a smile. “Well, I guess so.” Anyway, it wasn’t like he hadn’t wanted to show them. He just hadn’t been prepared right now. This way, it felt a bit more awkward than it would’ve been if he had shown them the photo on his own initiative. This was a bit like handing her the phone and having that photo as this background image or something.

Shangguan Xin smiled. She really would have liked to tease him a bit longer but seeing how embarrassed he was, she stopped and instead opened the camera, snapping a few pictures of her brother. Looking at them, she unhappily pursed her lips. “You should give him a smile. That’ll look much more approachable.”

Shangguan Yu nodded but the smile he gave was a little strained. Well, he just couldn’t help it. Thinking of the fact that Ao Jing would soon see this photo, he was worried. If it wasn’t nice or if he wasn’t Ao Jing’s type, then what would happen?

His sister glanced at him before looking back at the screen. “By the way, did you notice that he also wrote you a message?”

Shangguan Yu was startled. “Ah? What did he write?” Dang it! Why hadn’t he looked at his phone? Just when did Ao Jing write a message?!

Shangguan Xin smiled to herself and took another few photos before handing the phone back again. “Well, you can take a look yourself. Also, I think the photos are alright. Take a look if you like them as well and then you can send one back immediately. Just tell him you were busy shopping so you would look good for him. He’ll definitely forgive anything if you say that.” She chuckled at that and then waved at her mother to go and sit down. Anyway, knowing her brother, he might take a few minutes to send that message back. After all, he looked pretty nervous right now.

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