SML V2C21 How About Children?

He hesitated for a moment but in the end, he still spoke up. Anyway, no matter what he thought, they had already started to speak about this topic. To say now that he didn’t want to talk about it further … It would also be difficult.

“Well, I think that in general, it would be questions about how you imagine your life to be in the future. Like, what would your ideal life be? What would make you happy?

“As for me, I think I don’t need much to be happy. Having the right partner is something that is very important to me. Also, family is important to me as well so I would want somebody who has a good relationship with their family preferably and would also get along with mine. And if there was a chance to have a child somehow, I would also like that.”

Mo Fang had no idea how to answer that. “Well … save for some misunderstandings, I would say that my relationship with my father is quite good.” He had no idea how good Li Ming’s relationship with his family was exactly. He had mentioned that they got along well before but also said that their relationship was strained. It was a little paradox. But anyway, he felt that as long as they weren’t against him being together with another man, he would be able to win them over.

After all, being good-looking was always something that could make people like you. And right now, he also had a job that was basically guaranteed with his father being his boss. If he managed to make it as a model, then he would also have a good job. So from that perspective, he didn’t think that there was a problem.

A child though … He really didn’t know if he wanted one. Anyway, not having a girlfriend had always meant that he wouldn’t have one of his own. Contrary to other gay guys, he hadn’t really thought much about that. It was something that he couldn’t have but also wouldn’t miss. He didn’t even know if, given the chance, he would want to take it. Maybe it would be better to just stay childfree.

Li Ming had no idea what was going through his head and just chuckled at Mo Fang’s evaluation of his relationship with his father. “I know. Before you came to the railroad station, your father was always bragging about you. Whenever he got the chance, he would tell all of us just how awesome his son was. It’s obvious he loves you very much.” And from the bit he had seen before, Mo Fang got along with his father very well too.

The first thing Mo Fang had done when he found out that his boyfriend had cheated on him, was to go to his father and tell him about it even though he knew that his father hadn’t liked Lan Heng. That spoke volumes about how close the two of them actually were, didn’t it? Yes, in this regard, the two of them were similar.

“Well, I guess he’s just very proud. I sometimes think that it’s a little embarrassing but he’s my father so I’m going to accept it.” Anyway, he always felt that his father had a point. Obviously, he was very good. Couldn’t he say so?

Li Ming bit his lip, trying not to laugh out loud. Even though Mo Fang might not have noticed it, he sounded incredibly proud as well when talking about this. Obviously, he was pleased with how his father talked about him. “Then … how but children?” This was something he was actually not too sure about himself. While he would like one, he also knew that things weren’t easy if you were gay. Having one yourself was basically impossible. Adopting one also wouldn’t be possible under the current laws. So there wasn’t much that they could do.

And even if they could, the question was if it was wise to do so. After all, being gay yourself was difficult enough. Having a child grow up with two men as their parents might be too much for the child to bear. It might be unfair to them. As loving parents, that also shouldn’t be what they wanted.

It wasn’t fair to either of them but this was just how the world still was. A generation after them things might already be better. Or maybe it would take another hundred years. But he was sure that one day, this wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The question was if it could already stop to be a problem in their own time. Unfortunately, he didn’t really see that happening.

Anyway, a child was probably a grand dream that couldn’t be fulfilled in this lifetime. The only chance might be to go abroad but that also wasn’t easy and since he wanted to stay close to their families, he could have only one of the things. Speaking of which … Mo Fang hadn’t answered that part yet. “I mean … how important would it be for you?”

On the other end, Mo Fang panicked. He really didn’t necessarily want one but he also didn’t dare to tell Li Ming. “I … Well, it’s pretty important.”

Li Ming stared at his hand and lightly frowned. “Why didn’t it sound that way?” When Mo Fang was in front of him, he had never really noticed it but now that he wasn’t looking at him, he noticed that he had spoken so quickly just now as if he was trying to reassure him. “Mo Fang, you’re just saying that because you think I want to hear that, aren’t you?”

Mo Fang kept mum this time, not quite sure how to dispel Li Ming’s doubts. Just how had he found out?!

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