SML C78 You’re an Idiot

Li Ming tensed up as soon as he heard Mo Fang’s voice. He felt even worse when he looked past Rui Lan and noticed that Mo Fang’s expression looked a little unnatural. “I …”

Rui Lan just pursed his lips and inwardly cursed Mo Fang. He still turned around and gave him a faint smile though. “Oh, Xiao Fang, you’re here as well. Ah Ming and I were just about to go out and get a few drinks. I’m afraid we can’t stay to chat.”

Mo Fang looked at Li Ming, his brows slightly furrowing. Li Ming hadn’t mentioned meeting anyone at the gym. It couldn’t be. But then again, that was precisely what he had heard when he came in. He didn’t know what they had talked about beforehand but Li Ming hadn’t shot that idea down so there had to be some merit to it.

Just who was it? Which bastard had gotten in his way?! He wouldn’t leave Li Ming to him! He had invested so much time in making Li Ming get over that Su Yan, how could he let anyone get between them now and reap the benefits of his hard work? He wouldn’t! Not in a million years!

Mo Fang took a deep breath to get his emotions under control and then gave a nod. He definitely couldn’t let his feelings get the better of him or he’d drive Li Ming even closer to whoever that bastard was. “Oh, so it was like that. I guess I shouldn’t disturb you then.” He didn’t say anything else and just went to his own locker, opening it with delicate movements and taking out his clothes with his head lowered.

Looking on from the side, Mo Fang seemed especially vulnerable as if just a slight gust of wind or an accidental touch would be enough to hurt him.

Li Ming’s heart hurt seeing him like this. He couldn’t help but want to speak up. “Mo Fang …”

Before he could say anything more, Rui Lan already patted his shoulders. “Oi! We’re supposed to go out and drink something. Are you going to change your clothes or not? I’m not taking you with me in uniform.”

Li Ming nodded and put down the bag but he couldn’t help but glance at Mo Fang again. The way he was currently changing his clothes … really was driving him crazy. Mo Fang must feel so bad because of what had happened. Now that they saw each other again, they couldn’t even talk about it. In fact, he was probably fretting over how to go on. After all, the only place he could go to was the apartment of the person that had taken advantage of him. He probably didn’t feel very well.

Li Ming slowly changed and then still turned back to Mo Fang. “I don’t know how long Rui Lan and I will be gone. Why don’t you just go home first? We can talk about it afterward.”

Rui Lan’s eyes widened when he heard that and he looked from Li Ming to Mo Fang and back again but finally decided not to say a word. Instead, he turned away, brushing through his hair in vexation. There was no way to save that guy! He should just let him do what he wanted.

Mo Fang flicked a glance at him but then focused on Li Ming. “Yes, I can do that. I just …”

Li Ming made sure that he didn’t get too close and made his voice sound as gentle as he could. “What’s the matter? You can tell me directly. If you don’t want me to go, then I can do that.” Anyway, right now, Mo Fang definitely came first.

Mo Fang shook his head though. “Tomorrow is finally our free day. Naturally, you’d like to go out. I can understand that. It’s just that … I don’t have a key yet.” He glanced at Li Ming’s face and then lowered his gaze just as fast, making Li Ming’s heart flutter for just a second.

He searched around for his key and then handed it over to Mo Fang without thinking about it. “Here. Just take it. I’ll give you the spare one when we get home.”

Mo Fang took it but he looked a little hesitant. “Will that be alright though? What about when you get home?”

Li Ming smiled. “You’ll be there, won’t you? I’ll just ring the bell and you can open for me. There’s no problem at all.”

Mo Fang nodded and then motioned at the bag that was still standing on the ground. “I guess I should also take my clothes home then.”

Li Ming was halfway through nodding when he realized that this wasn’t nice at all. “You don’t have to!” He hurriedly picked up the bag and slung it over his shoulder. “I can take that and bring it home. Don’t bother yourself with it.”

Mo Fang once again gave him a short glance. “Are you sure?”

Li Ming nodded, trying to put some emphasis on it. “Of course. Anyway, you probably don’t need them immediately, will you? You don’t have to carry it.”

Mo Fang nodded and gave him a grateful look. The bag wasn’t heavy and he wouldn’t have any trouble carrying it himself but it was still nice to see that Li Ming was willing to do this for him. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t disturb the two of you any longer then. I’ll see you later.” He smiled brightly and then closed his locker, walking past Li Ming and waving at Rui Lan before he left.

Rui Lan immediately turned back to Li Ming. “So, I guess we can get right into it. The two of you are living together, you are transporting stuff for him whatever it is that you have in that bag, and whatever rained on your parade before definitely has to do with Mo Fang as well. Do you even listen to me?”

Li Ming smiled wryly. “I do listen to you. It’s just that … sometimes, things aren’t that easy. Anyway, do you really want to talk about it here?”

Rui Lan sighed but then still waved. “Forget it, forget it. Let’s go find a place to eat then. I feel like I need more than just one drink to be able to sit through this though. I can’t believe what a fucking idiot you are.”

Li Ming just continued to smile wryly and then followed him out of the changing room. He couldn’t believe how much of an idiot he was either. Unfortunately, the reason he considered himself to be an idiot was something else. It really was a pity. He’d rather just be an idiot for helping someone than for doing something to them that shouldn’t have been done. One of these options was clearly much worse.

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