SML C55 Not Even as a Saint!

Making their way up into his apartment, Li Ming went to put the bag on the kitchen counter while Mo Fang happily trailed behind him.

“Can I help with that?” Even though Mo Fang asked, he was already reaching for the bag, helping Li Ming with unpacking. If he always waited for him to decide, then he would never get the chance to prove to him just what a good boyfriend he’d be!

When Li Ming looked at him, he couldn’t bring himself to say no and just nodded. “Yes, just put it on the counter. I’ll store it in the fridge afterward.”

The two of them worked together and in a few minutes, everything had been put away. Li Ming couldn’t help but feel that maybe this wasn’t too bad. It definitely wasn’t asking too much of Mo Fang but at the same time, Mo Fang would also not feel that he was imposing on him. This was probably a good compromise. Anyway, that was likely the way if two people moved in together as roommates.

Speaking of which … “Right, if you need anything, you can just take anything from the fridge. The same goes for the bathroom and anything else really. Just make yourself at home. For the time being, this is your apartment as well. There’s no need to hold back.”

Mo Fang nodded but didn’t say anything else to that. Anyway, he had to lie a little low for the first few days to see how things went. When they got along better and he was sure that he wasn’t getting on Li Ming’s nerves, then that would be the perfect time to start making himself more comfortable. After all, in the beginning, it would be difficult for Li Ming to look past his bad points since he wasn’t in love yet. When he finally was, all those things would certainly become adorable quirks in his eyes. Wasn’t that how it always went?

Li Ming smiled when he saw his expression. It seemed that Mo Fang was really happy to be treated not like an outsider but like somebody who really lived here. He had to keep that in mind and make sure that he felt welcome.

Thinking of that … What exactly were you supposed to do when a new roommate moved in? Celebrate? But then again, Mo Fang had moved in because his father had thrown him out. That hardly was a reason to be happy about. Most likely, it would be better to console him.

Li Ming glanced at Mo Fang’s expression that was still just as happy as before. In fact, he was glowing with happiness. Li Ming really wanted to sigh when he saw that. He hadn’t thought about it before but maybe Mo Fang was a little simple-minded. He was so easy to make happy, it would be simple to take advantage of that. It did make him wonder how he had met that Lan Heng.

Li Ming almost wanted to ask but then held back. For one, Mo Fang still wasn’t over his ex. It was great that he wasn’t thinking of him for once and still happy so he definitely shouldn’t remind him. And second, even though they would be living together from now on, they weren’t actually that close. It would be strange if he outright asked after such a personal story. While Mo Fang didn’t seem to mind sharing details of his life, it was something completely different if he volunteered them compared to asking for them. He simply couldn’t do that.

While Li Ming pondered, Mo Fang slightly tilted his head. Li Ming had been looking at him for over a minute now. Just what was he thinking? Was he … falling in love with him? Debating whether or not he should kiss him?

Mo Fang looked down and licked his lips at the latter thought. Ah, Li Ming hadn’t struck him as somebody who would move fast but maybe … maybe being in a private environment made a difference? Maybe he had actually developed some hints of deeper feelings for him over the course of the week and now that they were alone and close, he had trouble keeping these thoughts to himself? It would be great if that was it!

Just when he wanted to reach out and grab his arm to move things forward, Li Ming pulled himself out of his thoughts. He shook his head and then gave Mo Fang a smile.

“How about doing something together? Now, that we’re roommates for the time being, it’d be kind of awkward if we just always did our own things, right?” He gave a short laugh, still feeling somewhat embarrassed. Especially when he saw Mo Fang’s expression turning weird.

Li Ming gulped. “That … Am I wrong? I … I didn’t want you to feel like you had to do something with me. I just …” He rubbed his neck and gave a strained smile. “I’m sorry. I just told you to feel right at home and now …”

Mo Fang hurriedly reached out and grabbed the edge of his sleeve. “It’s not that, Bro Li. You just …” Really led me on just now! “Surprised me.” He nodded, even though he still felt aggrieved inside. Li Ming had been staring so intently but this was the only thing he came up with? It seemed he’d need to invest a lot of time to make his thoughts turn in another direction.

Eh? Mo Fang’s gaze darted around and slowly, a sly smile found it’s way on his lips. He inched closer to Li Ming, his hands moving up his arm while he pressed up against his side, blinking his eyes at him. “Then, if you really want to do something together, how about watching a movie?”

“Oh? Alright. Do you have one in mind?”

Mo Fang’s smile became even happier. “Actually, I do!” And he was pretty sure that Li Ming wouldn’t be able to stay calm while watching that movie with him even if he was a saint!

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