New Story: Husband, Let’s Meet IRL

While Madam Yan’s Matchmaking Pavilion for Men is slowly coming to its end (only ten more chapters to go, y’all!), I’ve started a new story over on my Patreon page. Just like MYMMP, it started out as a short story, has made its way into novella-territory by now, and – knowing myself – will soon become a full-blown novel 😅 So I guess it’s time to make an official announcement for it:

Shangguan Yu and Ao Jing have been married for half a year — but only online! Now, it’s time for them to step out of the comfort zone of their favorite game and meet up for the first time in real life to see what the future might hold for them.

Yes, this story is about two gamers. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time ~

There will be quite a few chapters in the game-world which means game-avatars, missions, and some fantastical stuff despite this being a contemporary story. On the other hand, you’ll get chapters in our modern world which will deal with the awkwardness of first dates, family, and some other problems. 😉

We’re currently 11 chapters in on Patreon which is actually not that far into the story since they’re kinda short. I’m releasing daily though so I guess we’ll breeze through this in a few months 😁

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