SML C23 What Kind of Mood Was He in?

The next day, Li Ming went to the service counter of the railroad station before he even went to change his clothes for his shift. Even though he knew that he had understood that he couldn’t make up for what he had done to Su Yan by treating Mo Fang better, he still wouldn’t stop caring about him just because of that.

He was sure that something had been wrong with Mo Fang yesterday so he should ask. That was the decent thing to do. So he hoped that he would either see Mo Fang at the counter and be able to ask him directly or at least see Zhi Bao Yu to ask her how the call had worked out.

When he arrived, nothing could be seen of Mo Fang but, at the very least, Zhi Bao Yu was already there.

Li Ming curved his lips into a wry smile and then went over, leaning against the counter. “Zhi Bao Yu, you didn’t call me back yesterday and you also didn’t pick up when I called back. Have you spoken to Mo Fang?”

Zhi Bao Yu gave him a long look.

“What?” Li Ming couldn’t help but tense up and wonder if he had already stepped past one of those boundaries.

Zhi Bao Yu slowly raised her brows. “Are you sure that you’re not interested in him?”

Li Ming frowned at that. “Naturally, I am. Didn’t I already tell you so twice? Why are you still bringing it up?” He had had hope that after their conversation yesterday, she wouldn’t be like this anymore but it seemed that he had hoped for too much. He should probably still treat the things she told him with some doubt in the future.

Zhi Bao Yu pursed her lips when he reacted like that. “I’m just casually asking. I mean … You are asking about him an awful lot. I wouldn’t do that for just any coworker. It would be a totally different thing if you were interested in him.”

Li Ming just gave her a long look in return and then shook his head. “I’m really not. Anyway, what about the call now?”

Zhi Bao Yu waved as if it wasn’t anything much. “As I said yesterday, you are worrying too much. He’s alright. Everything’s great with him.”

Li Ming furrowed his brows, not quite able to believe what he heard. “Did he really say that? What did he tell you? And did you tell him that I was the one asking? Maybe he just pretended?”

“What he pretended? We’re friends! Of course, he would tell me anything. You don’t have to worry. He’s really alright. In fact, he seems to be doing great.”

Li Ming nodded slowly but he still had his doubts in his mind. Considering the way Zhi Bao Yu had behaved until now, he couldn’t help but continue to question her. “So, then what exactly did he say?” Anyway, if he was doing well and was asked something like that by a friend, he should give some kind of reaction, shouldn’t he?

“He really didn’t say much, just some inspirational bullshit.”

Li Ming raised his brows at that. “Inspirational bullshit? Like what?”

“Like … that when you’re in love, you might do and see some things differently and that the person you like might not like you back. Stuff like that.”

Li Ming looked at Zhi Bao Yu in a daze. This could be called ‘inspirational bullshit’? And this could also be called being alright? Obviously, he wasn’t! He had to be saying this kind of stuff because he was still hung up over his ex-boyfriend and just couldn’t believe what was going on. He was basically heartbroken!

Li Ming massaged his forehead and wondered what he should say to Zhi Bao Yu. In the end, he just lowered his hand and shook his head. “Well, thank you for giving him the call.”

“No need to thank me. It was my pleasure.”

Li Ming nodded with a wry smile and then gave her a wave. “Well, I guess I should go to work then.”

He turned around and left before Zhi Bao Yu had the chance to say anything more. Inwardly, he couldn’t help but curse himself for even trying to have Zhi Bao Yu ask Mo Fang. Obviously, she wasn’t emphatic enough to really get how Mo Fang was feeling right now. He’d give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it was because she herself was madly in love with her boyfriend so she wasn’t in the mind to pick up on that kind of thing but … this wasn’t a new problem. In fact, he should have known.

He sighed to himself and went to the locker room to change for his shift. When he rounded the first row of lockers, he was greeted by the sight of a slender back.

Mo Fang turned around and looked at Li Ming in a daze. What was this? He was able to meet up with him today without even trying? How come he was suddenly so lucky? Could it be that fate was trying to make up for setting him up with an idiot like Lan Heng?

After a heartbeat, he gave a brilliant smile. “Bro Li!”

Li Ming was completely unable to decide what to do. Somehow, Mo Fang really didn’t look like he was in a bad mood … Li Ming smiled wryly, unsure what to believe anymore. “Hello.” He walked over to his locker and opened it to change clothes. He couldn’t help but glance past the door to Mo Fang though. Seeing him earnestly button up his shirt, he cleared his throat. “So … how was your morning?”

Mo Fang looked over, not quite sure what to think of this. Li Ming looked … a bit worried? He was puzzled for a moment but then, it hit him: Zhi Bao Yu should have told him after all! Ah, to think he had cursed her in his mind yesterday … He should go and invite her for drinks someday to make up for it!

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