SML C21 A Pig Teammate

Hearing the pause on the other side, Zhi Bao Yu couldn’t help but speak up again. “Come on! It’s really awkward if you always ignore me. Didn’t we get along just fine before that? I only made one mistake. You can’t always be like this to me just because of that.”

Li Ming kept quiet for another moment but finally sighed. Her ‘just one mistake’ had ended with Su Yan resigning and hating him forever. In fact, Li Ming even hated himself. After all, while he had made his decision based on the fact that she had told him that Su Yan liked him, he had still been the one to wrong him. How could he hold her responsible for that?

“Zhi Bao Yu, you do realize that what you did was wrong, right?”

On the other end of the line, Zhi Bao Yu raised her brows. Actually, she didn’t feel that she had been that wrong. She had had good intentions! And in a way, it had worked out well, hadn’t it? After all, if not because she told Li Ming that Su Yan liked him, he never would have confessed! It was just a pity that Su Yan hadn’t reciprocated in the end. Anyway, that wasn’t what Li Ming wanted to hear. “Of course, I do! It’s such a pity that Su Yan resigned. Every day when I look at his counter, I feel immense remorse.”

Li Ming furrowed his brows, not quite sure if he should believe what she said. Zhi Bao Yu was the type of person that could say one thing straight to your face while thinking the complete opposite. Still, this was better than nothing. He shouldn’t hold a grudge just because he failed to believe in her sincerity. That would be wrong of him. “Alright then. Will you promise to never do something like that again?”

“Of course! Do you really think I wouldn’t have learned my lesson? Anyway, I can call Mo Fang for you.” Zhi Bao Yu didn’t have the patience to discuss this matter any further with Li Ming. It had already been a few weeks since Su Yan resigned. Shouldn’t he get over it by now? And anyway, it wasn’t like anything drastic had happened. It was just a kiss! No need to be like that. This Li Ming was really too pedantic.

Li Ming had no idea that his suspicions had been spot heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, thank you very much. Maybe there isn’t anything to worry but I’d just feel better if I knew he wasn’t struggling too much.”

Zhi Bao Yu gave a hum and then said goodbye with a few words, telling him that she should rather hurry to take care of this matter before anything got worse. Still, she couldn’t imagine that there was really anything bad going on with Mo Fang. He just wasn’t the type of guy who wouldn’t be able to solve his own problems.

But since Li Ming had asked her, she would still call Mo Fang. In the worst case, wouldn’t she just sacrifice a few precious minutes with her boyfriend? If Li Ming spoke with her again, that would be worth it. After all, she didn’t always want to be reminded of such a story.

When Zhi Bao Yu called, Mo Fang was sitting at the counter, waiting for the next passengers to come over. He looked at his phone with raised brows and then motioned at the girl sitting at the counter next to him. “Sis Zhi is calling me. Maybe it’s something about the job. Do you mind if I go take it for a moment? There aren’t that many passages after all.”

The girl looked around and then nodded. Right now, they really weren’t too many people so they should be able to do it with one person less. “Sure, go ahead then. Just make sure you come back right after.” Anyway, even if there had been more people, could she just say no to the son of their boss? Who knew whose side Boss Mo would take afterward?

Mo Fang got up from his seat and walked a few steps away before taking the call. “Sis Zhi, did something happen?”

Zhi Bao Yu leaned back on her couch and laughed. “That’s what I wanted to ask you. How are things going was Li Ming?”

Mo Fang blinked his eyes. “With Li Ming? Why do you ask? Do you know something?” It couldn’t be that Li Ming had been talking about him while he wasn’t there, could it? Had he already fallen in love with him? Considering his previous history, he wouldn’t find that strange at all but Li Ming was a special case. He felt that it would be a little too soon for him.

“Well, you could say that. You know, he actually just called me and asked me to give you a call to find out if everything was alright with you. He seemed to think that you weren’t doing too well?”

Mo Fang’s expression lit up when he heard that. So it turns out that his little act had actually worked out so well! Then he definitely had to keep it up.

Mo Fang sighed and pretended to be distressed. “Ah, he actually did that? But I even told him that it was nothing …”

Unfortunately for him, Zhi Bao Yu didn’t pick up on his act. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re not the type of guy that would be distressed over anything. He’s probably projecting or something.

“When he called, he was actually bothering me about that thing with Su Yan again. I told him to let it rest already but honestly, I’m not sure if he’ll really do that. He’s been going on and on about it whenever we meet since the day Su Yan resigned. Do you feel that that is fair?”

Mo Fang almost wanted to sigh. That was what she was worried about? Could she stay on topic for a moment longer? He was trying to win over a man here. He could need some help. Why was Zhi Bao Yu so undependable when he really needed her?

He held back from pouring out his heart and instead chose to go the roundabout way. A lie was only perfect if there was just one person knowing about it. If he told Zhi Bao Yu, who could tell him that she wouldn’t mess up? If Li Ming heard about that later on, it might drive a wedge between them. He definitely wasn’t willing to let that happen! Thus, he could only pretend in front of everyone. “Well … I guess that when you’re in love, maybe you would do and see some things differently.”

Zhi Bao Yu raised her brows. “What are you even talking about? Anyway, Su Yan doesn’t like him. He should just let go of the matter and go out with somebody else. Anyway, don’t you like him? Honestly, you should just go ahead with it and seduce him. Then I wouldn’t have to hear about this all the time. I’m seriously sick of it right now.”

Mo Fang looked at his phone with a deadpan expression and sighed. “Sis Zhi, you really think it’s so easy. You know, sometimes the person you like won’t like you back and the person you don’t like will like you. I also don’t know what to do about it.”

Zhi Bao Yu sighed. “Well, I guess there’s nothing you can do then. Anyway, since I’ve called you, he should also stop bothering me now. I just hope he keeps his word. Anyway, my boyfriend is already home. I have to go!” She didn’t wait for him to answer and just hang up, jumping from the couch and running over to her boyfriend. Ah, why should she worry about somebody else’s love life if she could use the time to take care of her own?

Meanwhile, Mo Fang glared at his phone. What a pig teammate! Was it really so difficult to help him out at least once?!

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