Review: I’m mortal

It’s time for the first post about bl ace stories that I promised! I’ll start off with a comic since we haven’t had that in a while: “I’m mortal” by J. Lovelace.

The comic features two main characters that are both on the ace spectrum with one being demi-sexual (someone who experiences sexual attraction only after knowing somebody well) and the other being gray-sexual (aka somebody rarely experiencing sexual attraction).

You can find “I’m mortal” on Tapas. It’s in black-and-white and scroll format and there are currently 115 episodes up. It’s free to read so you can dig right in! 😊
Short warning though: Although 115 episodes sound like a lot and quite a bit has already happened, I feel like the comic will be very long since there is a lot of the plot still to be uncovered. There also isn’t too much yet in terms of relationship but then again, this is one of the many things I love about this comic! But let’s take a look at what it’s even about first. 😉


What is it about?

Morty happens to be a grim reaper which kind of sucks since most people only see him as a hooded skeleton and it’s hard to make friends that way. But then he meets Lance and things seem to take a turn for the better. Well, other than considering that he is afraid of messing up and loosing this newfound friend again and that there are some small problems that come with your friend being mortal if you’re not.


My thoughts about the comic

I’ve started reading this series when I was in a slump and what can I say? It’s one of these comics where my batteries just feel fully charged again after looking at just a handful of episodes.
It’s darn cute in a way that’s not over-the-top fluffy but just wholesome to me when looking at the characters’ interactions. It’s also funny both in the things that happen plot-wise and in the conversations with some of the expressions making me laugh out loud.
The story has quite a few darker undertones though, so it’s not all sunshine and happiness. Actually, it sometimes seems like a very weird mix of both extremes and changes without any forewarning which also made me wonder about what kind of story might be behind the characters. There’s lots of foreshadowing involved that makes me feel that the future episodes will probably get even better.

What I really, really like about this story is that it strikes a balance between being fast-paced but not rushing anything. Like, every other episode something major seems to happen with bits of backstory being revealed, a new character or problem showing up or a new mystery being added. At the same time, the relationship between the main characters takes its time to develop and there’s world building that’s happening bit by bit.

Overall, I’d recommend reading this comic if you like fast-paced stories with slice-of-life elements, some mystery and an interesting cast of characters and can take some tears in-between utter adorableness. You should also be willing to stick around for a while because I feel we’re far from the end.

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