Asexuality Awareness Week: Overview (and Reading List)

I already announced with the publication of “Just Hold my Hand” that I’d  be doing something for Asexuality Awareness Week. Well, I thought about what was the most important to me in regards to awareness of asexuality and what came to mind was how long it took for me to even discover the term.

When I think back now, I do know that I heard the term for the first time several years ago in a short documentary on TV but from what I remember the term wasn’t well-defined. Like, asexuality doesn’t necessarily mean “not having sex” (although some aces don’t), it just means feeling “a lack of sexual attraction”. I’ve mentioned before that it’s a spectrum so when/how much that lack manifests differs from person to person.

Whether there’s none at all or just not much or only some in specific situations, there’s one constant: You almost never see aces in movies or drama series or books.
At least I never did while growing up and I regret that a bit because it always made me believe that I had to be hetero and just hadn’t “met the right person yet” (I hate that sentence today).

Anyway, after I realized that I’m ace, I dug around a bit and found some books that include ace characters. And yes, there’s lots of BL with ace characters too! And since I want to spread some awareness this week, I’ve decided to share my findings with you. So over the course of this week I’ll continue to gather recommendations of m/m romance featuring ace characters and I’ll introduce some of them a bit more. There’ll be traditional novels (like the published kind in the bookstore – most of them western though), some web novels, and even comics!

Let’s start with a short list that I’ll be adding to soon (and link to when the other posts go up!):

  • His Quiet Agent (Ada Maria Soto)
  • For Better of Worse (R. Cooper)
  • Mirai’s Tears (S. D. Bereth)
  • Neon Kiss (spacefuture)
  • The Vote (spacefuture)
  • Mr. March Names the Stars (Rivka Aarens-Hughes)
  • I’m mortal (J. Lovelace)
  • Under Satyr’s Orders (xabelmind)
  • No Future (Kura)
  • Uniquely Us (Us #3) (A.M. Arthur)
  • Ace (Jack Byrne)
  • Coffee Cake (Michaela Grey)
  • All the Wrong Places (Ann Gallagher)
  • How Not to Summon Your True Love (Sasha L. Miller)
  • Upside Down (N. R. Walker)


2 thoughts on “Asexuality Awareness Week: Overview (and Reading List)

  1. lonelyghostwanders

    I just discovered this post late but it helped me. Recently i discovered am an aro but i have always being, it is that i didn’t know the word. People had always told me ‘you have not met the right person yet’ and yes i believed them all whenever i told them my issue but not anymore.
    Am a reader but i have never read any book with ace characters but the list you listed am gonna try them out and see how it goes. Your short story ‘just hold my hold’ was super awesome especially the part that our mc doesn’t get cured.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can relate to that experience so well. I’ve always been told that I’d met the ‘right one’ someday as well. And from what I’ve seen, many others in the aspec community have experienced the same thing. Others often just don’t realize that there’s people like us and that being ace and/or aro is a legit sexual and/or romantic orientation. It’s just something that isn’t talked about or shown often enough. So I’m glad that I was able to share some stories that do feature people like us. I’ll probably update the list in the future since I’ve found some others as well but I’ll first need to catch up with reading so that I’ll be able to share some thoughts on them 😊


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