OMF V6C38 A Fake Dragon?

Fu Min glanced up at his husband. The fallen god? The crazy one that had let them out of the dungeon?
Fu Heng nodded. He also couldn’t imagine that their king might mean any other person. At the same time, his gaze darkened. Could it be that the one who had tried to reach them before had also been their king? But no, that couldn’t be. This wasn’t the same transmission stone. But maybe one of the others had tried to contact them on behalf of their king.
His grip around his weapon tightened. They shouldn’t have ignored it. As much as he loved Fu Min and even though he would put his life first even compared to his king’s, that didn’t mean that he could ignore his duties. If he did, then he didn’t deserve to call himself his king’s aide. From now on, they would need to pay more attention.
Fu Min looked back at the image of their king that was projected in front of them. “We don’t know much, Your Majesty. He approached us when we were imprisoned in the dungeon. He was rambling about how we hadn’t bound our souls and that he should put us out of our misery.”
Qiu Ling’s face fell. Put them out of their misery? So this guy was indeed deranged and might harm his beloved!
Seeing his king’s expression, An Bai cleared his throat. “Your Majesty, the fallen god also asked me why I hadn’t bound my soul yet. I think he values the soul binding of us dragons very highly. Since His Highness is bound to you that should make it less likely for the fallen god to injure him.”
Fu Min’s brows raised. “The fallen god took His Highness? How did that happen? Isn’t he in the demon realm while His Highness is in the mortal realm? Don’t tell me that that fallen god ran all the way to the mortal realm?” Well, not that it would be too strange. It wasn’t like the fallen gods had a realm of their own. They didn’t need one either. Who knew if there was even a handful of them around?
Qiu Ling frowned. “You still dare to ask! Where were you when that bastard kidnapped my beloved?! Even An Bai and Xiang Yong came and fought against the demons with us, but where were the two of you?!”
“The demons?” Fu Heng furrowed his brows. Don’t tell him a war had actually happened in the time they had leisurely spent in the mortal realm?
Qiu Ling wanted to snap at him but An Bai spoke up.
“Your Majesty, the most important thing should be to find the fallen god and save His Highness. Everything else can be sorted out later. Maybe Fu Min and Fu Heng saw something that could tell us where to find him?”
Fu Min shook his head. “No …”
Fu Heng’s grip around his weapon tightened even further. Not only had they ignored when the others tried to contact them, but they had even missed out on something this back and couldn’t provide any help now. But there really wasn’t anything he had noticed. All his attention had been on that fallen god and on Fu Min. He hadn’t thought of anything else back then.
An Bai furrowed his brow. “Was there any dragon around? Or someone who might be of mixed blood?”
“Ah?” Fu Min looked up at his husband again. “There was nobody else. It was just us, wasn’t it?”
Fu Heng nodded.
“That’s strange. That fallen god said something about a fake dragon that wanted to save you.”
“Fake dragon?” Fu Min blinked. What was a fake dragon supposed to be?
“The only dragon in the demon realm that I know of would be that Senior Xin Lan.”
“Why would anyone call him a fake dragon? Senior Xin Lan —” Fu Min stopped when he saw the expression of his husband. Uh, right. He shouldn’t praise the person Fu Heng regarded as his love rival too much in front of him. “It’s true though.”
An Bai nodded. “It makes sense.”
Qiu Ling frowned at him. “How does this make sense? Isn’t everyone looking up to him? Why would somebody call him a fake dragon? Not that I think he’s that great.”
“The person we’re talking about isn’t a dragon though. As far as we know, that fallen god thinks positively of the dragon’s soul binding. He also reacted pretty harshly when I asked about the demons and their curse is the opposite of that of the dragons. To him, it might be that true feelings hold value. More so then strength does.
“But if the rumors are true, then Senior Xin Lan was born at the time when Tian just cursed the three immortal races. I don’t know the specifics but it seems there were a few people that somehow escaped the curse and of those, he is the only one that is still alive. Hence the three immortal races all respect him.
“But the same might not be true of the fallen god. If he values feelings, then a dragon that isn’t cursed and can love freely won’t be a real dragon to him. In fact, he would almost be as detestable as a demon to him. In that case … the person he talked about was likely Senior Xin Lan. He might have come to set Fu Min and Fu Heng free but didn’t show himself when he saw that the fallen god was already doing that. With a fallen god’s higher perception, he might have noticed even if it wasn’t obvious to Fu Min and Fu Heng.”
“What does that mean for my beloved?”
“It means that Senior Xin Lan was there and knows of the fallen god. Maybe he could tell us where to find him.”

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