Review: Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend

I guess it’s time for a blog post again 😉 This time I want to introduce a bl game to you that I coincidentally found on Steam a short while ago. It’s completely free and I had around an hour of fun playing it so … if you don’t know what to do one evening, why not have a look at “Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend”? 😉

What the Game is About

Let me sum up what this game is about in one short quote from the game:

“Iggs, get me a shovel. I’ll show that asshole what happens when you piss of a scientist!”

Dr Franks Build A Boyfriend_Bad BoyfriendSo, yeah, Dr. Frank absolutely wasn’t amused when his boyfriend left him and even stole his research. As a result, he dives into the final stage of his experiments and builds himself a boyfriend. Naturally, this is strictly for research purposes and has nothing to do with getting back at a certain someone. 😁


My Opinion

As I said the game is free and you’ll probably only need an hour to finish playing it once. The re-play value is … imo not that high, actually, although there are different endings depending on the decisions you make in the game.
I played the whole thing twice and have to say that I felt both times like something was missing somehow. Like, this thing probably needs a second part or something? It’s like you only got the introduction but the middle part and the end are somehow missing. It was still fun while it lasted though and my impression of the second ending I got was a bit better.

Dr Franks Build A Boyfriend_Design Your BoyfriendThe game is pretty easy … on the eyes and also the way you play. There’s a map of Dr. Frank’s house, each room is a single picture and then there’s a bit of surroundings like a church and a graveyard. There’s stuff lying around and you can interact with it through clicking on it. It’ll only give you some descriptions or simple possibilities like picking something up and putting it in your inventory though.


All in all …

Dr Franks Build A Boyfriend_Dr Frank and His Assistant Iggs…. this is a pretty cute game and it’s really funny, too. So, if you’re just searching for some bl game you can play for a while, then I’d definitely recommend giving this a try.

If you’re looking for something that will keep you busy for a long time or that’s difficult to play instead, then I’d recommend you’d keep looking because this game most likely won’t be for you.

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