Alright, so for the last few days I’ve been mostly uploading my novels and translated a bit behind the scenes but of course there will be some new posts, too. In fact, today seems like a good day for that, so how about I introduce you to the movie „Rebirth“? 😉

It reminded me a bit of „The Male Queen“ and since I loved that one you can be sure that I liked „Rebirth“, too!


So, what is „Rebirth“ about?

Rebirth_Prince Yu and Long Yang2The movie starts off with Prince Yu and the guard Long Yang returning from war. Then, a fight breaks loose and they both die. Here comes the title into play: Long Yang reincarnates to a time before the assassination and even the war and is intent on preventing the prince’s death. Along the way, those two fall in love (very cutely at that, if I may say so 😊) but have to cope with some jealous princess a.k.a. adopted sister of Prince Yu.


My opinion

Rebirth_Prince Yu and the nasty princess

Just look at this gaudily dressed female and the bl tag of this movie and you know exactly where the story is headed.

So, this movie is pretty predictable and the plot isn’t that thrilling. There are some details that might have made it more interesting but, well, there’s only that much time in a movie. On the side of the plot I felt this movie to be pretty average.

What I did like about the movie were the characters instead. They, too, aren’t that well fleshed-out but especially the interactions between Prince Yu and Long Yang were really cute to watch and even the characters I didn’t like (*cough* the princess whose name I didn’t even bother to remember *cough*) were acting comprehensibly.

Rebirth_Nasty Princess and nasty maid

The nasty princess with the even nastier maid. No idea how those two were called. Did the maid even have a name?

There is one character who I would have liked to have a bit more screen time and that is the nasty princess‘ maid who is even nastier than her. And that is exactly why I liked her 😁
If she had indeed some more scenes, then the movie would probably have become a bit more unpredictable since she showed way more intelligence than the princess.
Ah, just imagining how cunningly she would have driven a wedge between Prince Yu and Long Yang … gives me goosebumps. 😳 Really, she was quite terrifying. 😁

All in all …

Rebirth_Prince Yu and Long Yang

Prince Yu (or, well, his back) and Long Yang

this is a movie I recommend solely for the cute moments between Prince Yu and Long Yang.
Between „The Male Queen“ and „Rebirth“ I’d still recommend the former because I found it even sweeter.
„Rebirth“ is still a movie you probably won’t regret watching even though it won’t become your highlight either.


If you feel like you might like it: I watched Rebirth on Dailymotion, it’s in three parts, so you’ll have to click around a bit. I felt like the English sub was good. The only pity was that it was sometimes a little hard to read since it was consistently in a small white font so whenever someone (I’m looking at you, Long Yang) wore a white robe I could hardly read it.

The male queen

Here is another one of my highlights „The male queen“. It’s a movie that I feel to be definitely underrated. At least, I never see it mentioned anywhere 😥


The male queen_Han Zi Gao2

What it’s about:

Han Zi Gao is saved by General Zi Hua and is offered a deal: He can stay with him and learn from him to make something out of himself. But naturally staying with him entails something more. 😉


Unfortunately, I have no idea who the hell the actors playing the main roles are. That’s a pity since I feel like the two of them did a really good job and I would have loved to see more from them. The same has to be said about the soundtrack. I especially liked the ending but also couldn’t find anything. 😓
If any of you recognize one of the two actors or stumble upon the title of the songs somewhere, please leave a comment!


The movie is around an hour long. Thus, the few characters you’ll see play a bigger role with the focus being Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua and their relationship. Beside them, there’s Zi Hua’s sister and wife, some servants and a teacher but that’s pretty much about it.

What I love about „The male queen“ is the interaction between Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua. There isn’t much dialogue in the movie and especially in the first half there are pretty large time skips. And you can still see how those two slowly get to know each other better! The effort Zi Hua makes for Han Zi Gao totally won me over. Ah, they’re just so darn cute! ♥ (And honestly, the shou is just so damn pretty! I know, that’s not a word you use to describe a man but, sheesh, he is!)

Naturally, not everything will work out. Especially the second half of the movie is quite tragic 😯


Overall, „The male queen“ is one of my favorite bl-movies as of now. The pairing is just too cute and the plot is nice, too. 😊
The only drop of bitterness was that it sometimes seemed too fast. I would have loved to have at least a quarter of an hour or even just ten minutes more so that some scenes could have been elaborated a bit more.
But even despite that, I still love the movie! Ah, I feel like re-watching now … What to do?