Review: The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

New Year’s resolutions won’t hold if you don’t keep to them even in the first few weeks of the new year. So … here’s another review for you! This time, it’s about the novel “The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast” that is currently being translated on the Chrysanthemum Garden.

Short disclaimer: This might make me sound like a fangirl but I’ve been reading several novels on that site and haven’t been disappointed so far so you can assume I’ve liked it when I mention it’s from there. I don’t know this just seems like a translation site that’s mostly up my alley 😁 Anyway, onto the story now ~


What is “The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast” about?

Ruan Tang transmigrates to an interstellar world where he wakes up in the body of a person that had been in a come for five years. With almost no money in his bank account, he takes to start a live cooking broadcast channel on the star network and soon gains many loyal followers. Turns out, his number one fan is actually a famous General.


My opinion

I’ve said it last week already: I love broadcast novels! I love them to bits! 😁 Needless to say, I’m very much in love with this novel as well. This doesn’t just have to do with the broadcasting though but let’s look at this slowly:

Contrary to some other novels where the broadcasting will get less and less important the more the story progresses, it’s a regular part of The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast. In fact, it’s indeed a daily occurence for the most part of the novel with only some short breaks if an important plot point outside of broadcasting comes up and needs to be handled. Soon enough, things will go back to daily broadcasting again though. I like! 😍

What I also like is the cooking and the way it’s presented: I know from the reviews of NU that some people feel it’s too much but I actually like it. It can get a bit tedious when Ruan Tang prepares several dishes in a row but when it’s just one or two, I’m very happy with the detailed description of the process. It actually makes me feel as if my own cooking skills were upgraded 😁 Which they’re probably not, let’s be honest, but this novel does have the potential to teach you some stuff when you’re a catastrophe in the kitchen (like me).

And before you start to wonder if there’s nothing else to the novel: Yes, there’s also romance. And it’s even my favorite kind 😊 My description of the story has probably tipped you off already but yeah, there’s somethig brewing between Ruan Tang and that General He.
What I love the most about this is that it’s taking a long time. The thing He Yun Chen first gets interested in is Ruan Tang as a food anchor, not him as a potential lover. From there, the two of them slowly get to know each other better before there’s even the first inkling of love.
Most people might find that tedious to read but I’d like to see more stories like this. There are way too many already where it’s love at first sight and then they somehow end up together over the course of five chapters. Goddammit give me more slow romance! 😂


Overall …

I’d recommend reading this to everyone 😂 Jokes aside, I’m in love with this novel. It’s one of those where when there’s an update, I’ll fly over to Chrysanthemum Garden and read it before anything else is finished. IMO, it just has everything: the broadcasting, the cooking, the slow romance that gives you much more time to explore the characters and their relationship before anything is written in stone. I’m not sure if I’d say this novel is one of my highlights (like QWFOD) but it’s very close.
Anyway, if you like at least one of these three things, I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast.

If I had to nitpick one thing, then it’s that the backstory of the person Ruan Tang transmigrated into was handled a bit too quickly for my taste. I would have liked some more chapters on that but, well, it’s not like anything was left open either. It’s the only bad thing I can think of to say right now so you won’t think I’m a brainless fan 😜

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