There’s A Beauty

Alright, it’s not really a secret that I’m very much in love with the novel „Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil“. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself from searching for other novels written by Fengliu Shudai and I actually managed to find one! 😊
So, let me talk about the novel „There’s a Beauty“ today. 😏


What is „There’s A Beauty“ about?

You Shu died in the apocalypse and was reincarnated. Unfortunately, his new life was also met with trouble because a debt-collecting ghost had wanted to use the body his soul was now residing in. Thus, the ghost tried to get his body back while You Shu stubbornly clung to his life. Luckily, he found a person with a special constitution that was able to hold the ghost off. Thus, he decided to hug that thigh.


My opinion

Unfortunately, only 7 chapters are translated as of now and the translator has vanished for quite a time already. I still hope he’ll return someday because I love the idea and I once again love how Fengliu Shudai is implementing it in his novel. 😊
The setting of the first world seems interesting for now. It is the kind of ancient chinese thing you’d expect from a xianxia-novel. I especially like the way how the beliefs about ghosts and the people’s superstitions are woven into the story.
I also like the protagonist who isn’t just drifting around but instead thinking about what to do next and how to approach his goal. He’s showing a lot of common sense already which was what I especially loved about FOD (among many other things 😜).


All in all …

this seems like a promising story but 7 chapters are just too short to really say anything about it. I hope the translator will return soon and finish this story or maybe somebody else is going to pick it up. I’ll definitely continue having a look at the site in the hopes of a new chapter every now and then. 😉

Help For Those Suffering From FOD-Withdrawal ;)

Who doesn’t know that feeling of having read a good book and not being able to find anything up to par after that? Or even worse: You’re reading a translation you really, really like and then you’ll have to wait a long time for the next update but just can’t forget about that story?

Well, it got me. 😭 It’s all thanks to Fengliu Shudai’s really amazing „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“ that is just too good to find anything else to read.
I already reviewed the novel after reading the 14 arcs that are translated right now and what should I say? I read the whole thing once again and then read my favorite chapters two times over. 🙈

Thank god there’s Novelupdates with the recommandations of similar novels. How could I use the time until chapter 15 better than with reading something else? 😉
It was quite hard but I found some novels that are really similar to FOD (like, it’s the same concept of world hopping) and then somehow found some other novels and I’ve gotten another list of novels where I’m waiting for the next update 😅
And since I’m sure that lots of people love FOD just as much as me, I thought why not make a list with novels that could console me while waiting? 😉