RMN C1 A Visitor in a Stormy Night

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The sky was overhung with dark clouds and rain drizzled unceasingly onto the roofs of Xiao Xi town, gathering in puddles on the street. In the distance, thunder rumbled and every now and then lightning illuminated the outline of the trees.
The hunched down figure of an old man hurried along between them and hastened toward the gates of the town that had already been shut for the night. The man stopped in front of them, grabbed the hem of his cloak’s hood and looked up while blinking against the rain. Who knows what he did but a moment later the tightly shut doors swung open as if moved by invisible hands.
The man hunched back down and hurried into the town, the gates silently shutting behind him again. He walked down the main street, his gaze flitting over the houses at the side while his brows drew closer and closer together. It seemed as if he was searching for something but couldn’t find it. Continue reading

LWS V3C1 Beautiful Misunderstandings

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Nie Chang looked into the living room first but not even a glimpse could be seen of Su Yan. His heart thumped loudly and the nervous feeling he had since getting that message on WeChat became even stronger. Could it be that his boyfriend really wanted to leave him? But they hadn’t even been together for two days!
He hurried into the kitchen in the hope of seeing a disgruntled Su Yan eating breakfast on his own. Maybe he had finished what he was doing on his notebook and then gone to see where he had vanished to. With Su Yan’s temperament, he certainly would be angry when it seemed that his boyfriend had disappeared on him! Sending a furious message because of that wasn’t unexpected. He would probably forgive him though when he came back with the ingredients and explained. Continue reading

LWS V2C56 Way Too Troublesome

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Zhi Bao Yu was immensely baffled. This former co-worker of hers had finally gotten into a relationship after all these years but he didn’t jump his boyfriend immediately and instead decided with him to wait another two weeks?
Could it be … this was some kind of hidden camera TV show?
She lowered the phone and warily looked around. She couldn’t spot anyone or anything suspicious though. Well, she was already at home. The only one who could have tried to play a prank on her here was her boyfriend and he was still at work. And she felt like she was observant enough to notice had anything changed in their apartment.
No, this probably wasn’t a TV show. So that only left one possibility: Su Yan was being serious. She took some time to digest this information, an awkward silence engulfing their phone call. Continue reading

LWS V2C48 The Child Still Needs a Name

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“All set.” Nie Chang pushed the notebook back to Su Yan and slid to the side.
“Thank you!” Su Yan really wanted to give him a kiss as a reward but he didn’t dare to after what had happened just now so he settled for a bright smile.
Nie Chang tussled his hair in response and watched as Su Yan pulled the notebook closer.
Naturally, Su Yan didn’t want to wait any longer. He clicked on the button to create a new novel and wriggled his fingers. Ah, he would really do it now! His first new story after all these months and even one in a different genre. He really was excited to see what the readers would think. Would there be some people among them who had read his fanfictions, too?
He wanted to fill out the form to set up his novel but instantly paused.
Shit! Continue reading

LWS V2C35 Bad Boyfriend! Punish Him!

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When Su Yan came out of the cubicle and went over to the counter his expression said that he knew exactly what was going on and that he absolutely wasn’t happy about it. Nie Chang just looked at him and smiled though. Actually, he hadn’t thought any deeper about what he had said. He was Su Yan’s boyfriend now so it felt natural to him to cover his expenses. In fact, if he hadn’t been afraid that he’d be asking too much he’d have invited Su Yan to move in with him already. Continue reading

LWS V2C28 Implementing the First Suggestion

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Just to make sure that nothing went wrong Su Yan actually made another copy before looking at the places with flashbacks more closely. Soon enough, he noticed that he had quite the big problem: The whole story was more or less a flashback!
Su Yan rubbed his head, making his hair stick out in all directions. “Shit!” He had originally started with a short scene of the time when Yun Bei Fen was raging because of Mei Chao Bing’s kiss and only then told how it had come to this. “I definitely can’t leave it like this.”
He pursed his lips and copied the old first scene. This shouldn’t be too difficult. He just had to paste it before the last scene between the kiss and Yun Bei Fen’s final approval. With that, the story would progress linearly again. Continue reading

OMF V3C69 Negotiating a Wedding

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Zhong Gang’s mood lifted immediately. Such a good man! He would really make a fine husband for his daughter! He definitely had to make sure nothing would go wrong!
He scrambled over to the tea table but noticed that both seat cushions were already taken. Well, whatever. He just sat down directly on the floor and looked at Xiao Li with sparkling eyes.
“No need to repay anything with blood. Marrying her is fine. So … When should the wedding be held?” He silently pondered how much of a delay he could accept. With how fast his daughter managed to fall in love, it shouldn’t be more than a week.
Xiao Li obviously noticed how eager he was to marry his daughter off and since he still pretended to be a righteous cultivator who would take his promises very seriously he knew he couldn’t give a long amount of time. “How about three days?” Continue reading

OMF V3C38 Obedient, Thoughtful and Reliable

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Meanwhile, the Senior Martial Brother Yue that Qiu Ling had nearly absolved of the imagined crime of coveting his beloved was seriously examining Niu Hai. In the end, he sighed.
“This isn’t good. I haven’t seen that guy but I’m not convinced. We can’t leave anything to chance.”
Niu Hai raised his brows. “I understand why I want to win but why is this so important to you?”
Yue Lin stroked his hair back and smiled. “Naturally, it’s because this Junior is such an excellent person. He’s obedient, thoughtful and seems reliable unlike those other Martial Brothers at our division who’d rather prank someone with their newest creation. If there is someone that can be trusted to help me with all my tasks, then it’s him. I definitely won’t let any guy take him away!” Continue reading

OMF V2C43 Can’t Even Fault Him

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi both froze. So … what now? Qiu Ling silently lifted his head and looked into Jing Yi’s eyes. He certainly didn’t want to stop!
He hugged his beloved and stroked his hair, gently pushing it back behind his ears. “How about we forget we heard something and just continue?” He gave him a disarming smile and closed in again, pursing his lips.
Before he could take over Jing Yi’s lips, a hand clasped over his mouth, though. Jing Yi shook his head and cleared his throat. “Senior martial brother Qiu … get off, please.”
Qiu Ling lifted his brows. Whoa! One could actually still say ‘senior martial brother’ in such a way after kissing like that? He never would have expected such a thing!
“Senior martial brother”, reminded Jing Yi when he didn’t get a response.
Qiu Ling smiled and tilted his head. “Mn? What did you say, my love?”
“Get off, please.”
“Eh?” Qiu Ling tilted his head to the other side. “It seems you weren’t speaking loud enough. I couldn’t quite catch that.”
Once again, someone knocked on the door and this time a male voice floated in: “Xiao Yi! You’re not up yet? It’s our day for practicing the sword! Did you forget?”
Jing Yi frowned at Qiu Ling. He had always thought that this senior martial brother of his was a little weird but now he noticed for the first time just how shameless he was. “Senior martial brother!”, he hissed and uneasily glanced at the door.
“Call me Qiu Ling!”
Jing Yi’s brow twitched. “If I do, will you get off?”
Qiu Ling smiled even more brightly. “I’ll consider it!”
Jing Yi took a deep breath. Alright. If that would make that guy move, then he’d do it. It wasn’t like he was losing out just because he called him by his name. “Qiu Ling. Please, get off now.”
“Ah!” Qiu Ling wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled Jing Yi’s shoulder with his head. “Say it again!” He loved hearing his name from his beloved’s lips! Wasn’t this just Jing He’s way of telling him how much he loved him? Of course, someone as shy as his beloved wouldn’t dare to speak his innermost thoughts aloud at just any moment. The atmosphere had to be right for that. Thus, he could only resort to showing his love in a more roundabout way.
Ah, how nice, getting a love confession early in the morning!
Jing Yi frowned. Hadn’t that guy just promised to get off when he called him by his name? Why was he still lying on top of him?!
He wanted to question him but just then, the voice from outside sounded again. “Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi? Are you alright?” The faint sound of someone pacing up and down could be heard before the person stopped in front of the door again. “I’m coming in!”
“No!” Jing Yi protested but it was already too late. Shao Hai had opened the door and, of course, he had seen them in this incriminating position.
Shao Hai stood there in the doorway, dumbstruck. What was going on? Why was his Xiao Yi lying in bed with another man? He looked at Qiu Ling, unable to figure out what was going on.
Qiu Ling gave him a smug look. See that? You might have gotten his first kiss in this life but I’ll get everything else! I dare you to try to get close to him again!
Seeing that gaze, Shao Hai came out of his shock and pointed at Qiu Ling. “Scoundrel! What are you doing with my Xiao Yi?!”
Qiu Ling slowly lifted his brows. “Your Xiao Yi? And we’re cuddling, can’t you see?”
“You!” Shao Hai’s hands shook. “You …”
Qiu Ling smiled even more and rubbed his head on Jing Yi’s chest, guiding Shao Hai’s gaze to the half-opened robe of his friend.
Shao Hai gaped. That … That scoundrel was trying to take advantage of his Xiao Yi! “I’ll kill you!”
Qiu Ling blinked. “What for?”
“Obviously because you’ve tried to take advantage of my beloved!”
“Hah?” Qiu Ling raised his brows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would I want to take advantage of your beloved if I have someone as beautiful as Jing He at my side?”
Jing Yi’s lips twitched. That guy still hadn’t gotten his name right and neither had he gotten up! “Senior martial brother Qiu. Why don’t you get up to talk about that?”
“Ah, my love, don’t worry. I won’t just leave! I’ll stay with you!” He bent down to kiss Jing Yi but Shao Hai finally charged at him.
Qiu Ling frowned. This guy! Not only had he stolen his beloved’s first kiss from him he had even dared to disturb them when things were getting good. He had to be punished!
He propped himself up on one elbow and greeted Shao Hai with a kick that let him crash heavily onto the floor. Qiu Ling smiled smugly. Hah! That’s what you’ll get for messing with me!
“Now that I think about it: What are you doing here? Just barging into somebody else’s room this early in the morning.” He shook his head. “My love clearly didn’t invite you in. What if he had been doing something that shouldn’t be seen by strangers? How inappropriate!”
Shao Hai gritted his teeth. “You’re the inappropriate one! You’re the stranger! I was just checking up on a friend! What’s bad about that? But you … you … Ugh!” He stood up and clenched his fists. “You came to his room to shamelessly take advantage of him!”
“Tch! What shamelessly taking advantage? What stranger? I’m his fiance!”
This response effectively shut Shao Hai up. It also stunned Jing Yi.
This … when had that guy become his fiance?
“Senior martial brother Qiu …” Jing Yi wanted to rectify the matter at once but Shao Hai reacted faster.
“You … You actually accepted his proposal, Xiao Yi? What about me? I’ve been pursuing you for years!” He threw an accusing glare at Jing Yi. Then, he turned on his heel and ran out, leaving Jing Yi no time to respond.
Qiu Ling smiled. “Don’t forget to close the door behind you!”, he called after him but, of course, only silence could be heard outside. Qiu Ling sighed. “Ah, children these days … Well, whatever.” He turned back around to Jing Yi and rubbed his hands. “How about we continue where we left off?” Before he got an answer, his hand already returned to Jing Yi’s neck.
“Senior martial brother. Stop it.”
Qiu Ling sighed again. “I know the atmosphere isn’t right anymore. But you don’t have to worry: Just give me a bit of time and you’ll certainly be in the mood again!”
Jing Yi looked at him with a deadpan expression. “The door’s still open.”
“Oh. Let me close it for you!” Qiu Ling’s gaze didn’t leave Jing Yi’s face for even a moment.
“Yes, please do so.” Jing Yi prepared to leap to his feet as soon as Qiu Ling stood up to close the door. Unfortunately, he hadn’t known that Qiu Ling didn’t need to do so.
Qiu Ling just carelessly waved and a breeze closed the door. Ah, being a dragon really had its perks. Now he could continue what he had started.
He bent down, his lips aiming for Jing Yi’s neck. Mn … This time, nobody would —
A hand made contact with his forehead and prevented him from bridging the last inch between himself and Jing Yi’s fair skin.
Qiu Ling pursed his lips and tried to reach him like that but it was still too far. In the end, he could only sigh and look up. “What is it, my love? Are you really not in the mood anymore? Just trust me!”
“It’s not about that. What made you say you’re my fiance in front of Shao Hai?”
Qiu Ling blinked. “Well, he said I’m a stranger but I’m clearly your fiance. Isn’t it the right thing to do to tell him?”
Jing Yi frowned. So that hadn’t just been a joke? That guy really thought that? “Since when have you been my fiance?”
“Well, we’re not married yet. What else would I be if not your fiance?”
Jing Yi’s lips moved but he didn’t get any sound out.
“Mn, it’s alright. I know you’re shy.” Qiu Ling plucked Jing Yi’s hand from his forehead and tried once again.
“That’s not it! I’ve rejected you, have you forgotten already?”
Qiu Ling froze. “But … haven’t you reconsidered?”
“No! What gave you the impression?”
Qiu Ling tilted his head. “Well … the kissing and cuddling?”
Jing Yi was floored. This time, he couldn’t even fault Qiu Ling for it.

OMF V1C80 It Shattered

The next day in the mortal world came soon. Zhong Gang and Shao Chen both went to their respective work and didn’t come to the teahouse again. But their children, as if they had agreed on it, ran there first thing in the morning.
Was that the power of love?
Most certainly, because the third person to hurry to the teahouse — and the one who managed to arrive even before the two of them — was Qiu Ling. He stepped into the teahouse with a bright smile and happily skipped to his place at the side of the room.
Today is the day you’ll pay, damn bastard! I’ll make you show your true colors in front of Jing He!
Madam Zhong brought him a cup of tea and examined his face. He looks somehow … gleeful? “What did you plan this time?”
Qiu Ling swept the grin off his face in the blink of an eye. “What are you talking about, mother-in-law? I just came here to support your teahouse.” He fluttered his eyelashes, but only got an empty look back. Oh, right, I still have that other appearance …
He peeked to the entrance, but nobody could be seen. With a mischievous smirk, he returned to his original appearance and continued. That had always worked on his other mother-in-law! Handsomeness was the best weapon a man could use!
Madam Zhong jerked. “What are you doing? What if anyone had seen?”
Qiu Ling leaned over the table and smiled happily. “There’s no one there, don’t worry. Besides, don’t you like seeing my original appearance? Isn’t it so much more handsome? You must be thrilled getting such a handsome son-in-law!”
Madam Zhong looked him up and down. He was indeed handsome, but his personality … Did she really want her son to marry someone like that? No, wait! Why was she even thinking about that? Her son was only seven!
She frowned and put the cup down in front of him with a clunk. “Didn’t I already tell you yesterday? I won’t have to think about that for at least another ten years.”
“Don’t worry, mother-in-law, I’ll look the same ten years from now, so you can slowly start thinking about it.” He picked up the cup with a big smile on his face and started to drink without noticing Madam Zhong’s strange look.
Hasn’t Nie Huang brewed that tea just now? How come he drinks it like that? There is still steam floating up continuously. It should be really hot.
Well, there were a lot of perks to having the sturdy body of a dragon. But pretending to be human wasn’t one of them.
Madam Zhong shook her head and went back to the kitchen. He’s immortal, she told herself, there’s nothing strange about being a bit different from other people. Not in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Qiu Ling hadn’t been human to begin with.
Meanwhile, Qiu Ling changed back to the grim looking man just in time for Shao Hai’s arrival. The boy ran over to the preparation room without noticing the malicious stare directed at him.
Just when he entered another little shadow skipped into the teahouse. This time, it was Guanyu. She wore a white and orange dress today and her hair was made into two pigtails. If one didn’t know her, she definitely made the impression of being a sweet, lovely girl that couldn’t hurt a fly.
Hmph. Qiu Ling ignored her after a dissatisfied glance. Was she even worth his time? No, he should concentrate on that other pest. Taking him out was more urgent. Regarding the girl, he had prepared enough in the last couple of years. Jing Yi wouldn’t fall for her.
Meanwhile in the preparation room Shao Hai hugged Jing Yi, smiling from ear to ear. “Jing Yi!” They had only seen each other yesterday, but he had already missed him terribly.
“Brother Shao Hai!” Jing Yi hugged him back, smiling just as widely as the other boy.
They held each other for a moment, before Shao Hai stepped back and took Jing Yi’s hands. “How about I take you to my home today? Then you can come over whenever you want to play!”
Jing Yi wanted to accept, but shook his head in the end. “I can’t. Mommy wants me to smile at the customers.”
Shao Hai blinked and tilted his head. “Why that?”
“She said, they would like it!” He didn’t really understand why, but if it made his mother happy, he would just do so.
Shao Hai pursed his lips. He considered asking Madam Zhong if it was alright to take Jing Yi away today again. She had seemed nice, so she probably wouldn’t reject. But in the end, he still decided otherwise. Working was really important. His father had told him that very often. If Jing Yi had to work, then it was like that. “How about I help you smile at the customers? Then you’ll be finished sooner!”
Shao Hai pulled him outside to start their ‘work’ right away. Unfortunately, there weren’t many customers they could smile at: At the back of the room sat the old woman that had come with her daughter-in-law yesterday, just that this time there was a young man sitting next to her that seemed quite weary. And of course, there was Qiu Ling at the opposite side of the room. It was just … next to him sat an annoyed Guanyu.
While he had wanted to ignore her, he had been the only customer in the teahouse when she came by. Guanyu hated waiting and considering how she had grown up, she wouldn’t set one foot into the servants’ rooms if she didn’t have to. As such, she had of course turned to Qiu Ling to question him.
“Where his brother Jing Yi?”, she asked once again, but she didn’t even get a glance in return.
Though, Qiu Ling was answering her in his thoughts. Kind of. Damned brat, go away! What if my love comes back and sees us together? He’d avoid me even more! Come on, get up and go annoy the old woman over there. Doesn’t she like children? Just go already!
But Guanyu didn’t even consider that. “I asked you, where brother Jing Yi is!” She slapped the table and furrowed her brows. As long as Jing Yi wasn’t there, she didn’t have to pretend to be a gentle and refined girl. If this man still didn’t answer her, she’d start screaming! And maybe she’d scratch him, too.
Of course, Qiu Ling’s worst imagination came true: Just at that moment Jing Yi and Shao Hai stepped out of the preparation room and saw them.
Jing Yi clutched Shao Hai’s arm, shrinking beside him as soon as he saw Guanyu. He was even more afraid of her than he had been of the girls in the village. Shao Hai patted his head.
“Don’t worry. With me around, she won’t be able to hurt you!” He didn’t know what Guanyu had done, but he had never liked her anyway. Now he was really against her. She should just try hurting his Jing Yi! He’d show her!
Qiu Ling tensed seeing the boys so close. Oh no. I made a great mistake. I shouldn’t have given them any time together! Where is Yi Zan’s sister? Why hasn’t she brought her son yet?
While he thought about that, he made another mistake: Guanyu noticed him tensing up and staring at the other side of the room. She turned around and saw Jing Yi. Her face lit up and she leapt from the chair, running over as fast as she could. Yes, she had forgotten her image once again.
“Brother Jing Yi!” She smiled widely and wanted to hug him, too. After all, what that Shao Hai could do she could, too, right? She extended her arms.
Shao Hai hugged Jing Yi and pulled him out of the way. Guanyu fell to the ground. She lay there, stunned once again. How many times had she fallen this week? Four times? Five? Why was this always happening? And always in front of her Prince Charming?!
She started punching the floor and bawling her eyes out.
The old woman couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and walked over, standing before the boys with arms akimbo. “What do you think you are doing? The poor girl! Look, how she’s crying now! Shouldn’t you help her up?”
Shao Hai pursed his lips and just hugged Jing Yi a little tighter. “She scared brother Jing Yi!”
“Aiya, how can you be like this? You should yield a little to girls.”
“Why should I?” Shao Hai didn’t see reason.
“How will you marry one of them if you’re like this?”
“I won’t!”
The old woman couldn’t help herself and laughed. Young children sure were naive! She couldn’t wait having such a cute grandchild herself. “You won’t? But you have to marry.”
Shao Hai pursed his lips. “Then I’ll marry brother Jing Yi!” He turned around to Jing Yi, cupped his cheeks and leant in.
A big, moist smack was given.
No, that wasn’t another cup breaking. This was the sound of Qiu Ling’s heart shattering. His love’s first kiss … was stolen by another man.