LWS V5C76 Saving His Nose

“You …” Su Yan took a deep breath to calm himself but still didn’t know what to say.
Nie Chang raised his brows. “What is it, Darling?” Ah, well, at least the blanket was finally lifted. Now he could finally breathe again!
“You … What were you doing?!”
Nie Chang’s gaze flickered. How to explain this? “I … wanted to make you feel good.”
“But … but you touched my bird again! And … and with your lips!”
“And that didn’t feel good?” He very honestly blinked his eyes at Su Yan and his darling’s anger dissipated.
Su Yan’s mouth opened and closed again. He didn’t know what to say. It … had felt good. But how could anyone touch a bird with their lips? Wasn’t that wrong? He wanted to ask but then remembered that Nie Chang had said not to bring up the novel again. Mn, maybe this really was normal. He pursed his lips and finally nodded. “Alright. Since you said so I’ll believe you for now.” He lay back down and waited. Continue reading

Announcement: End of LWS and RMN release rate

You might remember that I asked your opinion on what I should do after LWS ends. Well, I’ve counted the answers on all sites and the majority was for a higher release rate of RMN chapters. So that’s what I’ll be doing. 😁

Since I’m a few weeks ahead with the chapters on Patreon and time them to make things easier for myself (because I forget stuff so easily – just look at the poor Tapas people that had to suffer twice because I didn’t update on time), we’ll start with two chapters a week at 18th June. Updates will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (so 18th and 20th in that week). I’ll be raising the release rate to three chapters a while later (I’ll announce that when I decide on the actual date).

I won’t update daily for now (although that’s the ultimate goal) because I want to edit the last two LWS volumes first and plan some other stuff. (Here’s a hint: There might be a surprise for OMF readers soon!)

LWS V5C75 Should I Help You?

Nie Chang had no idea how to proceed. Well, it wasn’t that he didn’t know theoretically what should come next but his brain couldn’t catch up with Su Yan’s sudden change in opinion. First, he agreed to have sex, then he got anxious whenever something happened and now he suddenly got proactive? Could someone explain? Could he take his phone and call Madam Su to contemplate life with her? He really felt lost here.
Su Yan pursed his lips when his boyfriend didn’t react. He reached out and slapped his chest. “Heh! Ah Chang, what’s with you? Didn’t you want to have sex with me? Then shouldn’t you make sure the nest is alright? If you don’t know how, I might be able to help you. You know I read about it in the novel with the birds. That Ling Yu used his —”
“Alright, alright.” Nie Chang shut his eyes and grabbed Su Yan’s hands. “You’re really sure about this, aren’t you?”
“Of course, I am! Do you think I would do this if I wasn’t?” Continue reading

LWS V5C74 A Big Bird, a Small Nest

Su Yan hurriedly let go and recoiled. “Uh … Let’s forget about that. Who needs to touch the bird? You can just let it hang there.”
“Let it …” Nie Chang rubbed his forehead but didn’t dwell on it any longer. Never mind. He had always known Su Yan was special. Why should he bother saying anything to this? If his darling wanted to let it hang there, then they’d do that. For now.
He leaned down only to be greeted by a hand. “What are you doing?”
“Darling …” Nie Chang sighed. “Didn’t you say you wanted to do it with me? How come you’re so guarded now?”
Su Yan tensed. Uh … Right. He had been the one to ask. “That … Well, if you have a natural reflex to pull your bird away, then why can’t I have a natural reflex to push you away when you come close?” Continue reading

LWS V5C73 That’s a Natural Instinct

Nie Chang didn’t think about his joke with the butterfly even for a second longer. Now that he had finally gotten his darling’s attention, he would concentrate on the issue at hand: Creating a good mood! Even if he had to be stuck under the blanket with Su Yan, he still wanted their first time together to be worth remembering.
Nie Chang tried very hard to establish the mood and this time, it seemed as if Su Yan was of the same mind. At the very least, he didn’t complain and just kissed him back.
Nie Chang smiled. This was probably the most he could hope for with his darling. Expecting him to be proactive about this would have been idiotic. No, in this regard, he was the one that would have to take the first step.
He reached down and pulled down his underwear.
“What are you doing?!” Su Yan glanced around but couldn’t see anything below the blanket. He didn’t believe that he had imagined this. His boyfriend was behaving strangely! Continue reading

LWS V5C72 You’ll Turn into a Butterfly

Nie Chang turned around only to be faced with a dumpling. Only a tuft of black hair could be seen of his darling. Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Ah Yan … you aren’t expecting us to have sex like this, are you?”
“What about it?”
Su Yan’s voice sounded muffled to the point where Nie Chang wasn’t sure if he had heard right. He didn’t bother to ask for him to repeat it though. After all, he could very well imagine what Su Yan had just said. Since he felt it was embarrassing to take off his clothes, he wouldn’t come out there just like that. He’d either have to coax him out slowly or … get under the blanket too.
Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows and sighed. Never mind. He should have expected that things would turn out this way for their first time. There was no way Su Yan would behave normally on such an occasion.
Nie Chang tugged at the blanket but it was pulled back immediately.
“Darling …” Continue reading

LWS V5C71 You Can Look Now

Nie Chang couldn’t help but pause. What? Taking off his shirt was embarrassing? And having his shirt taken off was even more embarrassing? “Darling … It couldn’t be that you would want us to keep our clothes on, could you?” If so, then why did I have to strip?
Su Yan turned back to his boyfriend. “That’s possible?”
“Uh … I guess so? But that’s … a little unromantic, isn’t it?”
“Mn. Doesn’t it make you feel like we’re doing it as fast as possible just to get it done? That’s not really how I imagined this.”
“That …” Su Yan didn’t know what to say. Actually, he didn’t mind taking a bit more time. It was just … He felt so awkward! Getting undressed like this totally wasn’t like getting undressed when they went to sleep. It was an entirely different matter!
“What is it? You really want to do it while wearing your clothes?”
“No …” Continue reading

LWS V5C70 That’s Embarrassing

Nie Chang slowly unbuttoned his shirt.
Su Yan looked up and frowned. “What are you doing?”
“I … I’m stripping? Didn’t you want me to do that?” Nie Chang blinked and stopped moving his hands as a precaution. Who knew what exactly he had done wrong? It was better if he waited for his darling to explain.
“But you did it so slow! Do you really want to be like the female lead in those movies?”
“So you want me to do it faster?”
“Uh … alright?” Nie Chang hurriedly undid the last three buttons and threw his shirt off. “Better like this?”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded but continued to stare at his boyfriend.
“Uh … What is it now?” Continue reading

LWS V5C69 I’m Smaller Than You

Nie Chang leaned back and looked at the person on his lap skeptically. “Uhm … What did you say just now?”
“I …” Su Yan pressed his lips together. “What are you asking for? Didn’t you listen to me?!”
“Ah, no, I …” Nie Chang cleared his throat. “I just wanted to make sure I heard that right.”
“Oh.” Su Yan pursed his lips and looked away.
The two of them sat there in awkward silence, neither of them knowing what to say.
Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows. What was he doing here? His darling had just told him that he wouldn’t mind if they took the next step now. Wasn’t this the moment to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom? He wasn’t getting cold feet now, was he?
He took a deep breath and lowered his hand. “Are you … Are you sure? I mean you were adamant about Friday.”
Su Yan looked back at his boyfriend and puffed up his cheeks. “What? You don’t believe me?” Continue reading

LWS V5C68 How about We Do It Now?

Su Yan happily followed his boyfriend into the kitchen and started to devour his breakfast without wasting even a single thought on the task he had needed so long to find. Mn, who could expect him to pay attention to anything else if the food his boyfriend made was so tasty? Su Yan smiled at him as thanks. Mn, he should think of something nice he could do in return for him. He had to think of something very nice though …
Su Yan’s hand stopped moving and he stared at his bowl with furrowed brows. Just what could he do to make Nie Chang happy? Was there anything he liked to do? Or something he’d like to have? Ah, no, giving him something that could be bought with money was stupid. After all, he was working for him now. Buying something for him would be as if Nie Chang had bought something for himself.
Nie Chang observed the person on the other side of the table and finally examined the porridge he had made for him. Nothing seemed wrong with it though? “Ah Yan … Is everything alright?” Continue reading