LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (2): Find the Most Suitable Sword

Baili Chao took a deep breath. “It’s good you’re that enthusiastic, Zhi Guan. As his seniors, you should take good care of Fen’er. In fact, I want all three of you to think about this matter and come up with an idea on what kind of sword to give to him.”
“Mn!” Zhi Guan nodded earnestly while the other two didn’t seem as thrilled.
Yan Hong Min still picked at the burnt spot on the table while Luo Lin examined his fingernails. Continue reading

LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (1): An Important Matter

Baili Chao cleared his throat and looked at his three eldest disciples awe-inspiringly. “Disciples, today, I called you together to discuss a very important matter!”
Zhi Guan straightened up, elated. “Is it the righteous path’ Sword Competition that is being held every ten years to exchange pointers and determine the strongest sword cultivator?”
Baili Chao frowned. “No, it’s still a year until then.”
Zhi Guan’s enthusiasm withered. If it wasn’t the Sword Competition, then why was he here? He’d much rather go and train his own sword arts.
While one was sad, another was happy. Hearing that it wasn’t something dull like the Sword Competition, Yan Hong Min perked up. “Could it be? Did the secret affair between Sect Master Zhang and Martial Aunt Xu finally get revealed?!”
“What?” Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (3): It’s My Pleasure to Make You Happy

While Yun Bei Fen had already found the answer he was looking for, Luo Lin couldn’t help but ponder the question once again. Saying that he wanted to be pretty for the person he liked wasn’t wrong but then again, he had also liked to be pretty before. After all, why wouldn’t he want those senior martial brothers to look at him with fervor? So what was it that was different now?
He turned around and rubbed the warm chest below him. “Ah Lei?”
“How do you like someone?”
The man opened his eyes and raised his brows, pulling Luo Lin closer. “Why is my fairy asking?”
Luo Lin lightly scratched his skin. “Ah, it’s nothing much. Just that Luo Lin’s junior martial brother asked him that question today. And Luo Lin didn’t know how to explain well. So what does Ah Lei think?” Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (2): If You Like It, Learn about It

Yun Bei Fen did as his third senior martial brother had said and went to see his first senior martial brother. Unsurprisingly, Zhi Guan was practicing his swordsmanship in the valley behind his house.
One stroke of his blade generated a gust of wind that shook the leaves off a tree before he danced among them. One. Two. Three … One after the other, the leaves were cut in two. Another strike whirled them up into the air again and the spectacle repeated until those dozen leaves had turned into thousands of pieces, floating to the grounds like snowflakes in winter.
Yun Bei Fen stared at his first senior martial brother with wide eyes. Woah! His first senior martial brother had to be the second-best cultivator in the whole cultivation world if he could do something like this! Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (1): A Difficult Question

Yun Bei Fen looked up at Luo Lin and blinked his eyes, watching as his senior martial brother combed his hair into a beautiful hairstyle that he had never seen before. “Senior martial brother, why are you doing that with your hair?”
Luo Lin smiled at his reflection in the bronze mirror and secured his hair with a sparkling, silver hairpin. “It’s because your senior martial brother has something very special planned today.”
“Something special?” Yun Bei Fen curiously tilted his head. “Like what?”
“Like meeting a special someone.” Luo Lin turned his head to this side and then that, examining his handiwork.
Just when Yun Bei Fen thought his senior martial brother had finished, he added a bright, red flower.
“Woah! You’re so pretty, senior martial brother!” Continue reading

LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (3): Master Always Wins

Zhang Yi Fei didn’t see herself as a petty person. She definitely wouldn’t run to her Master to tell on Yan Hong Min because she thought that this method would inflict the most damage on the perpetrator. No, she was doing this because it was the official way for handling such a problem!
When Elder Rong heard that some bastard had dared to send his little junior martial brother to stick a wind summoning talisman onto one of his female disciples’ back, he silently walked to the wall, picked up his big battle-ax and walked over to Elder Baili’s house. He didn’t waste time with knocking and directly struck down with his ax.
Elder Baili who had been cultivating in his study leaped to his feet and drew his sword, hurrying to the door in case demonic cultivators were breaking in. When he saw the person that had come instead … Continue reading

LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (2): The Art of Secretly Sticking Paper Talismans

Yun Bei Fen carried the very special paper talisman that his second senior martial brother had made over to the peak of Elder Rong. He hadn’t been here very often but he had seen Elder Rong’s disciples train with especially big swords and something his Master had called a halberd. It seemed they were really fond of big weapons.
Senior martial sister Zhang was one of the direct disciples of Elder Rong. He had heard other disciples say that she was very beautiful but also very strong and very brutal. To be honest, he felt that senior martial brother Mei was much better looking than her but maybe she was stronger and more brutal than beautiful anyway. Although she definitely wasn’t as strong as senior martial brother Mei.
Yun Bei Fen finally arrived at the peak and spotted Zhang Yi Fei on top of a hill where she was comparing notes with another martial sister. Several others were surrounding them, most of them cheering Zhang Yi Fei on. Continue reading

LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (1): Little Junior, Let’s Play a Game!

“Little junior! Little junior!” Yan Hong Min ran around his Master’s house, trying to find the little imp that had been taken in last year.
The place he finally found him … was his room where he was cultivating well-behaved. Yan Hong Min’s lips twitched. This brat! He had already made more progress in his first year than he had made even three years after coming to the sect! Could he slow down already?! He wasn’t giving him as his senior any face! If this brat continued like this, then he wouldn’t only have a genius as his big martial brother but also a genius as his small martial brother! The horror of it! Thankfully, this brat was only hardworking but not as talented as Zhi Guan. Mn, he should still make sure that the brat wouldn’t overdo it. Continue reading

LBM C2 Starving Disciples (4): A Capable Man Knows How to Make Porridge

Baili Chao brought his hair color back under control with his spiritual energy and walked to his third disciple’s house with a huff. He knocked on the door in a bad mood that didn’t get much better when it didn’t open immediately.
Well, at the very least, he could hear quiet steps from inside. Mn, as expected, his third disciple was much better than his second who only knew how to cause trouble all day.
The door finally opened to reveal a youth in a red robe. His equally red lips curved up in a pretty smile. “Good morning, Master. What might be the matter?”
Baili Chao’s brows twitched and he reached over, straightening out that red robe so his collarbones wouldn’t peek out. “Luo Lin, ah, it’s like this: Your little junior martial brother arrived yesterday and doesn’t know how to cultivate yet. He’ll need to eat. You’re the one who came to the sect the latest so your memory of that rice porridge should still be fresh. Why don’t you make a bowl for your junior martial brother?” Continue reading

LBM C2 Starving Disciples (3): It’s for Self-Defense

Elder Baili didn’t lose any time and hurried to his second disciple’s house. He knocked on the door but nobody answered much less opened. He furrowed his brow. Why was this happening now of all times? Well, not that his second disciple was that dependable.
Speaking of which … it shouldn’t be too difficult to find him. That Yan Hong Min was certainly wherever mischief was happening. Or maybe he was planning to cause some and just pretended not to be in.
Baili Chao pointed at the door and concentrated his spiritual energy. The hinges creaked and the door burst open. A keg of ink clattered to the ground, staining the door.
Baili Chao’s brows twitched. Seriously? He stepped over the blotch and walked to the study. Or, well, the room his disciple called his study. In fact, this was more of a workshop where he prepared whatever he could use to cause harm.
“Yan Hong Min!”
The second disciple flinched and a talisman slipped out of his fingers. The paper that had originally been rolled up tightly fell to the ground and unfurled. The two men looked at it and exchanged a glance. Yan Hong Min plunged forward but Baili Chao raised his hand and his spiritual energy lifted the talisman, snatching it right out of Yan Hong Min’s fingers.
Yan Hong Min froze before slowly raising his gaze. “It’s … something I made for self-defense.”
The Elder looked at the squiggly handwriting and barely made out a tripping spell. His brows twitched. “What an interesting way of self-defense.” He threw the talisman back at his disciple and cleared his throat. Having learned from his previous mistake, he made sure his words were unambiguous. “That’s not what I’m here for. Your little junior martial brother arrived yesterday and he hasn’t reached the fourth layer of Qi Refinement yet so he’ll need to eat. Make him a bowl of porridge.”
“The thing you’ve eaten back when you joined the sect. Now go and make some!”
“But Master … It’s been so long since then!”
“Hogwash! It’s been much longer for your Master! So get moving, you lazy bum, or you can solve the next mess you cause on your own!”
Yan Hong Min seemed as if he wanted to retort but he stopped right before the words came out. His eyes darted from side to side and he finally got up like an obedient child and nodded. “Sure, Master! I’ll do it immediately, Master!” Then he dashed out.
Baili Chao waited. The brat wouldn’t have run away, would he?
Before he had time to contemplate further, the door opened again and Yan Hong Min walked in with a bowl that had steam wafting from it. Yan Hong Min smiled and blinked his eyes like an obedient sheep. “Here, Master. This is the bowl of porridge this disciple made. It should be really tasty. Little junior martial brother will like it!”
Baili Chao took the bowl and wanted to praise his disciple when his gaze fell on the talisman on the ground. Wait a moment … He narrowed his eyes and picked up the spoon, tasting the porridge himself.
Yan Hong Min’s obedient expression cracked. “This … This disciple forgot an important ingredient!” With that, he dashed back out.
Baili Chao frowned. It tasted alright though? He wanted to go and bring the bowl to Yun Bei Fen. When he looked down to make sure he didn’t step on any traps … he finally saw his hair.
“Yan Hong Min, you get back here! How dare you make your Master’s hair turn green!”

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