LBM C11 A Row of Un-Encounters (2): Un-Encountering Each Other Again

Mei Chao Bing returned to the Teng Yong Sect about a month later, covered in small wounds but with his level stabilized. If he went into closed-door cultivation for about a quarter of a year and then went to train again, he might even be able to reach the next small level! Wouldn’t his Master be proud then?

He rushed to Elder Feng’s courtyard, hurrying to his study. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Master, Chao Bing has returned!”

Elder Feng gave a low murmur. “Come on in.”

Mei Chao Bing opened the door and walked in, trying to hold back his smile while he stood in front of his Master. Continue reading

LBM C11 A Row of Un-Encounters (1): The Very First Un-Encounter

A few days had gone by since the inner sect’s admission test. Mei Chao Bing was currently following his Master to prepare for his next mission, listening intently to his explanations. His Master felt that the admission test had been a waste of time. If he could, he would have let somebody else take care of the fights and already sent him on this mission long ago. Unfortunately, Sect Master Zhang had been intent that only Mei Chao Bing was qualified to test the outer sect disciples.

Mei Chao Bing had no idea if he should feel honored that the Sect Master felt that strongly about his abilities or whether he should regret like his Master. Going to fight with spiritual beasts was a much better challenge to him so he would benefit more from doing so. Continue reading

LBM C10 The Art of Modern Observation (2): He Invented Something Good

Yun Bei Fen continued to sit on his usual boulder and looked up at Mei Chao Bing’s house, now using the Distance Magnifying Tool of his second senior martial brother to watch Mei Chao Bing train his sword arts in the courtyard.

He couldn’t help but smile brightly watching the blade dance through the air, the white sleeves of his robe fluttering in the breeze, his black hair forming a sharp contrast against the fabric. He really was too handsome, too heroic! If he could, he would’ve loved to go over and watch him from up close. Well, with his senior martial brother’s Distance Magnifying Tool, it was almost as if he was sitting right next to him. He could see all the details vividly.

Just then, steps sounded from behind him and a flowery fragrance wafted over before a person crouched down next to him. “Junior martial brother, what a doing there? What’s that in your hands?” Continue reading

LBM C10 The Art of Modern Observation (1): Look at My New Invention!

“Haha!” Yan Hong Min jumped to his feet, grabbed his newest invention and rushed out of the door. He hurried over to his Master’s house and stormed in without knocking on the door or announcing himself, rushing straight into his Master’s study. Unfortunately, Baili Chao wasn’t there.

Yan Hong Min stand at the empty seat and pursed his lips. Right, Master had gone to some gathering of old men to discuss cultivation or something. He would only return after a few days. There was no way he could wait that long to show him his invention. No, this engineering marvel had to be admired right now! Continue reading

LBM C9 It’s Not Easy to Be a Master (3): Utterly Defeated

His Master had said that there was still time tomorrow but unfortunately, this didn’t calm Yun Bei Fen down. On the contrary, when his Master left him behind, he started to sniffle and finally, his tears spilled over and ran down his cheeks. He had already taken so long to learn the first way of sensing spiritual energy. Who knew if he would ever learn the second way? Senior martial brother Mei had to be very disappointed in him!

Yun Bei Fen crouched on the grass and continued to cry. Finally, he jumped up and ran over to the house of his first senior martial brother. He loudly knocked on the door, calling out to him. “First senior martial brother! First senior martial brother?”

Soon enough, a tall person came walking over from behind the house. “What’s the matter?” He was carrying his sword as if he had just been training. Continue reading

LBM C9 It’s Not Easy to Be a Master (2): Two Ways of Sensing Spiritual Energy

In the end, Yun Bei Fen managed to learn how to take in spiritual energy thanks to his three senior martial brothers. He still struggled for almost half a year until that time and, unfortunately, the path of cultivation didn’t end when you were able to take in spiritual energy.

Another year passed and once again, Baili Chao stood in front of his fourth and last disciple. He cleared his throat and folded his hands behind his back, raising his chin and in an attempt to look more awe-inspiring. “Fen’er, you’ve already reached the first step on your road to reaching immortality. Now, it is time to learn something new!”

Yun Bei Fen looked at his Master with wide eyes. He still hadn’t understood too much about this cultivation and there were still so many questions he had to ask. “Master, does senior martial brother Mei also want to become immortal?” Continue reading

LBM C9 It’s Not Easy to Be a Master (1): A Basic Principle of Cultivation

Baili Chao looked at the little boy he had taken in a few days ago and smiled. Ah, today was finally the day! He would finally teach his new disciple how to take in spiritual energy and start on the path to immortality!

“Fen’er, since you’re now a disciple of our Teng Yong sect, you should also start to learn the things that a cultivator must know. Today, I’m going to teach you one of the basic principles of cultivation: Taking in spiritual energy.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes.

Elder Baili raised one finger. “First, close your eyes.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked and continued to look at his Master. Continue reading

LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (7): Step Six: Repeat Step Five

Shen Lei’s eyes flung open as soon as Luo Lin stirred in his arms. He hadn’t forgotten what Qiao An had told him. Catching the fairy wasn’t too hard but holding onto him would be the difficult part. Thus, now that he had caught him, he had to make sure that he wouldn’t lose him. After all, there were a lot of other men outside that might try to steal the fairy from him.
Shen Lei pulled Luo Lin closer up against his chest and turned his head, pressing his lips onto Luo Lin’s for a lingering kiss. “I wouldn’t have gone too far with what I did, would I?”
Luo Lin turned in his arms and his fingertips brushed Shen Lei’s chest. His lips curved up in a sweet smile. “Luo Lin has long admired Ah Lei. How could Luo Lin feel that Ah Lei went too far?” From his expression, it really seemed that he didn’t mind how far things had gone even though they had only met.
Shen Lei hummed and looked up at the bed in front of them. In the end, they still hadn’t managed to make their way over. So much for chaining the fairy onto it and making sure he was happy there. Well, it didn’t seem like his fairy thought much about where exactly he was chained to. As long as it was enjoyable, he seemed to be in agreement.
Continue reading

LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (6): Step Five: Make the Fairy Happy

Winter went by in the blink of an eye and Shen Lei couldn’t help but start feeling impatient. The fairy had come by almost every day to stop at the foot of the hill, observing his movements and maybe admiring his body a little. Unfortunately, by the time his fight ended, the fairy would always have hurried away already. There was just no way to catch him.
Shen Lei couldn’t help but wonder if Qiao An’s method was really as successful as he had thought in the beginning. Maybe he should try another approach, after all? Unfortunately, he didn’t know which. And he had nobody else to ask either. Thus he could only try and heighten the stakes.
Summer came and Lian Rong once again had to rub his eyes. “Senior martial brother … what happened to your robe?” He furrowed his brows and took a closer look.
Continue reading

LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (5): Step Four: Attract the Fairy

Shen Lei stayed at Qiao An’s place for a while longer, discussing how to attract the fairy to him in the first place. Starting from the following day, a startling sight could be seen in the Teng Yong Sect.
Lian Rong’s eyes widened in disbelief. “First senior martial brother … your sleeves …”
“What about them?” Shen Lei took out his sword and leisurely held it in front of him, motioning at Lian Rong to begin.
“They … They’ve vanished!” And there’s snow falling! There are snowflakes accumulating on your shoulders, alright?! Even if you’ve already formed your core, can you stop being so hardcore?! You’re scaring the junior martial brothers at the side! Naturally, Lian Rong didn’t dare to say the latter part but he felt that his first sentence already encompassed his feelings well enough. Continue reading