LWS Chapter 15 Resigning With Obstacles

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Nie Chang led Su Yan out of the subway. They had never before taken this way together so he actually didn’t know where they would have to deliver the letter of resignation to. He looked at Su Yan and lifted his brows.
„I’ll do it alone. I wouldn’t want to have those rumors spread to my boss. Even if I don’t work here anymore. It’s bad enough as it is.“
„Alright. But it wouldn’t be a problem if I accompanied you until the door, would it?“
Su Yan shook his head. „No, it probably wouldn’t but … Let’s just be safe, alright? Who knows who’d be seeing us together?“
Nie Chang leaned against the wall next to them and smiled teasingly. „That sounds like a clandestine love affair.“ Weiterlesen

The male queen

Here is another one of my highlights „The male queen“. It’s a movie that I feel to be definitely underrated. At least, I never see it mentioned anywhere 😥


The male queen_Han Zi Gao2

What it’s about:

Han Zi Gao is saved by General Zi Hua and is offered a deal: He can stay with him and learn from him to make something out of himself. But naturally staying with him entails something more. 😉


Unfortunately, I have no idea who the hell the actors playing the main roles are. That’s a pity since I feel like the two of them did a really good job and I would have loved to see more from them. The same has to be said about the soundtrack. I especially liked the ending but also couldn’t find anything. 😓
If any of you recognize one of the two actors or stumble upon the title of the songs somewhere, please leave a comment!


The movie is around an hour long. Thus, the few characters you’ll see play a bigger role with the focus being Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua and their relationship. Beside them, there’s Zi Hua’s sister and wife, some servants and a teacher but that’s pretty much about it.

What I love about „The male queen“ is the interaction between Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua. There isn’t much dialogue in the movie and especially in the first half there are pretty large time skips. And you can still see how those two slowly get to know each other better! The effort Zi Hua makes for Han Zi Gao totally won me over. Ah, they’re just so darn cute! ♥ (And honestly, the shou is just so damn pretty! I know, that’s not a word you use to describe a man but, sheesh, he is!)

Naturally, not everything will work out. Especially the second half of the movie is quite tragic 😯


Overall, „The male queen“ is one of my favorite bl-movies as of now. The pairing is just too cute and the plot is nice, too. 😊
The only drop of bitterness was that it sometimes seemed too fast. I would have loved to have at least a quarter of an hour or even just ten minutes more so that some scenes could have been elaborated a bit more.
But even despite that, I still love the movie! Ah, I feel like re-watching now … What to do?