OMF V1C60 Talented Hong Bao

Speaking of the law of balance, the heavens really treated everyone equally. For example talents: Everyone had his or her own talent. Sometimes, there would be people, that seemed incredibly lucky and got two talents, but, well … Having a look at Hong Bao probably explains, why the heavens still treated everyone equally.
Hong Bao’s first talent, without a doubt, was her incredible ability to extract information out of conversations, that hadn’t been uttered. Her second talent was her unique way of looking at things, as Leng Jin Yu found out right this moment.
Hong Bao looked at him strangely, her brows drawing together like angry storm clouds. Finally, she couldn’t take it any more and leapt to her feet, pointing her finger at Leng Jin Yu. “What is that supposed to mean? The crown prince’s life is a worthy life, but Shun Tao’s life is worthless? How can they make it difficult for him just because of some small issue like that? Isn’t it the crown prince’s fault for being not good enough to pass his own trials?!” Continue reading