The Blind Concubine

Alright, „The Blind Concubine“ is a novel most people probably won’t like but I have to admit that it is one of my favorite Chinese bl novels just because it is so entirely different and extremely emotional. I definitely didn’t regret reading this!


The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

The Chinese bl novel „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ is one that I only discovered because the other novel that was translated on the side hadn’t that many chapters out yet. I loved it very much at the beginning and I still liked it at the ending even though I wasn’t that thrilled about it anymore.
It’s still a novel I’d recommend reading, though. There is an advantage to this novel, too: It is already completely translated so you can start reading right now. 😉


What is „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ about?

This novel is about Du Ze who read a web novel and wrote a not so nice comment in order to help the author get more famous but instead made him change the whole novel and get hated by his readers. Du Ze suffers because of how much the protagonist has to endure now and finally gets the chance to right the things that went wrong because of his comment when he is transported into the world of the novel and meets the novel’s protagonist Xiu.


My opinion

Alright, so, as someone who loves to read and write I was thrilled when I started reading this novel. Why? Because it connects the original novel Du Ze read, the story of Du Ze himself inside the world of the novel and something called the „black box“ that seems to be something like the voice of the protagonist of the original novel.
The snippets from the original web novel and the black box appear every few chapters and gave the novel a bit more depth, IMO. Unfortunately, they didn’t prevail until the end or at least they seemed to get fewer and fewer with time and my interest in the novel dwindled with their number. It’s not that I didn’t like the novel anymore but I just didn’t find it as interesting as before.

One of my other problems were the characters. I did like Xiu – the protagonist of the original web novel – because he had a backstory that influenced him very much and his actions were always comprehensible to me.

The person I didn’t really like, unfortunately, was Du Ze, the one who is the protagonist of „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“. At first glance, he seemed like a really interesting protagonist: He is deaf and extremely short-sighted which is something that differentiates him from almost every other character I’ve read about until now.
Unfortunately, that is everything I found distinct about him. He didn’t really seem to have a personality that influences much in the novel. And his impairment that seemed like it could be interesting somehow seemed more like an overly convenient plot-device because his hearing aid somehow always fails at the crucial moment. It was fun the first time but it wasn’t when it happened repeatedly.

I actually lost interest in the novel halfway but still continued on after a while because, well, the overall plot was still good and the world was really detailed.


All in all …

„The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ is a novel I did like but that didn’t manage to engage me continuously. To me, it felt a little lacking character-wise while I was very much in love with the world building, the overall plot, and the story-telling itself. So, my reading experience with this novel was quite mixed.

I would still recommend giving this novel a try because there are lots of good things about it and quite a few cute scenes you’ll certainly like. 😉

Counterfeit Bride

It’s once more time to introduce a short novel to you: „Counterfeit Bride“. This is once again a completely translated novel with only 10 chapters so you can read it in a couple of hours. 😉


What is „Counterfeit Bride“ about?

The title of the novel is actually pretty straightforward: The novel tells the story of Shi Jie Yi a servant who is asked by his master to, well, replace her for her marriage because, well, she doesn’t want to go to some backwater place. After some persuasion, he actually agrees. His husband-to-be isn’t that thrilled about the marriage either and wants to test his new „bride“ to see if she is even fit to marry him. But if the one he is testing isn’t the fragile miss he imagined but instead a servant and a man no less, then most likely this test will play out differently than expected. So will those two actually get to marry?


My opinion

This novel had a similar feeling like „Ban Lu Qin Jun“ for me. Both are short and quite straightforward, they don’t make any complicated detours. When comparing both of them I still have to say that I like „Counterfeit Bride“ more.
I did like both the protagonist Shie Jie Yi and the male lead Yun Tian Yang. They both have their reasons for their actions and their interactions are a bit funny and overall quite cute.
I could even have read some more chapters but overall I think it was alright to have only those 10. Even with this shortness, the novel managed to give me some slight surprises and some twists, as well as establishing the characters and their relationship. There are also some supporting characters that I found quite nice.


Overall …

„Counterfeit Bride“ is a cute and fluffy novel that can be read when you have a free afternoon and don’t know what to do yet. It was definitely a novel I didn’t regret reading and one that I would even read a second time. 😊

Help For Those Suffering From FOD-Withdrawal ;)

Who doesn’t know that feeling of having read a good book and not being able to find anything up to par after that? Or even worse: You’re reading a translation you really, really like and then you’ll have to wait a long time for the next update but just can’t forget about that story?

Well, it got me. 😭 It’s all thanks to Fengliu Shudai’s really amazing „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“ that is just too good to find anything else to read.
I already reviewed the novel after reading the 14 arcs that are translated right now and what should I say? I read the whole thing once again and then read my favorite chapters two times over. 🙈

Thank god there’s Novelupdates with the recommandations of similar novels. How could I use the time until chapter 15 better than with reading something else? 😉
It was quite hard but I found some novels that are really similar to FOD (like, it’s the same concept of world hopping) and then somehow found some other novels and I’ve gotten another list of novels where I’m waiting for the next update 😅
And since I’m sure that lots of people love FOD just as much as me, I thought why not make a list with novels that could console me while waiting? 😉