I actually tend to like series more than movies because there is more time to explore the plot and background story more in-depth but, of course, I’ve still watched my fair share of chinese movies and will continue to do so.

Everything I come across I’ll list here:

  • House Of Flying Daggers
  • Shaolin
  • The Extreme Fox
  • The Rise Of A Tomboy
  • Crazy New Year’s Eve
  • Mojin: the Lost Legend
  • Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate
  • Dragon Blade: When The Eagle Meets The Dragon
  • Justice, My Foot!
  • Out Of The Dark
  • Monster Hunt
  • Tiger & Dragon: Der Beginn einer Legende
  • Die Chroniken des Geistertempels
  • Painted Skin: Die Verfluchten Krieger
  • Mulan: Legende Einer Kriegerin
  • Xin – Die Kriegerin
  • Was Frauen Wirklich Wollen