Why I Won’t Post RSH on Wattpad and Webnovel

Some time ago I’ve announced that I’ll be uploading the “Oh. My. Fate?!”-prequel “Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling” (that was previously an exclusive patreon extra) for everyone free-to-read.
The first chapter is already up on several sites and there’ll be one each Sunday from now on. You might have noticed though that I haven’t uploaded the chapter to either Wattpad or webnovel. This is because I have decided that I won’t be uploading this series (and most likely all my upcoming series) there.
I know that the readers from both sites will be sad about this but it is a decision I had to make. In this post, I’d like to explain why.

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Announcement: OMF Revision, OMF Extra for free

I finished exchanging/uploading the next batch of chapters of the revised version of OMF. This means that chapter 1 to 112 are now of the revised version while the remaining 35 chapters are still of the first version. There will be some additional new chapters so I will likely upload the next batch when I’ve finished the whole volume.

In the meantime, I have some good news for you: Patreon has announced that there’ll be some changes to their site in May. I will use this opportunity to rework my own patreon page. There won’t be tiers anymore and instead, everyone who subscribes will be able to choose the amount they like. As rewards, you’ll get early access drafts of all my projects but no exclusive extras anymore. This means that the Oh. My. Fate?!-extra “Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling” will become available for free to anyone else. (Patrons will have early access to all chapters published until now, as well as upcoming chapters.)
If you haven’t been a patron before and want to take a look at the extra, I’ve already posted the first part of the first stratagem here on my website.

Announcement: OMF Revised Version, Chapter 61-112

Before I get to today’s chapters, here comes a short announcement: As you probably know already I’m uploading the revised version of OMF in batches. Now, it’s time for the second batch!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be uploading chapter 61 (“Let Them Spend Time Together”, previously chapter 54) to 112 (“Just a Friendly Spar”, a new chapter).

Since that’s quite a lot and I’m also updating the navigation (a.k.a. inputting buttons so you can click ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to navigate the series) this will likely take a few days. As usual, I’ll also update the ToC and mark the chapters of the revised version with a ‘°’-symbol.

Sorry for any inconvenience I’m causing those that are reading the first volume right now!

Update: OMF Revision

About a week back, I announced that I would upload the first batch of chapters of the revised version of Oh. My. Fate?! to my website. Or maybe I should rather say that I wanted to exchange the chapters of the first version for the new one. Anyway, I’ve finally uploaded the last one of them today! 😊

So the first 60 chapters of “Mortal Child” are the chapters of the revised version now. If you’re unsure whether a chapter is of the first or the revised version you can recognize the revised ones through the °-symbol in the Table of Contents on the series’ main page from now on. Chapters of the first version won’t have the “°”.

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Announcement Regarding OMF’s Revision

You probably remember that I announced a revised version of “Oh. My. Fate?!” some time last year. I only uploaded that version on Tapas until now since I didn’t want it to interfere with the people currently reading the series.

By now, I’ve managed to revise the first half of the first volume “Mortal Child” so I’ve decided to upload the revised version on my website too. This will happen over the next couple of days (So expect some more notifications than usual if you’ve subscribed to my website!) and concern the chapters 1 (“Descending to the Mortal World”) to 53 (“Some Stupid Law”). So in case you are currently reading that part of the novel, you might want to put it on hold until I’ve exchanged the first version with the revised one or at least take note of which chapter you’re currently reading since the revised version has more (7 to be exact) chapters than the first one.

The chapters of the revised version will be marked on the main page of Oh. My. Fate?! until the whole volume is finished. I’ll go about uploading the revised version of the other volumes in the same way but always give you a heads-up before.

LWS Chapter 12 I’m His Boyfriend!

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Nie Chang went two stations with the subway, got off and hurried to the one that came from the other direction. He knew only roughly in which cabin Su Yan would be so he couldn’t gauge where exactly he had to board.
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Three Lives three Worlds: The Pillow Book

Diesen Samstag möchte ich euch als Highlight mal wieder einen Roman vorstellen und zwar einen, der es insbesondere wegen der beiden Protagonisten auf die Liste meiner Highlights geschafft hat: “Three Lives three Worlds: The Pillow Book”.
Dabei handelt es sich um einen Roman (eigentlich sogar zwei) von Tang Qi Gongzi, der ein Spin Off zu “Three Lives three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” ist, desssen Verfilmung ich euch im Zuge der Themenwoche zu den Fuchsdämonen schon vorgestellt hatte. Übersetzt wurde “The Pillow Book” auf diesem Blog, wo die beiden Romane entweder online gelesen oder als eBook heruntergeladen werden können.

Wer die Serie “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” gesehen hat, wird mit “The Pillow Book” vermutlich seine helle Freude haben: In diesem Roman geht es nämlich ausschließlich um Bai Feng Jiu und Dong Hua Dijun, die in der Serie ja doch einiges an Platz eingenommen haben.
Eine Warnung aber vorneweg: Die Story um die beiden in der Serie wurde von den Serienschreibern entwickelt bzw. so angepasst, dass sie zu der Geschichte um Bai Qian und Ye Hua passt. Sie stimmt also nur in wenigen Punkten mit den Büchern überein.

Trotzdem hatte ich (die ja jede Menge Spaß mit Bai Feng Jiu und Dong Hua Dijun in der Serie hatte) meine helle Freude an dem Buch. 😉

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