LWS V5C54 Knowing His Fault

In front of them, the last demonic cultivator finally fell to the ground. Coincidentally, it was the man that Xue Chang Fu had chosen for his previous plan. Yue Mu Gang looked at him with a dark expression and kicked him in the side.
This bastard! He had actually dared to touch Xue Chang Fu like that!
He continued to stare and finally stomped on that hand, the bones breaking with a loud crack. Ah, call him childish but just remembering that moment, his blood seemed to boil. He turned away forcefully, his expression still dark.
The Sect Master carefully retracted his head behind the table. Uh … maybe he should let Yue Mu Gang calm down first. He really seemed very angry. Mn, maybe he had overdone it a bit before? Ah, but what should he do then? Continue reading

Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend

I guess it’s time for a blog post again 😉 This time I want to introduce a bl game to you that I coincidentally found on Steam a short while ago. It’s completely free and I had around an hour of fun playing it so … if you don’t know what to do one evening, why not have a look at “Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend”? 😉

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Affairs Of The Court: Choice Of Romance

This is a game I encountered in the Google Play Store by chance. It’s not technically bl but you can make it bl. 😏 As the title already suggests: It’s a choice of romance so you can decide if this is straight, bl or gl.


How does it work?

The “game” (if you want to call it that) is entirely text-based. In fact, it’s more like reading a novel. The special thing about it is that you have the opportunity to influence this novel. For example, you can decide the gender of the protagonist and you can decide what kind of talents he has and, naturally, who he’ll fall in love with.

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