LWS Chapter 59 Take Me Home

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Nie Chang came back with a smile on his face. „Alright. We can go now. I’ll drive you home.“
„Mn.“ Su Yan wanted to follow him out but before he could take a step out of the room Nie Chang had pulled him into a hug. „Ah! What are you doing?“
„Hugging you.“
„Hah? Why?“
„It’s so that you can be sure that I love you very, very much.“ He pecked his cheek, making Su Yan blush.
„You … Honestly, stop this! We’re in the hospital!“
„Mn … I know.“ Nie Chang kissed his other cheek before he finally let go. Well, at least he stopped to hug him. He quite naturally took Su Yan’s hand, though, and led him out of the hospital with a satisfied smile. Ah, it really was great to be an official couple.
He thoughtfully opened the door for Su Yan and helped him fasten his seatbelt before he started the engine. „Ah, do you have anything to eat at home? Maybe we should grab something on the way?“
„Mh-mh, no need. I’ll just call delivery.“ He reached into his pocket but froze. „Eh? Where’s my phone?“
Nie Chang looked over and sighed. Thinking back now, he still felt scared. Mister and Madam Su had been so preoccupied with their fight that they hadn’t even noticed that their son was hurt. What if something had happened to him? He had been so dizzy. Just one step wrong and he could have fallen down the stairs and break some bones or even worse!
„You dropped it back at your parent’s. I’ll drive you there.“
„Oh. Thank you.“ They both grew silent after that.
Nie Chang focused on driving, after all, there was someone really important in his car now. He couldn’t let him suffer any harm. Especially after he had just come out of the hospital.
Su Yan, on the other hand, just didn’t know what to say. Nie Chang might have said that everything would just be the same between them even though he was his boyfriend now but he definitely didn’t feel that way. Ah, he had no idea what he was supposed to do now. What were lovers supposed to be like?
They arrived at the residence while Su Yan still pondered that question. He only looked up when Nie Chang parked the car.
„Do you feel good enough to go up yourself or should I do that?“
„I … Uh, maybe it’s better if you go. I … I don’t want to see my father right now.“
Nie Chang reached over and lightly stroked his hair. „In the end, what exactly happened?“
Su Yan shifted in the seat. He didn’t know how to say it but he wanted to talk about it. He felt … misunderstood. The only one who could probably understand him was Nie Chang. „He had some photos of us. From the park when we were … He said I was sleeping around.“ He lowered his head and frowned. What sleeping around? He hadn’t slept with anyone! And that kiss with Li Ming really had been an accident but his father hadn’t even listened.
Nie Chang sighed and hugged him. „I’m sorry. It’s my fault.“
„Indeed!“ Su Yan lifted his head and glared at him. „What was this all about? Kissing me in the park like that, giving me that heart-shaped chocolate. Why didn’t you just say it directly?“
„I guess I was afraid how you’d react. What if you … rejected me? Then you wouldn’t become my boyfriend and most likely … we wouldn’t even be friends anymore. I thought … maybe it’s better if I take it slowly and make sure it’s alright with you before I tell you. I only dared to do it yesterday.“ He smiled and kissed Su Yan’s temple. „I’m happy, really, really happy that we’re finally together. Had I known in the beginning that you’d take so long to figure it out maybe I would have told you sooner.“
Su Yan averted his face. „What taking long? I only took a day.“
Nie Chang sighed. „Mn, you only took a day. It’s all my fault.“
Su Yan pouted. If Nie Chang said it like that, then he felt like it wasn’t that way. Maybe he really … Well, he had sometimes felt like things were strange between them. But he had always managed to find an explanation. Never would he have thought that his intuition wasn’t wrong and that there was really something changing between them.
„Alright. I’ll be back as soon as possible.“ Nie Chang kissed his cheek and hurried to the residence. He hadn’t thought of locking the door back then so he went right in. The house had already reverted to silence.
Nie Chang silently followed his memory to where Mister Su’s study was located. Indeed. Su Yan’s phone was lying not far from there, right next to the wall. Su Yan had probably propped himself up since he couldn’t hold his balance and was unable to pick it up.
Nie Chang sighed. Really, he always had to worry about that idiot. Mn, maybe it would get better now that they were a couple. He picked the phone up with a smile and hurried outside. He, too, didn’t want to meet Mister Su. That man was his future father-in-law. It would be bad if he couldn’t hold back when he saw him and accidentally punched him.
He got into the car and handed Su Yan his phone.
„So … Do I bring you home or do I take you home?“ He looked at Su Yan through the rear-view mirror and observed how he blushed. Ah, being a couple would be pretty fun. Now he could finally pay him back for all those years of waiting.
„Uh … Then …“ Su Yan bit his lower lip. He wanted to tell him to bring him home but then he thought of that happy smile of Nie Chang’s. Most likely … he would be even happier when he went home with him?
„Then … Take me home?“
Nie Chang who had already driven down the gateway nearly went off the road. He turned around and stared at Su Yan. Baby, can you cut down on such surprises while I’m driving? Otherwise, I’m afraid we won’t live through it.

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LWS Chapter 51 It Should Be This Way

No, no, no no! Su Yan shook his head. What was he even thinking about? That was his best friend! He couldn’t seduce him regardless of what was happening. And if Nie Chang really liked someone, then it wouldn’t be alright to do it anyway. He should be happy for him instead. Ah, he really needed to figure out who that person was. If it really was he himself …
Su Yan shook his head once again to calm his palpitating heart. Pondering this would get him nowhere. To take his mind off the matter he took out his phone again and clicked for the next task. This time it seemed different from the rest, though.
[The Creator has a unique form of expressing himself. Whether it be his view of life or a love confession, before it is expressed in words he’ll say it through his art. Just like the Explorer the Creator is often an individualist who doesn’t adhere to society’s conventions. This type of character may make a good protagonist that manages to capture the male lead’s heart through his dedication and visionary view.]
The title of the quest was [Watch the Creator realize his vision] but the text seemed more like the second part he normally got after he finished a task.
Su Yan pressed his lips together. This was very obviously a task he had solved in passing. He put his phone down and rubbed his face. „Honestly? A love confession expressed in a piece of art?“ This really had to be some kind of conspiracy.
Su Yan sighed. „Whatever. At least I’ve accomplished another task. There can’t be that many others in this questline.“
He raised his phone again and clicked for the next task: [Let the King make a ruling] read the heading, so it seemed like he had really completed the Creator task already. Su Yan wondered if the System would make Nie Chang the King, too, but surprisingly, it seemed to have other intentions this time.
[The archetype of the King could make a great male lead but also a great antagonist who will confront the protagonist and the male lead and bring conflict about that will keep your readers on tenterhooks.
How about visiting your family to let the King make a ruling?]
Su Yan’s face fell. „What king? That old man is obviously a fucking tyrant!“ he stared at the System but naturally it wouldn’t do him the favor to change the content of the message.
Su Yan put his phone down again. „Well, whatever. I guess it won’t hurt to go over.“ Mn, actually, it might even be good … He didn’t really want to see his father but it would be nice to talk with his mother.
„Eh?“ Su Yan hurriedly sat up. „Wait a moment … My mom! Why didn’t I think of her sooner?! I can just ask my mom about Nie Chang!“ He hurriedly took his phone and called her.
It didn’t take long for her to pick up. „Ah Yan! You’re finally calling again! Why didn’t you get in touch for so long?“
„I …“
„Never mind! How are you? Are you eating enough? Do you have enough money? When will you come home again? I haven’t seen you in so long. Mother is worried about you!“
Su Yan coughed. „Mom, actually —“
„Don’t tell me something really happened!“
„No … Well …“ Alright, something happened indeed but he didn’t want to talk about that on the phone. „No, mom, nothing happened. It’s just that I also thought I should come over. How about tomorrow? Do you have anything planned?“
„No, no! Just come here! Aiya, child, I really was worried this time. It’s been so many weeks already since you last called. Are you sure you’re alright?“
„Mn. I am. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow, alright?“
His mother sighed. „Alright, alright. Then come over early. Stay for a while.“
„Mn. I will. See you tomorrow!“ He ended the call before she could start with another round of questions. Really, his mother never found an end when he called. Speaking to her had calmed him down a bit, though.
He opened WeChat and send a message back to Nie Chang: [Sleep well]. He didn’t write anything more. He didn’t want to risk that Nie Chang would misunderstand something before he knew for sure what was going on.
Finally, he put down his phone and covered himself with the blanket again. Hmph, what Sage Nie Chang? His mother was a real Sage! If he asked her, then he’d definitely find the answer to all these puzzling questions.
Mn, he should prepare well. He couldn’t risk forgetting to ask even one of them …
Before he could think of all the questions he had, he had already fallen asleep. His dreams were just as puzzling as reality, though.
Unsurprisingly, he saw Nie Chang in his dream. His friend gave him a hug but it somehow didn’t feel like that at all. That warm and cozy feeling he had in the beginning, it soon turned scalding hot. And he definitely knew that something was wrong when he suddenly found himself back in that park again with his back to the tree and Nie Chang in front of him. Their lips met and Su Yan closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling.
Then, Nie Chang bent to the side. His lips touched Su Yan’s ears and he whispered in a low voice: „I love you! Here, take my heart.“ And then something was stuffed into Su Yan’s hands.
Su Yan pressed it against his chest and cracked his eyes open just to meet with Nie Chang’s heated gaze. He felt like he should say something in response but he didn’t know what. What were you supposed to say if your best friend told you he was in love with you?
In the end, he opted for the only thing he felt was right: He reached out, grabbed onto Nie Chang’s shoulder and tiptoed. Their lips met in an especially sweet, chocolate-flavored kiss. He somehow felt like … it should be this way.

LWS Chapter 45 You’ll Be In a Relationship Soon

Su Yan followed Nie Chang into the building, unsure of what to think. He didn’t need to ponder to figure out what Nie Chang meant with ’sweet hours‘ but he honestly didn’t understand why they had come to this place.
He tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. „Ah Chang, why have we come here? Didn’t we want to learn how to cook?“
„What ‚Mn‘? I want an explanation!“
„Ah Yan.“ Nie Chang looped his arm around his shoulders once more and slightly inclined his head toward him. „Be honest with yourself: Do you actually need to know how to cook?“ His voice sounded especially gentle as if he was prepared for a lengthy explanation.
Su Yan couldn’t understand what he was getting at with this question, though. Hadn’t that been the reason for this outing? „What do you mean?“
„Well, we’re working together now. Every morning, I’m taking you to Auntie Zhu’s stall for breakfast. For lunch break I order delivery. And in the evening, I’m taking you to whatever restaurant you like before bringing you home. When do you want to cook?“
Su Yan pursed his lips. „There’s still the weekend.“
„Mn, true. But you know I’m not living that far away. You can just come over or I’ll come over to your apartment. I don’t mind cooking for you.“
„You only know how to make egg fried rice, though.“ Su Yan didn’t seem convinced.
Nie Chang smirked, stopped walking and pulled him into his arms. „That’s your favorite dish. What’s wrong with eating it a little more often?“ And furthermore, he had already upped his culinary skills. He would be able to feed Su Yan for two days the week.
He wouldn’t admit to that for now, though. No, he needed to wait for the right opportunity to completely stun that idiot. After that, he would definitely come over regularly! Mn, maybe he could even use that as an excuse to have him move in with him …
Nie Chang coughed lightly. He was getting ahead of himself here. He really needed to slow down.
Luckily, Su Yan hadn’t noticed that he was distracted. He was still pondering about what Nie Chang had said. Maybe … It wasn’t that wrong? „Alright. I don’t need to know how to cook. But why have we come here? I certainly don’t need to know how to make chocolate.“
That’s right. Nie Chang hadn’t completely abandoned the idea of food. But he had dragged Su Yan along to the Chocolate Academy of all places.
„Ah Yan, have you forgotten? It’ll be the Qixi festival soon. Knowing how to make chocolate is an essential skill! Or do you want to gift something you just bought? How unromantic!“
Su Yan was taken aback. „What … What are you talking about? Who’ll get a gift? I don’t even have a girlfriend!“
No, but you’ll have a boyfriend soon. Nie Chang’s eyes gleamed and he pulled Su Yan along to go to the course. „You might not be in a relationship now but don’t you think that that could change till then?“
„Isn’t it only two weeks or so until then?“ Su Yan frowned. „How would I find a gi—“ Su Yan shut up when he saw Nie Chang’s gaze. Why is he looking at me like this?
Naturally, Nie Chang didn’t want to hear him mention some woman again. What woman? It was clearly him who would get chocolate from him on that day!
„Wh… What?“
„Mn … I just feel like … You’ll be in a relationship soon.“
„Huh? How would you know?“
Nie Chang lifted one brow. „Just intuition. Come on now.“ Nie Chang pulled him along and they entered the course room.
Su Yan curiously looked around. He had walked by the Chocolate Academy a few times but had never been inside. In fact, he hadn’t even known you could book workshops here. „Eh, Ah Chang, is it really alright for us to be here? Since it’s an academy shouldn’t it be just for professionals?“
„Don’t worry. I booked a course for consumers who just want to learn a bit. It’s only the basics.“
„Oh.“ Su Yan still felt worried, though. The room wasn’t big. There probably wouldn’t be more than ten people attending.
He went over to where Nie Chang stood and lamented over the fact that everyone had his own workplace. Couldn’t they work in pairs? He felt like back then in school. How often had he hidden behind Nie Chang’s superior intellect because he hadn’t really paid attention?
Nie Chang chortled. Alright. He could basically see what Su Yan was thinking right now. „Eh, this isn’t that serious. We’ve paid for this. Do you seriously think they’d be harsh on paying costumers?“
Su Yan pursed his lips. „Who knows? It’s an academy, after all.“
Nie Chang pulled him close once more and kissed his cheek. „Calm down.“
Su Yan’s eyes widened and a blush crept up his face for the umpteenth time that day. He woodenly turned around but Nie Chang had already lifted his head and looked at the door. He smiled and lifted his hand in greeting.
„Hey there!“
„Hey!“ A young woman walked in and smiled brightly at him. Su Yan’s expression soured upon seeing her. Why was she looking at Nie Chang that way? Grrr! His friend already had someone he liked. That woman should back off!
The woman came over with springy steps. Nie Chang turned around, still holding onto Su Yan. The woman took in how close they stood together and how naturally Nie Chang’s hand was lying on Su Yan’s hip and smiled wryly.
Damn. So he’s gay and already in a relationship. She gave up on her initial thought of trying to get closer to him during the workshop and instead put her bag down on the seat next to them. „Ah, I hope we’re all going to have fun today!“, she said and tried to smile a little more naturally.
Nie Chang took one glance at Su Yan and smirked. „I’m certain we will.“ After all, he had already made preparations to make sure he could make the best use of this opportunity.

LWS Chapter 12 I’m His Boyfriend!

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Nie Chang went two stations with the subway, got off and hurried to the one that came from the other direction. He knew only roughly in which cabin Su Yan would be so he couldn’t gauge where exactly he had to board.
The subway entered the station and halted. Nie Chang looked for anything that seemed familiar but he couldn’t find anything. Whatever, he’d leave it to fate. There wasn’t anything he could do about it. Weiterlesen

Aktuelle Chinesische Musik

Vor einer Weile habe ich in einer der ersten Themenwoche ein paar chinesische CDs vorgestellt, die ich mir mit der Zeit angeschafft habe. Nach und nach kommt immer mal eine dazu, aber wie mit vielen aktuellen Sachen ist es gar nicht immer so leicht, sie zu finden.

Gott sei Dank leben wir aber im 21. Jahrhundert und man kann Abhilfe schaffen: Auf YouTube gibt es beispielsweise einige Musikradiosender mit aktueller chinesischer Musik. 🙂 Ich höre zum Beispiel gerade den Channel von Sean Chou Radio.

Der einzige Nachteil, den ich bisher gefunden habe: Selbst wenn mir ein Lied gefällt, habe ich keine Ahnung, wie es heißt und wer der Interpret ist. 😦 Bei englischen Titeln könnte ich wenigstens noch die Lyrics googlen und es so herausfinden, aber bei meinem quasi nicht-existenten Chinesisch wird das leider nichts. 😦

Aber auf jeden Fall weiß ich durch solche Sender, dass noch jede Menge wundervolle Musik auf mich wartet, die ich kennenlernen kann. 😀

Liaozhai Zhiyi … mit Hindernissen

Wo ich heute durch Zufall über einen kurzen Jahresrückblick im Fernsehen gestolpert bin, fiel mir eine Geschichte ein, die mir dieses Jahr passiert ist und die ich euch kurz erzählen muss. Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht wirklich, ob ich sie jetzt lustig oder doch eher traurig finden soll. Alles begann mit „Legend of Nine Tails Fox“, das ich euch vor einer ganzen Weile schon vorgestellt habe.

Als jemand, der Märchen liebt und sich von „Legend of Nine Tails Fox“ hat begeistern lassen, war natürlich klar, dass ich die „Liaozhai Zhiyi“ selbst lesen möchte. Also habe ich mich im Onlineshop meines Vertrauens umgesehen, ob es irgendwo eine übersetzte Ausgabe gibt.
Tatsächlich gibt es einige Ausgaben, allerdings sind etliche davon Zusammenstellungen von Geschichten zu einem bestimmten Thema und wenn, dann möchte ich ja doch eine Gesamtausgabe haben. Nach einer Weile habe ich es aber doch geschafft, eine zu finden, die ziemlich vollständig aussah: „Selections from Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio I-IV“ Klar, auch da steht was von Selections, aber das war das vollständigste, was ich finden konnte.
Dann allerdings klappte mir beim Blick auf den Preis die Kinnlade runter: Je nachdem, wo ich schaute, rangierte der Preis irgendwo zwischen 150€ und 200€. Auch wenn es sich hierbei um eine bilinguale Ausgabe handelt (Ich würde auch rein Englisch nehmen, so ist es nicht, habe aber keine passende Ausgabe gefunden.) und die auch noch gebunden ist und es ja immerhin vier Bände sind, ist mir das dann doch etwas zu teuer. Ich schätze, meine Schmerzgrenze hätte so bei ca. 100€ gelegen …

Ich habe also erstmal den Gedanken beiseite geschoben und mir gedacht, dass ich es mir ja imer noch später anschaffen könnte. Rennt ja nicht weg. 😉
Eine Weile später fiel mir dann ein Amazon-Gutschein in die Hände und ich dachte mir, dass es jetzt eben Zeit dafür ist. Also schaute ich nochmal nach und Glück gehabt: Es gab eine recht günstige gebrauchte Ausgabe, die gerade zum Verkauf stand. ♥ Fuchs, der ich bin, musste ich da natürlich zuschlagen.

Da es internationaler Versand war, dauerte es dann ein paar Woche, bis mein Päckchen ankam. Oder vielmehr … mein Plastikbrief. Ich wunderte mich schon ein bisschen wie meine vier-bändige Ausgabe da reinpassen sollte. Die Antwort bekam ich sofort: Statt der vier Bände befand sich im Brief nur Band 4. Tja, dumm gelaufen.
Ich wartete noch ein paar Tage ab, ob die anderen drei noch kommen würden, aber nein. Zwei Nachrichten an den Händler später bekam ich dann gesagt, dass man die anderen drei Bände auch gar nicht da hätte. Nichts also mit meiner schönen Ausgabe der Liaozhai Zhiyi.

Aber nachdem ich mich nun schon einmal dazu durchgerungen hatte die Ausgabe zu bestellen, versuchte ich es gleich nochmal bei einem anderen Händler. Auch diesmal ein schönes reduziertes Angebot und da ich von Händler 1 das Geld zurückbekommen hatte und das zweite Angebot nur geringfügig teurer war, schien das eine gute Idee zu sein.
Auch diesmal handelte es sich um internationalen Versand, also wartete ich wieder ein paar Wochen. Dann kam mein … Brief.
Ihr ahnt es sicher schon: Ja, auch darin befand sich statt vier Bänden nur der 4. Band. Diesmal reichte eine Nachricht an den Händler, um herauszufinden, dass auch dieser die anderen drei Bände nicht vorrätig hatte.
Auch Händler 2 überwies mir allerdings anstandslos das Geld zurück, also kann ich mich nicht so wirklich beschweren. Zumal mir beide Band 4 überlassen haben. 😀

Jetzt also habe ich hier zuhause zweimal Band 4 der Liaozhai Zhiyi, während mir Band 1 bis 3 immer noch fehlen. Nach zwei gescheiterten Versuchen wollte ich erstmal abwarten, was dazu geführt hat, dass es aktuell keine gebrauchten Ausgaben gibt. 😦
Na ja, also warte ich erstmal weiter ab. Aber bis dahin habe ich ja nun zumindest schon Band 4. Etwas Positives hat das Ganze also. 😉

Rückblick zur Themenwoche: Chinesische Filme, die man ganz einfach auf Deutsch/in Deutschland bekommt

Nach den Feiertagen ist die verlängerte Themenwoche zu Chinesischen Filmen, die man einfach auf Deutsch oder hier in Deutschland in den Läden finden kann, nun wirklich zu Ende. Dieses Mal kam sie mir etwas chaotischer vor als sonst, was vermutlich daran lag, dass ich die Filme (abgesehen von Mulan) alle erst taggleich geschaut habe und dann durch die Feiertage doch einiges auf mich zukam, was mich davon abgehalten hat, alles so zu machen, wie ich es mir ursprünglich vorgestellt hatte.
Trotzdem hatte ich jede Menge Spaß und freue mich, dass ich so viele tolle neue Filme entdecken konnte. Hier nochmal eine kurze Übersicht zur Erinnerung, welche Filme ich geschaut und wie ich sie bewertet habe:

  • „Mojin: The Lost Legend“: Sterne-3b
  • „Die Chroniken des Geistertempels“: Sterne-4b
  • „Was Frauen wirklich wollen“: Sterne-3b
  • „House of Flying Daggers“: Sterne-5
  • „Flying Swords of Dragon Gate“: Sterne-4b
  • „Painted Skin: Die verfluchten Krieger“: Sterne-5
  • „Mulan: Legende einer Kriegerin“: Sterne-5
  • „Dragon Blade: When the eagle meets the Dragon“: Sterne-2b
  • „Tiger & Dragon: Der Beginn einer Legende“: Sterne-5

Ich habe vergangene Woche also ganze 4 neue Highlights gefunden, was immerhin knapp die Hälfte der Filme ist.
Nebenbei sind mit „Painted Skin 2“ und weiteren Adaptionen von „Candle in the Wind“ und den „Liaozhai Zhiyi“ wieder neue Filme auf meiner Wunschliste gelandet, ebenso wie der Soundtrack zu „Tiger & Dragon“.

Außerdem habe ich noch ein paar chinesische Filme bei mir zuhause stehen, die ich auch noch schauen werde. Dummerweise habe ich vergangene Woche allerdings eine Entdeckung gemacht:
Ich wollte euch am Freitag eigentlich „The Mermaid“ vorstellen, einen etwas neueren Film, den ich vor einer Weile ja in Berlin direkt im Laden als schickes Steelbook gefunden hatte. Was oll ich sagen? Ihr habt ja gesehen, dass daraus leider nichts wurde. 😓
Ich habe letzten Freitag nämlich herausgefunden, dass weder mein alter Laptop, noch mein DVD-Player BluRays abspielen kann. (Hätte mir das der Name des Geräts vielleicht sagen sollen? 😂) Ich kann auch nichts dafür, dass mir das erst jetzt auffällt. Die ganzen Jahre über habe ich immer einen Bogen um BluRays gemacht, weil … „Sieht ja doof aus, neben meine ganzen wunderschönen gleich hohen und größtenteils auch gleich breiten (Schuber ausgenommen) DVDs jetzt diese mickrigen BluRay-Hüllen zu stellen.“ Ahem … ja. *hust* Nö, ich bin nicht oberflächlich … Ich habe nur einen Ordnungsdrang. 😅
Ich schaue mich dann mal nach einem günstigen neuen Gerät um und sammle derweil weiter Filme. 😀 Eventuell gibt es dann nächstes Jahr nochmal eine Themenwoche dazu oder vielleicht streue ich sie auch so nach und nach ein. Mal schauen. 😉


Alles in allem hatte ich mal wieder eine schöne Themenwoche und nebenbei habe ich auch gleich entschieden, was ich im Januar mache: Kochen. 😎 Mal schauen, was dabei herauskommt … 🙈

Themenwoche: Zhao Zanilia (Zhao Liying)

Heute fiel mir auf, dass wir ja schon in der letzten vollständigen Woche im November angekommen sind und ich ja noch gar keine Themenwoche in diesem Monat hatte. 😣 Also rufe ich heute ganz spontan die nächste aus, die ich tatsächlich schon seit einer Weile im Auge habe. 😀

Diese Woche soll es um Zhao Zanilia gehen, meine absolute Lieblingsschauspielerin aus China. ♥
Zhao Zanilia ist eine Schauspielerin, bei der ich einfach spontan gute Laune bekomme, sobald ich sie sehe. 😀 Außerdem haben mir bisher jede Serie und jeder Film, die/den ich bisher mit ihr gesehen habe, wirklich gut gefallen. Mir würden auf Anhieb drei Serien mit ihr in der Hauptrolle einfallen, die ich sofort als Samstagshighlight nehmen würde.

Deshalb möchte ich euch diese Woche 7 Serien/Filme vorstellen, in denen Zhao Zanilia mitgespielt hat. 🙂 Für mich auch eine gute Ausrede, noch das ein oder andere mit ihr anzuschauen, das ich noch nicht kenne. 😉

Wer sich schon mal einstimmen möchte, den möchte ich auf meinen Beitrag zu Legend of Chusen bzw. Noble Aspirations verweisen. Auch in dieser Serie spielt Zhao Zanilia als „Bi Yao“ nämlich eine der Hauptrollen. Diese Serie war es auch, die mich sofort zu ihrem Fan hat werden lassen. 😀

Themenwoche: Danmei

Seit zwei Wochen merke ich jetzt schon immer wieder an, dass es mal wieder Zeit für eine Themenwoche wird. Ab morgen ist es endlich soweit: Ich eröffne die Woche zum Thema „Danmei“! 🙂


Was ist Danmei?

Danmei ist ein Genre, das die meisten kennen dürften, dem sie bisher aber vielleicht keinen chinesischen Namen zuordnen konnten. Gemeint ist Gay Romance oder genauer gesagt BL: Hier geht es also um Romane mit zwei männlichen Protagonisten und jeder Menge Romantik. ♥

Ein bisschen in den Danmei-Bereich haben wir schon in der Themenwoche zu den Fuchsdämonen hineingeschnuppert: Auch „My roommate is a Fairy Fox“ und „The male Fairy Fox of Liaozhai“ sind (mehr oder weniger) dem Genre zuzuordnen.


Was erwartet euch in der Themenwoche?

„Danmei“ kenne ich persönlich nur aus dem literarischen Rahmen. Ich habe es also noch nie in Bezug zu Filmen oder Serien gehört. Da aber das Prinzip dasselbe bleibt, möchte ich in der Themenwoche alles gut durchmischen. 😉

Da ich euch am Montag ja immer ein Märchen vorstelle, gibt es morgen (zusätzlich) jeweils einen Beitrag zu zwei märchenhaften Kurzgeschichten, die sanft ins Thema einführen. 😉
Im Lauf der Woche habe ich dann noch zwei Romane (beide komplett ins Englische übersetzt) sowie einen längeren Webroman (aktuell noch in der Übersetzung) für euch, die ein bisschen deutlicher werden. Um für Abwechslung zu sorgen, stelle ich euch zwischendurch außerdem einen Film und zwei Serien vor.

So sieht die Woche im Detail aus:

  • Montag: „Dragon Slaying Records“ & „Heard I’m a Hero
  • Dienstag: Mo Flower
  • Mittwoch: The male Queen
  • Donnerstag: Ban Lu Qin Jun
  • Freitag: Love is More than a word
  • Samstag: Legendary Master’s Wife
  • Sonntag: Addicted (Heroin)


Gerade was (Web-)Romane angeht, habe ich noch einiges an Danmei auf meiner Liste, von dem es etliches auch unter meine Highlights schafft. Damit die Themenwoche aber nicht zu unübersichtlich wird, beschränke ich mich auf diese acht Titel und finde für die anderen später mal ein Plätzchen. 🙂