About Yan Su Su

One day, Official Shen Lu of the Heaven Corporation was sitting at her desk trying a different brand of chips while browsing the web on her personal terminal. It had been 3 hours, 5 minutes and 47 seconds since her favorite author Su Yan updated his current novel. This was obviously too long! Unfortunately, she wasn’t all that thrilled about doing her job either because her boss had once again given her a completely nonsensical task.
Thankfully, Official Shen Lu had the vast resources of the Heaven Corporation at her disposal. Thus, she invaded the network of lesser planet 32847 which its inhabitants called ‘earth’ out of a reason she couldn’t fathom and looked at some of the novelists from said lesser planet.
Out of sheer coincidence, Official Shen Lu found the site of a poor student who was trying to eke out a living through writing romantic fantasy novels. Reading the descriptions of these handsome male leads Official Shen Lu couldn’t help but pity these men. Honestly, why did they have to end up with some princess-like women? This was such a waste!
To help the poor souls inside the novels and that one poor soul that was tormenting them she sent the student the link to a video that should change said student’s life forever. Needless to say, fujoshi Shen Lu had introduced the poor student to the world of danmei …

The end of the story?
The poor student had no idea how she ended up watching that series and then another one and reading a novel after that and then some more. And even until this day, she honestly has no idea why she abandoned her career of writing romantic fantasy in her home country for writing so-called Chinese bl for the whole world.
“It’s fun,” she said and continued to type away at the next chapters of her web novel series Oh. My. Fate?! and Lovely Writing System.