OMF V7C140 Those Fickle Demons

When Ye Yang arrived back in the demon realm, Jin Ling was already waiting at the entrance to the dungeon. “You couldn’t wait any longer?” Ye Yang stepped closer, smiling brightly. Seeing Jin Ling always elevated his mood. Who wouldn’t be happy when they saw a beauty? “I even hurried up just for you.”

Jin Ling gave a small smile but didn’t acknowledge him otherwise. “Let’s go in then?”

Ye Yang leaned back and gave a sigh. “I guess we should do that then.” He probably shouldn’t have expected anything else. Jin Ling had already fulfilled his part of the deal so there wasn’t anything else to be expected. At the very least, not if he wasn’t able to fulfill his request. If he did indeed managed to open the array … Well, there was at least a possibility.

The two of them went down into the dungeons and walked over to the cell holding the dragon. Ye Yang sized the person up, his smile broadening. That one was also very pretty. In that case, he wouldn’t mind spending some more time to find out what he needed to do. Although … in comparison, he still preferred Jin Ling’s looks. This dragon seemed a little too tame for his liking.

An Bai raised his gaze from the book he was reading, looking at the two demons outside of the cell. Quite a bit of time had already passed since he had been imprisoned here and nobody had really cared about him since the day he saw that fallen god. He had actually started to ask himself whether or not his king still remembered that he existed. Funnily enough, the one that came to see him first wasn’t his own king but the demon king instead. He really didn’t know what he should say about that.

Jin Ling only glanced at him before he turned to Ye Yang. “Alright. This is him. Ask him what you need to.”

Ye Yang nodded and stepped forward, pulling out a piece of paper and holding it so that An Bai would be able to see. “Does this look familiar to you?”

An Bai didn’t really want to converse with the demons but he still felt that it would be better if he knew what was up. Maybe that information could somehow be delivered back to his king later on. He didn’t hold much hope for that but … if what the demon king wanted to know was related to the Son of Heaven again, his king would start to pay attention sooner or later.

He looked at the piece of paper and found a drawing on it. Judging from the looks of it, it should … be some kind of array? At the very least, it had a shape that might be used for one although it was slightly more complicated than usual. The symbols that were drawn next to it also corresponded to some of those he had seen used for arrays. They were a surprisingly simple version though.

It wasn’t anything that would be used in the dragon realm or the Nine Heavens. He’d rather expect to see it in the mortal realm. So most likely, this array was indeed somehow related to the Son of Heaven since he should still be on his trial in the mortal realm right now. Naturally, he wouldn’t tell anything he noticed to his enemies.

An Bai raised his gaze to the demon’s face again and just looked at him. He neither admitted to it nor did he deny anything. Each word he said might be used against the Son of Heaven and thus his king. That couldn’t be allowed.

Ye Yang gave a hum. “You’re a difficult one, I see.” Well, he hadn’t expected this to work immediately. This kind of thing would need time. Thankfully, the dragons had one fatal weakness.

He turned to Jin Ling and leaned close enough for his breath to tickle his ear. “Why don’t you let me in there? After spending some time together, he might change his opinion.”

Jin Ling glanced at him and then waved at one of the guards, motioning for him to open the cell. As soon as Ye Yang stepped inside, he had it closed and then turned away, leaving the dungeons. He didn’t want to see this. The fickle ways of the demons disgusted him. One day, Ye Yang could roll around in the sheets with him and then just a few hours later he would go and seduce somebody else. And they didn’t even think that anything was wrong with that.

Jin ling scoffed and then went to find Yin Lin Lin. Since he hadn’t found out how to open the array yet and get into that realm, he’d have to hold onto his throne for a while longer. Thus, he had to make sure that that woman wouldn’t betray him.

Well, dealing with that Yong Hai shouldn’t be a big problem. With Yin Lin Lin’s intel and his own connections, this would be like a walk in the park. Even for those who wanted to turn against him, there would be ways to deal with them. He had managed to pull people onto his side once. He could do it again.

Everybody had their price. Hadn’t he just used that same principle with Ye Yang and managed to gain information? Just a bit more and that goal would be reached even though it had looked impossible at first. Meanwhile, continuing to sit on the throne was much easier to achieve. He just had to go and make some promises. Mn, he was really curious how far along Yin Lin Lin had gotten with her investigation. Depending on what she got, he could plan his next steps.

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