OMF V7C128 A Harmless Beauty’s Plea

Nian Hong Fang reached the end of the letter but still, nobody had come by. He couldn’t help but sigh. His luck really was too bad today. If he tried to buy even more time, that man would certainly try to keep him from doing so. Things might get ugly then and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to manage. If he couldn’t he might make matters worse, so it would be better to finish up with the letter to make sure things wouldn’t escalate and then take the next step from there.

He folded the letter and put it back into the envelope, before getting up and walking over to the messenger. “Here. I’m sorry it took so long.”

The man looked at him and then glanced at the table. “What about that?”

Nian Hong Fang shook his head. “I can’t send that. You see I haven’t seen him or heard of him for five years. Now, he finally wrote to me. I … I just want my response to him to be memorable. I don’t want to do anything wrong. I hope you can understand.” He first lowered his gaze and then glanced up through his lashes, making the man in front of him tense up.

Even though the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect hated demons and those that willingly associated with them, they were very apologetic to those that had been tricked. Looking at Nian Hong Fang with his small frame and that innocent smile, the disciple just couldn’t believe that this was a person that knew they were involved with a demon. Even if he knew, who could say how many lies he had been fed so that he would accept these circumstances?

His icy expression thawed a little when he thought of that and he gave a curt nod to acknowledge what Nian Hong Fang had said. “That’s understandable.” He looked at the letter in his hands, feeling regretful that it had to be delivered. Wouldn’t it be better if this person didn’t need to concern himself with that demon any longer? He waved the letter in the air, trying to come up with the right words but in the end, he still put the letter away and turned to leave.

Nian Hong Fang reached out and grabbed his sleeve. “Ah, please wait!”

The disciple turned back around and looked at him questioningly.

Nian Hong Fang gave an embarrassed smile. He didn’t know if this man had felt touched because of what he said or if using his harmless appearance had indeed worked but he wouldn’t let an opportunity to get even a little closer to Zhi Wu slip through his fingers. “That … You’re going to deliver that letter to him, right?”


“Then you should know where he is.”

The man didn’t say anything and even wanted to turn away again.

“I guess you can’t tell me.” Nian Hong Fang let go of his sleeve and lowered his head. “That … That’s to be expected. I shouldn’t have expected too much. It’s good that I was even able to write to him once. I’m happy to hear that he’s alive and well.”

The demon hunter furrowed his brows. “You … You shouldn’t continue to wait for somebody who didn’t bother to contact you for five years. He’s not worth it.”

Nian Hong Fang lowered his head even further, afraid that his resistance would show on his face. “I love him. I always have and I can’t imagine to ever stop loving him. So even if he didn’t contact me for ten years or maybe even fifty years, my feelings still wouldn’t change.”

The disciple pressed his lips together. He couldn’t say that he was surprised. He had hoped that this person would see reason but most of the time, these people didn’t. They often believed that the so-called ‘person’ they loved would be different, that they wouldn’t be like other demons, that they could and would change for them. But they were wrong. They always were.

The disciple exhaled lightly. “Do you know what he is?”

Nian Hong Fang looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

The demon hunter gave a wry smile. “So you don’t.” He pondered if he should tell him but he didn’t have much of a hope that he would be able to wake this person up from his dreams. He was clearly too deeply involved already if he still hadn’t been able to forget that man even after five years. “Never mind.” He turned around and wanted to stride out of the palace but once again, his sleeve was grabbed by Nian Hong Fang. When he glanced back, the other man was looking at him with eyes glimmering. He shifted uncomfortably and wanted to step back but Nian Hong Fang continued to hold onto his sleeve.

“Can you really not tell me anything? What did you mean just now? Where is Zhi Wu? He … he indicated he was having some trouble. I’m worried about him.”

“You’re a good person.” The disciple reached up and gently brushed Nian Hong Fang’s hand off his sleeve. “It’s still better if you don’t ask. If you can, stop thinking about him. He isn’t worthy of you. Not worthy of anyone. And even if you were willing to look past his sins, he can’t return.”

“What sins?”

The man shook his head.

“Then … Then can you do me another favor?”

A beauty’s plea was always dangerous. The demon hunter sighed and tilted his head, at least agreeing to listen to the request.

“Can you …” Nian Hong Fang took something out of his bag and held it out to the man. “Can you bring this along with the letter and give it to Zhi Wu?”

The man reached out and took the item, putting it into his robe without taking another look. “Mn. I’ll have to go now.”

Nian Hong Fang nodded and watched him leave. Then he rushed out himself, trying to tail the man from the distance while praying to the Heavens that nothing would go wrong and that he wouldn’t be discovered.

It seemed that Heaven heard his pleas because Nian Hong Fang found some unexpected help just a few li away from the Yun Zou Sect.

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One thought on “OMF V7C128 A Harmless Beauty’s Plea

  1. Alek Dior

    First am gonna applaud Nian Hong Fang for his great performance👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏. He sure deserves oscar award. So he literally tricked the man. I hope he pull this through.

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