OMF V3C40 Not Looking As Good

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After the Elder of Niu Hai’s division had left, Grandmaster Shen didn’t say another word and Qiu Ling ignored him, too. Instead, he held onto his beloved and didn’t care for anyone else.
Soon, Niu Hai appeared, too. He looked up at the elevated seats in order to find his Master and the Elder leading their division but instead, he saw Qiu Ling and Jing Yi sitting there. And even next to the Grandmaster and his wife.
Niu Hai gulped. He had no idea what he should be more shocked about: The fact that the Grandmaster had actually come to watch a duel between two disciples or that one of those disciples was seated next to him. If this wasn’t the Grandmaster but some Elder instead, he would have called this blatant favoritism! Well, he couldn’t say anything. That guy was probably a real talent. Naturally, the sect would support someone like that.
Niu Hai didn’t look around any longer and just went to the middle of the clearing. He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and waited for Qiu Ling to come over.
Jing Yi patted Qiu Ling’s hand. “Senior Martial Brother Niu is there. Shouldn’t you go over now?”
“Mn. I will. Don’t worry, my love, nothing will happen to me. In fact, I’m rather worried you won’t have the opportunity to see how good-looking your future husband is when he fights. I’ll try to drag it out for as long as possible, alright?”
Jing Yi’s lips twitched. “No need, no need.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mn. Now go.”
“Give me a good luck-kiss!” Qiu Ling leaned over and pursed his lips.
“You …” Jing Yi looked around. With so many disciples around who knew each other, it wasn’t hard for news to spread. Most of them already knew that Qiu Ling was the one who would fight against Niu Hai and a lot of them were looking over, observing the person who dared to fight against a direct disciple immediately upon entering the sect.
Oh heavens! Did Qiu Ling really have to be like this? But then again if this really was a fight that could end with his death, then there was no way he could just let him go.
Jing Yi leaned forward, his hands came to rest upon Qiu Ling’s chest and their lips touched for the shortest of moments. “Even if you’re sure that you’ll win, you have to be careful,” he cautioned quietly.
“Mn.” Qiu Ling nodded, looking quite earnest.
Jing Yi watched him jump down from where they sat and go over. Qiu Ling seemed unhurried as if this was something he could do every day. He didn’t care for the people watching him or for the fact that there was the possibility of him dying in a few minutes.
Jing Yi sighed. Why was his fiance still thinking about looking good in front of him? A man who believed that much in himself … He didn’t have to do anything. He looked good just standing there.
Just when Jing Yi was completely immersed in his thoughts about his fiance a shadow slipped past him. Then, someone clasped his arm, making Jing Yi jump. He turned around and found himself face to face with a girl.
Jing Yi blinked. He had never seen her in person before but this was definitely one of the girls he was supposed to search for: Hong Bao.
“So you’re the one he wants to marry!” Hong Bao was happy that she had finally found him. She had pondered the issue with the wedding a lot since she promised Qiu Ling but then she had had no idea where to find him again. Thankfully, there was this duel so she didn’t have to wait too long. And now, she had even found his fiance, too! How great!
“You …”
“I’m Hong Bao! He probably told you about me. I’m the one who will help you so you get the best possible wedding.”
“Ah. He … he must have forgotten to mention that.” Jing Yi was taken aback. He knew Qiu Ling had met the two girls but … Where was this about their wedding coming from?
“Oh. That’s not a problem. There isn’t much to say anyway. The thing is your fiance and I got to know each other yesterday. Well, actually, we knew each other before but I forgot so that doesn’t really count. Anyway, he told me everything about how you two fell in love and how those vicious people dared to separate you again and again. I’m appalled that they would dare to do something like that to such a loving couple! So, I decided then and there that somebody has to help you and since I already know about it I’ll naturally support you! You don’t have to worry. I might not have married myself but look over there!” She pointed behind her where Grandmaster Shen and his wife sat. “My sister married such a great man and I’m definitely also going to marry a great man someday. In fact, there already is someone I like very much. It’s one of my Senior Martial Brothers at the Chun Feng Sect, he’s called Liu Cheng. He really is so handsome and such a kind-hearted man. You would say the same if you saw him. But you don’t have to feel down your fiance also isn’t bad. He’s quite good-looking himself and he seems to care really much about you.”
Hong Bao finally took a breather.
Jing Yi smiled wryly. He had never seen someone talk this much all at once. It was as if she hadn’t talked for a week and finally gotten an opportunity. It was good that he had met her, though. Now he could start working on the mission the Sect Master had given him. And thankfully, Hong Bao had already provided him with a topic. “Yes, he does care very much about me and he’s the best-looking man I know.”
“That’s just because you haven’t seen Liu Cheng yet. Actually, I think of all those people I know your fiance would come in third place if we compare their handsomeness.”
“Oh.” Jing Yi looked over at where Qiu Ling stood discussing something with Niu Hai and the Elder that was the referee for their duel. If he knew that someone had said he wasn’t the best-looking man around … Would he be mad? He really cared about his appearance.
“One of them is my brother-in-law.” Hong Bao pointed behind her once more and this time, Jing Yi couldn’t help but look over.
His gaze met with Grandmaster Shen’s. The other man smiled, showing off the handsomeness Hong Bao had just talked about but Jing Yi only blinked. After being around Qiu Ling for so long … he surprisingly felt that this man wasn’t looking that good. Ah, he was probably biased.

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