OMF V3C39 Assembling for the Duel

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Qiu Ling crooned to himself while unhurriedly putting on his robe. Ah, he really could get used to life in the Hei Dian Sect. Going to bed with his beloved, sharing a bed with his beloved, waking up together with his beloved … He had never had these opportunities when they were still in the Yun Zou Sect. Well, not that they had spent much time there.
Mn, if they really went back after fulfilling this mission, then he had to make sure his Master wouldn’t find some other excuse to hinder their marriage. Or, even if he found something to postpone the wedding again, he at least had to make sure they would be allowed to share a room. He’d never give up on this privilege!
Qiu Ling took a peek at Jing Yi and hurried over when he saw that his beloved had already dressed. He swept him up into his arms and kissed his cheeks. “Are you ready?”
Jing Yi laughed. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you? It’s your duel.”
“Mn, that guy is a small fry. Watch your fiance dispose of him in one strike.”
Jing Yi’s lips twitched. Right. It had been over a year already so he hadn’t thought of it but thinking back now he had seen Qiu Ling disposing of others with just one strike back at the Gathering of Practitioners in the Yun Zou Sect. In fact, he hadn’t even taken out his sword for the first opponents.
“I guess I’m thinking too much then.”
“No, no, no. It’s definitely not too much! I love seeing you worry about me. Ah, no, that … I don’t like seeing you worried but if you have to be worried it’s still better if you’re worried about me.” Qiu Ling grinned. Yes, he definitely loved it! It showed just how important he was to his beloved.
Ah, in fact, he would like to see him cry because of him once. But then again he probably wouldn’t be able to take it if Jing He really started crying in front of him. No, it was still better something like that never happened.
Jing Yi had no idea what Qiu Ling was thinking about just now. He just smiled and took his hand. “We should go. Otherwise, you’re going to be the last one showing up for your duel.”
“Who cares?” Qiu Ling followed him out, though, and the two made their way over to the clearing in front of the Beguiling Night Tree where the duel was supposed to take place.
There were indeed a lot of people already. Jing Yi examined the robes they were wearing. It seemed like all divisions had three types and all of them looked the same as in their division just that they were of different colors. Here and there were some disciples in black robes but there weren’t many. Most likely that was the case for the whole sect because when he and Qiu Ling walked by he heard the disciples whispering with each other. They probably thought he was a direct disciple, too, since he was still wearing his own black robe. Ah, it was really time to find a division Qiu Ling could join.
Jing Yi looked up at him but didn’t bring it up in the end. Qiu Ling would have to concentrate on the duel now. There was no reason to talk about anything else now.
Qiu Ling, too, had a look around but he ignored the people around them and just searched for a good spot. He had to make sure his beloved would have the best possible view of the duel. Unfortunately, most of the people were standing and there were only a few elevated seats near the Beguiling Night Tree.
“Come.” Qiu Ling led Jing Yi over there and had him sit down on one of them.
The disciples in the vicinity eyed them strangely, making Jing Yi squirm. “This … Qiu Ling, maybe this isn’t such a good idea? These seats are probably reserved for someone.”
Qiu Ling lifted his brows. “It’s my duel. If anyone should have a seat, then it should be my fiance.” He smiled and just sat down next to him, not caring even a bit about the looks he got. Instead, he just slid a bit closer to Jing Yi and put an arm around his shoulders.
Jing Yi bit his lower lip. He could feel his cheeks heating up. Oh heavens! Couldn’t Qiu Ling behave at least once?
A moment later, steps approached them or rather the seats they were sitting on. Jing Yi tried to diminish his presence as much as possible but next to Qiu Ling he probably didn’t have to worry. His fiance had that much presence that whoever came would certainly focus on him.
Indeed, the next moment, an Elder in black robes halted in front of them. Jing Yi didn’t dare to look up and crouched in Qiu Ling’s arms.
His fiance had no qualms about his behavior, though. He just looked up and lifted his brows. “Is something the matter?”
The Elder frowned even more at that reaction. “What’s your name?”
Qiu Ling pondered. Should he go with Longjun or with Qiu Ling?
The Elder’s expression clouded even more but before he could erupt the appearance of another person interrupted him.
Grandmaster Shen led his wife to the seats and then sat down next to Qiu Ling. “You’re still sitting here? Shouldn’t you go over there for your duel?”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “The other guy isn’t even here yet. Why would I go over?”
The Elder’s eyes widened. Was this … Grandmaster Shen? Why was he speaking to this disciple as if they knew each other? Not just that, it seemed like they were really familiar with each other. He gulped and silently slipped away, finding a place a little further away. He couldn’t help gazing over again, though.
It seemed the Grandmaster had talked about the duel with that person? So was this the one that was going to duel the disciple of his division? Ah, it seemed he could only hope that Niu Hai wouldn’t totally embarrass them.

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