OMF V2C83 Bidding Farewell Once More

Qiu Ling’s head drooped. “My love, let’s use every minute of the day to cultivate, alright? I’ll bring you to all those miraculous places. Maybe we can marry sooner.” Once more, he had that pitiful look that seemed to say that someone had done him a wrong.
Jing Yi’s heart couldn’t help but palpitate. This kind of look … He also didn’t know why but he always grew weak when he was confronted with it. He cupped Qiu Ling’s cheeks and leaned forward, their forehead’s touching. “Alright. But you really don’t have to worry. Whether we’ll have to wait a day or a year the outcome will be the same, won’t it? So there is no reason to be depressed.” He kissed Qiu Ling’s cheek and stood up. “Alright, I’ll go see Senior Martial Brother Yu Jin now.” He turned around but a pair of strong arms encircled his waist and pulled him back. Once again, Jing Yi landed on Qiu Ling’s lap. “Qiu Ling, what do you think you’re doing?”
“Mn, I’m making sure my beloved doesn’t get any bad ideas. We were just talking about marriage and now you want to go and see another man. I won’t stand for it.”
Jing Yi sighed. Somehow, he couldn’t even get angry. “You know you could come with me.”
“Why would I want to do that? I won’t share you. It’s so much better if we’re alone with each other.”
Jing Yi slapped the hand that was slowly moving up his side in obviously bad intention. “Who asked you to share? Senior Martial Brother Yu Jin was here when you collapsed and stayed in case you needed help. Without him, I wouldn’t even have been able to enter your inner self. You’d still be in there then! Don’t you think we should go and thank him?”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. No, actually, he didn’t think that. He didn’t mind saying his thanks but why did his beloved have to be there, too? Hadn’t it been his life that was saved? This was probably just that Senior Martial Brother Yin or whatever that was shamelessly pestering his beloved!
Jing Yi didn’t understand Qiu Ling’s worry. “Come on now. He probably doesn’t want to stay here for much longer.”
Qiu Ling perked up. Oh? If they said their thanks, then that shameless guy would disappear? “Well, if it’s like that … How could I make that Senior Martial Brother wait?” In fact, it was pretty good, too, if he could see that guy. He could make sure that he didn’t get any ideas about his beloved.
Qiu Ling finally let go of Jing Yi. As soon as he stood up, he was glued to him again like a leech, though. Mn, he had to display how close they were in front of that Senior Martial Brother!
Jing Yi wanted to say something but finally decided against it. Forget it, Qiu Ling seems so happy right now. I should just let it pass. Senior Martial Brother Yu probably won’t mind anyway. It’s not like he doesn’t know.
Jing Yi brought Qiu Ling to the room where Yu Jin was staying while he smiled wryly. Right, there probably weren’t many people in the Yun Zou Sect who didn’t know. After all, Qiu Ling had asked him to marry him in front of all those who attended the Gathering of Practitioners.
Jing Yi knocked on the door. “Senior Martial Brother Yu, I came to thank you. Qiu Ling is awake again. Without your help …”
Inside, Yu Jin opened his eyes. “That’s good to hear. In that case, I’ll leave for the sect today.”
“Ah? Already?” Jing Yi was a little taken aback. He would have thought that Yu Jin would at least stay to take a look at Qiu Ling but that didn’t seem to be the case.
Qiu Ling frowned. His thoughts were going in a completely different direction. Why is Jing He so disappointed that this guy will leave today? It couldn’t be that he wants him to stay behind, could it? He leveled a stare at the door but naturally, that wouldn’t make his love rival appear. He gritted his teeth and hugged Jing Yi a little closer. He’d make sure this guy would really disappear! If he refused to, then he’d make him disappear completely!
Jing Yi took one look at Qiu Ling’s face and repressed a sigh. “Well, if it’s like that, then please take care on your way back, Senior Martial Brother Yu.”
There was no further answer and Jing Yi finally turned around and went back into the house with Qiu Ling.
“Alright. We’ve thanked him.” Qiu Ling hugged Jing Yi to his chest once more. “Now, let’s start cultivating. We need to make sure you reach that whatever stage as soon as possible!” There was an ambitious light in his eyes that made Jing Yi smile. It was as if Qiu Ling didn’t have any other goals than marrying him.
Indeed. Marrying Jing He had been Qiu Ling’s only goal for a long time already. Thus, he was especially eager to have Jing Yi advance in his cultivation now that he had already gotten his promise that they would marry when they returned to the sect.
“Mn, actually, I’ve made a bit of progress after we separated last time. I’m at least able to sense the wind energy now and take it in.”
“Great!” Qiu Ling hugged him closer and placed his chin on Jing Yi’s shoulder. “Then, what should we start with?”
“I’m also not sure. I think I should continue with that but it’s also important to learn about the other energies. After all, I can’t neglect my other five spirit veins.”
“Alright! It’s decided!” Qiu Ling let go of him, spun Jing Yi around and grabbed his hands with sparkling eyes. “I’ll take you to all the places that could help.”
“Are you sure that that is a good idea? The last time …”
“Ah, don’t worry! I didn’t pay enough attention the last time. This time will be different.” Qiu Ling smiled and then pulled Jing Yi with him. “Let’s go tell mother-in-law. After that, we’ll travel through the whole realm until you’ve reached that stage. And then, we’ll directly return to the sect.”
Jing Yi agreed without hesitation and the two of them once again started their travels to further Jing Yi’s cultivation.
They didn’t foresee, though, that in another part of the human realm things were happening that would cut their plan short once again. Though it would take a while for the effects of these happenings to reach them and thus, Jing Yi indeed made good progress in the months he traveled with Qiu Ling.

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