OMF V2C81 A Family Gathering

“Who are you? Where is Hong Bao?” Liu Cheng frowned and looked around the room as if he could materialize her that way.
The Grandmaster slightly lifted a brow. Hong Bao? It seemed this man had somehow been under the impression that his sister-in-law would be in this room. Mn … It should have to do with the message he had left in the pouch. Most likely, the pouch had somehow ended up with this man and since Hong Bao’s name was embroidered onto it, he must have thought it was a message she had sent him.
He narrowed his eyes at the man. This wasn’t good. If this man confessed to his sister-in-law, she might not come back with him. “You’re from the Chun Feng Sect?”
“Indeed. So who are you? Why are you here?”
“I came here to wait for Hong Bao. It seems my message ended up with you. Please be so kind as to go back and tell her that I’m waiting for her.” He would have liked to do it himself but he couldn’t enter the Chun Feng Sect without alarming its Elders. He could only rely on somebody else now.
“Who are you? What do you want from her?” Liu Cheng frowned. He certainly wouldn’t tell his Junior Martial Sister that some man was waiting for her in an inn if he didn’t know what this was about! Hong Bao was too gullible. She might be tricked into something she would regret later.
“You don’t need to know. In fact, it suffices to give the original message back to her.”
“Hmph, you won’t even identify yourself but want me to pass on a message? I don’t think so.”
The Grandmaster frowned, too. When was the last time he had had to argue with someone? Especially someone this young? He couldn’t do anything about it, though. “Alright. Then don’t pass on my message. You may go now.” He waved toward the door and poured himself another cup of tea, ignoring Liu Cheng completely.
The demon hunter also wasn’t used to being dismissed like that. But he, too, couldn’t do anything about it. In the end, he turned around and strode out of the room. He closed the door and continued to stand there for a while, before hurrying down to the reception.
The owner of the inn looked up and instantly smiled. This was the man who had visited that important guest! He had to be especially courteous. “What may I do for you?”
“The person in that room … May I ask if you know his name?”
The boss was a little taken aback. Why would such a person give a name to a small owner like him if he didn’t even tell his guest? “That … I’m afraid I don’t know.”
“Mn.” Liu Cheng frowned once more. “Then do you know where he came from?”
The boss shook his head while his confusion grew. Why was that man’s guest asking him such questions now? Shouldn’t he himself know that?
“I see. Thank you for your help.” Liu Cheng nodded and left. He hurried back to the Chun Feng Sect but didn’t really know what to do.
Naturally, he wouldn’t inform Hong Bao. He didn’t even know who that man was. It could be that he had ulterior motives. He couldn’t expose his Junior Martial Sister to such danger. Thus, Liu Cheng just ignored the issue and was slightly more vigilant, lest that man came to the sect and met Hong Bao accidentally.
All his vigilance was no use in the end. Half a week later, Hong Bao left the sect on her Master’s orders. Naturally, the Grandmaster had found out and followed her.
Hong Bao wasn’t the same clueless girl from back then in the Nine Heavens anymore. When a man suddenly appeared in front of her she stopped and at least took a suspicious look at him. Seeing the handsome face and the clean robes, her suspicion reduced by half, though.
“Who are you?”
The Grandmaster smiled at her. “Your sister Hong Ai might have mentioned me. I’m Shen An De, your brother-in-law.”
Hong Bao’s eyes widened. “My brother-in-law?” She took another look at him. Now she really understood why her sister hadn’t even thought about going to heaven. She also wouldn’t have wanted to go there if there was such a handsome man waiting for her!
Shen An De laughed at her steamrolled expression. “No need to look like that. We’re family. Mn, speaking of family. Your sister misses you greatly. Hong Ai and I heard of you a while ago but we didn’t know where you had gone. It wasn’t that easy to locate you, too. Thus, I was only able to arrive now. I wonder … Would you be free to follow me home? I haven’t told Hong Ai yet that I was searching for you so it wouldn’t matter if you came by later. I’m sure she would want to see you again as soon as possible, though.”
Hong Bao didn’t think much about it. The task she had gotten from her Master wasn’t something that needed to be done soon. She only had to find some plant. She could do that after seeing her sister.
Thus, Hong Bao readily agreed and Shen An De took her back to his palace.
He silently waved at her to follow him into the private chambers and motioned at the door. “She’s in the courtyard”, he whispered and smiled at her mischievously.
Hong Bao nodded. Whoa! Her sister had really gotten a great husband! He wasn’t only really, really handsome, he was also caring! He had actually searched everywhere for her and then let her surprise Hong Ai on her own instead of telling her beforehand. If this wasn’t a great husband, then what was?
Hong Bao tiptoed through the door. But even though she wasn’t as clumsy as before, Hong Ai was still a peerless genius. Hearing a slight sound behind her that seemed like someone was sneaking around, she whirled around with the sword in her hand put the blade to the other person’s neck. Then, she froze.
“Hong … Hong Bao?!” She lowered the weapon and then looked behind Hong Bao. Her husband was leaning in the door and smiled that trademark smile of his. It really was true! He had found her sister for her!
Hong Ai carelessly threw her sword aside and pulled Hong Bao close. “Xiao Bao!” She actually started crying. Only Heaven knew how long she had wanted to see her again. “Xiao Bao …”
“Sister Ai!” Hong Bao hugged her back but instead of her crying sister, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Even though she had liked being in the Chun Feng Sect, it was still better to be with her family! She couldn’t wait to hear what Hong Ai had experienced in the last five years.

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